Supplement to GRACE Amended Final Report

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Supplement to GRACE Amended Final Report

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5 Responses to Supplement to GRACE Amended Final Report

  1. Gene Long says:

    Is the new, revised (2010) “NTM-USA Child Protection Manual” available to the public?

  2. Janice says:

    @Denise Amstutz K.
    Your heart has spoken and what you just posted about nurturing your children speaks volumes. Thank you for your keen insight 🙂 Nurturing the spirit and essence of a child brings joy and a spark to their eyes and reinforces a positive parenting style 🙂

  3. Denise Amstutz K. says:

    No kidding, it makes me sad though to think that maybe they are that dilusional to still think that they did nothing wrong. I am saddened to think that maybe that is what NTM is doing as well, saying sorry to some but still denying it to themselves and their members.

  4. Denise Amstutz K. says:

    wow, that is all I can say. Reading these reports is like being in a very bad dream and begging yourself to wakeup, only to find that it was no dream at all, but NTM reality. For years we were taught that we had to walk that very thin line of perfect obedience, one step off that line on either side (no matter what the reason) and spankings were to follow. No one can live that perfect except for God Himself. So many years of trying and failing, can anyone blame us for not being able to cope? At least now I see that it was not me, it was just the NTM philosophy, that kept the spankings coming. I am glad about one thing though, it has made me a better mother. “Do not spank for accidents or mistakes” thank you Lord, for my childrens sake, that I learned that when I became a parent! The fact that spanking should be your very last resort and never out of anger and harshness, oh to have been raised like that. These are lessons we should never forget as we nurture and form our own children’s minds and lives. God gave all of us our children as gifts and He will hold us accountable as to how we treat and care for them.

  5. Kari says:

    So I would like to know what the P’s apologized for to those two MKs, when they ‘absolutely deny’ the allegations. And how does it make those MKs feel to know they were just being paid lip service to? Also – TEN MKs.

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