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I have had the opportunity to attend a conference GRACE held at Calvary Church in Ft. Lauderdale on how to respond when child abuse occurs within the church. GRACE holds the position that the cover-up of abuse within the church and missions is sinful and those who participate in these cover-ups and inappropriate responses are culpable and must be held accountable.

In a nutshell GRACE’s position on what occurred at Fanda and other schools around the world and in the church is this: GRACE hates sin and coverups. GRACE says God abhors sin and the non-response of the church is sin, and sin will always be revealed in His time. The priest and the levite who passed the wounded man on the road to Jericho were almost surely on their way to do “good religious works” and were probably on their way to the synagogue. But the samaritan was a friend and a neighbor, as we are called to be, and God does not excuse injustices committed in the name of the “greater good”. In fact He abhors it. Doing good works is not an excuse. The church (mission) is culpable spiritually and criminally for covering up.

Last weekend Bonnie and I also flew to Philadelphia to meet with Diane Langberg of GRACE. GRACE is an organization that we feel we can trust to be impartial and to advocate for us for resolution and justice. We want to encourage you to communicate with GRACE your stories and your desires for justice. We have given GRACE the go-ahead to investigate our stories and read all the documentation that NTM sent them on Fanda. Your voices now are going to be instrumental in giving the big picture of what Fanda was like and what really went on.

Please feel free to email me at any time for information. I am also more than happy to sit in on any MK interview if it would be a help to anyone. Let us know if there is anything else we can do. We are excited and encouraged to see resolution and justice to these matters.



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  1. concerned says:

    how is it possible for NTM to post so many “updates” and never say anything new! I had really hoped to see true transparency and repentance but instead have seen defensiveness. Definitely not a sign of brokenness. I have been aware of how NTM is, first as an mk and then served under them- total time30 years. I saw over and over again how they dealt with sin (or shall I say didn’t deal with sin. We finally left the mission because we saw a real two-facedness over many years. It is so sad to me because when you see how God brought about this mission and the vision Paul Fleming had it is truly a lesson to all of us of what sin not dealt with in our lives can do!

  2. MK NTM different county says:

    I want to know about the GRACE organization. Do they have a web site? I tried to cut and paste an address in someone’s letter but it didn’t work.

  3. Vicky Frayne says:

    Ok I have a question. If this GRACE party is investigating..why haven’t there been any response from NTM? Are they waiting another 20 years to contact the victims and let them know whats going on?

    I applaud everything that is “trying” to happen, but it just seems to me like a waste of time when this could be better off in a court of law.

  4. kamara says:

    Equal rights and justice. That is what we want.

  5. Jared says:

    I pray that those who have covered this up will plead to God for forgiveness and be ready to restore themselves to Him. I also pray that those who have been abused will continue to grow in Him and not be bitter toward Him as that is so easy to do.

  6. Former NTM missionary woman says:

    May resolution and restitution come swiftly. This has gone on far too long with no true change. GRACE – we will pray for your swift interviews and recommendations. Time is now. You are God’s megaphone to address this sin within NTM and bring hope and healing for all.

  7. Shary Hauber says:

    I hope and pray that this will work for the glory of God and the healing of the many victims. I also pray for the punishment of the abusers and their eventual repentance and acknowledgment of their sins.

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