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Parents, to distance yourself physically from your kids is not enough. To give them the best you can you must also distance yourself emotionally. July ’91
MK Educational CenterMK pg 2

Why do they sound so reluctant to have to do something about child molesters? Maybe being molested is also good for children. Oct ’93

October 1993 pg 18

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  1. Val says:

    I cannot believe this was written in the 90’s!!!!!!!! Barf…

  2. d.c. says:

    Dale wrote: “Why is it that the same crowd who corrects and critisizes the victims never seems to be outraged at the offenders?”

    Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dale!

  3. yeah right says:

    I’m sorry, I am sure it’s inappropriate of me to find that family article hilarious, but it really kind of is. From the title (Strong Families – Not an Option for Missionaries…?) to all the contradictions to the blatant brainwashing attempt to make parents feel guilty and responsible for any issues their kids might have with going away to school…it’s funny stuff. Funny since I am not in this cult, of course.

    Don’t Drink the Koolaid, Kids!

  4. Shary Hauber says:

    Thanks Dale When is the church and NTM going to learn that they can’t pick which sins are sin to make a big issue of and ignore the gross sins. NTM seems to think parents are in need of reprimand for arguing because that is the reason kids don’t want to go to boarding school. My parents didn’t argue and provided a very good home. I didn’t want to go to boarding school because the Mr. Smith was molesting my roommate every night at Mamou.

    NTM wake up you want to control everything that happens in your families, but what about the families of the molesters. Doesn’t that molester by his act of molesting children ruin his relationship with his wife? Or do you think wives are just suppose to take it and forgive also? What about his kids, does he molest them too? It would not be unusual. You need to protect them too.

  5. I am constantly amazed at how quick some professing christians are at correcting victims of sexual abuse. There is a need for them to not only share their story but to also be able to share their thoughts and feelings. Anger, frustration, hurt, betrayal, broken trust are all a part of what a survivor feels and they need a safe place to share it. If we as christians can’t give them that safe place then we are little better than the offenders who brutalized them in the place. Why is it that the same crowd who corrects and critisizes the victims never seems to be outraged at the offenders? It seems like Job’s 3 friends who rather than having compassion on him, they constantly corrected him and even began accusing him of horrible misdeeds. I doubt God is any more pleased with these people who attack the victims today than He was with job’s 3 friends. Maybe the leaders of ntm should be coming to Kari, Bonnie,and the others asking them to pray for God’s mercy on ntm. Just because this sin took place many years ago by people who may not now be connected to ntm does not make ntm clean before God in this matter. I believe that the whole Body of Christ has become vile before God because this is present in the Body of Christ and has gone largely undealt with. Much like Eli’s two sons committing immorality in God’s own house and Eli did nothing about it. It cost him his life and ministry. Maybe it’s not too late for ntm and the church to get things right with God and truly repent of this sin, but I fear that we are running out of time. Jesus is coming soon. We can not change the past but we can change our course of action, it’s called repentence. More than words it is change in our direction. Only until ntm and the church changes direction and is truely broken over this sin, will the victims know that their voice has been heard. When Daniel knew that the 70 years of captivity were almost up, he went and prayed for God’s forgiveness for the sins of Israel as though they were his. We as christians should allow survivors to share their stories, thoughts and feelings. We should hold offenders accoutable for their sin, just as God tells us in His word. We should be broken over this sin (ps 51) not filled with pride and stuberness. May God bring His children to their knees

  6. Gene Long says:

    Earlier, I said: I doubt any statement could possibly be more insulting to NTM than their own words. And their words are not hyperbole, either.

    What I meant was that it is impossible to think of any words, any combination of words equal to the horror I felt when I read “Now that we know what the law requires, we cannot be silent.” – NTM Executive Committee

    Profanity would blush before such a statement. It is inadequate to the task. The mild hyperbole that was used to introduce this article is nothing compared to what is required.

    Please, NTM, tell us when this was published. Was I in NTM when that came out? Did I read it and do nothing? I am disgusted with myself, ashamed of myself. Did I really work for a mission that would say this?

  7. Bonnie says:

    Dear Seeking Truth:

    I am wondering where you have found this information. Is it hearsay, or fact? Only a few WEEKS ago, I was told by someone in leadership in NTM that the offender was at that moment, still with NTM-Brasil. So. Either I was misinformed, or as you say, this offender was dismissed, OR the offender was dismissed AFTER NTM was called out on harboring him. Which is it?
    If it is the latter, which I am assuming, then whoop-dee-doo.
    The point is, they allowed him to stay, after he confessed to abusing a girl – WHO CARES that the girl and her family preferred to not talk about it? The fact is, NTM knew that he was a child molester, moved him to Brasil with that knowledge, and kept him for years.
    It makes no difference now, if he’s been dismissed. Once again, too little too late.
    Thankyou, though, for looking into it. Seeking truth is what we are all about.

  8. Kari says:

    I vote leave it. M Bacchie is a troll.

    BTW, In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or disciplinary response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    Not the kind who lives under a bridge and eats goats.

  9. M Bacchie says:


    My point exactly; Let NTM’s words speak for themselves.


    Let’s get beyond this–Yes, hyperbole is a legitimate figure of speech, but honestly, from an outside perspective, using it in this way, it comes across as grandstanding–Yes, I know that wasn’t the intention, but it does come across that way. And yes, of course we can express disgust at crap like this, but doing it in an appropirate way-

    I am not wanting to get into a flame war–All I wanted to do was express concern of how it was coming across.

    Your’e welcome to take it or leave it.

  10. Allen Long says:

    Quote from Anonymous: “For all the issues that NTM does have, you know that they don’t think that molesting is good for children.”
    If that’s true, then why has this been going on for so long? Why was NTM EVER “silent” about this?

    Quote from Anonymous: “So why go down the road of hyperbole and vindictiveness?”
    Hyperbole is a legitimate figure of speech. There’s nothing vindictive about express disgust at stuff like this.

  11. Gene Long says:

    “Now that we know what the law requires, we cannot be silent.” – NTM Executive Committee

    I doubt any statement could possibly be more insulting to NTM than their own words. And their words are not hyperbole, either.

  12. M Bacchie says:

    First off, let me state that I am all for you guys opening this to the public.

    But, I have a hard time matching this statement:

    “First, it’s hugely on my heart the need to express that this blog is not borne out of vindictiveness or a need for revenge. ”

    With statements that are starting to be posted, like,

    “Maybe being molested is also good for children.”

    For all the issues that NTM does have, you know that they don’t think that molesting is good for children.

    So why go down the road of hyperbole and vindictiveness?

  13. Jen says:

    oh…and by all means don’t fight with your spouse so that your child can go off to boarding school without worrying about how his/her parents are getting along…..
    Oh, Bonnie, Kari, all: if only that were ALL you had to worry about!!!!!!

  14. Jen says:

    “rules and regular routine” vs. “indulgence…inreas(ing) insecurity…”

    “rushing out to ‘do’ something…rushing back home” to be with family is…bad?
    “…the need for strong families cannot be overemphasized.” or good? I’m lost!!!

    And, the last paragraph of the first article almost blames the parent for any problems that the child may experience. Talk about guilt! It is almost too hypocritical and oxymoronic to possibly have come from any God-fearing mission….hmmm….maybe it IS!

  15. seeking truth says:

    Here is some further background info:

    NTM of Brazil (MNTB) is fully aware of this situation. The parents…became aware that something might be wrong in about 1998 but didn’t pursue anything, as far as we are aware, and so it wasn’t until 2003 that an official report was made. The family of the young lady affected wanted everything kept quiet and the young lady herself didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Because of the family’s desire for confidentiality and because this issue involved two Brazilian families, this issue wasn’t pursued further by NTM USA but left to MNTB to address. MNTB has since then dismissed the offender. The offender ceased to receive any funding through the USA in March 2003.

  16. yeah right says:

    Child molesters dismissed instantly? And yet Miriam C.’s abuser (who confessed!) is still with NTM to this very day. When will these hypocrites EXPLAIN themselves?!?

  17. Gene Long says:

    “Now that we know what the law requires, we cannot be silent.”

    When was this written? Did the Executive Committee take the position that they COULD be silent before they knew what the law required?

    They wouldn’t look into what possible legal actions could be taken against these “child molesters” AS A FIRST STEP?

    How do they explain that to the parents? To the children? To their supporters around the world?

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