Disclosure is the best thing we can do for the protection of other children. Secrecy invites shame and protects the perpetrator. We fear for other children in New Tribes Mission and we are committed to get the word out so no more have to suffer the abuses that we did.

The more comments these articles and clips get, the more reach the story has, and the more chance for victims to hear and find support. Please add your comments.


NTM Missionary admits to sex abuse against children in Brazil – Jun 2013

Missionary group admits Senegal abuse
Journal Sentinel Online, Annysa Johnson

Fear at Fanda
World Magazine, Jamie Dean

Grace report brings tears to many
Orlando Sentinel, Amy L. Edwards

New Tribes Mission Faces Abuse Allegations
WESH 2 Orlando
[Breaking News TV]

New Tribes Mission Confronts 80’s Sex Abuse Allegations
Christianity Today, Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sanford’s New tribes Mission faces sex abuse allegations from the 80’s
Orlando Sentinel, Amy L. Edwards
Sanford’s New Tribes Mission faces sex abuse allegations from the 1980’s
Chicago Tribune

New Tribes Mission faces the consequences of its past
Leading from the Sandbox, TJ Addington
[blog post]

GRACE report vindicates missionary kids
Stop Baptist Predators, Christa Brown
[blog post]

New Tribes Mission Sweeps Child Sex Abuse Under the Rug
Dannimoss, Danni Moss
[blog post]

Stunning 68 page report on crimes at overseas mission school is released
SNAP Network, David Clohessy, Barbara Dorris, Martha Jean Lorenzo
[Press release]

New Tribes Mission issues final report
Civil Commotion, Bob Felton
[blog post]

29 Responses to Media

  1. More Than Disgusted says:

    NTM Arrest on June 5, 2013
    With history of former convictions of NTM personnel

  2. Shary Hauber says:

    @Mrs. Victory
    Mrs Victory what you say is very true we must all be careful for our children. But of those I know who are most vocal about the past abuse are also some of the best parents I know. They do not isolate their children but are totally involved with them. Abuse will never stop but one of the best ways to change things in our world is to know and correct the sins of the past.

  3. Mrs. Victory says:

    Dear Friends, this is very devastating news. I just came across your site. However, having a broader understanding of the world in general it should be noted that most boarding schools have this problem. Non-Christian included. Its just that you can’t throw the fact that they say they are Christian in their faces. Children in boarding schools are and have been abused for the same length of time (at least that long~ 20-40 years) ~ all over the world (underline this please!). OF COURSE, that doesn’t make it right! Even children in regular public schools are abused and its not getting less and less even though people are fired and authorities do try to take action it doesn’t appear to be less that it used to be… the thing with boarding schools is the parental observation and guidance is lacking so the child feels totally unprotected. By the way, in case you didn’t notice, children in their own homes are also abused by their own parents… My heart hurts for those who didn’t know the security of a home (my dad very clearly taught me from childhood to stand up and protect myself ~ thank you Dad!) and for those whose parents were not there to teach them to protect themselves and speak up~ NO MATTER WHAT! Sorry, but your next-door neighbor just might abuse your children… your child’s school teacher, your husband or your wife (I am not trying to encourage all people to stop trusting anyone ~ trust is also necessary for good relationships). But I am saying and please pay attention all you parents,Lets not have tunnel vision and forget that IT CAN BE HAPPENING TO YOUR CHILD RIGHT NOW EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE WATCHING OVER THAT CHILD VERY CAREFULLY!!!! Correct the wrong from the past but don’t get so swallowed up in the past that you don’t take care of your children NOW ~ RIGHT NOW! I see parents all reacting about things in the past or in others lives who they are taking up for and yes I agree those things need to be taken care of but they get so taken up with trying to get others to take care of the past that they don’t watch their children in the way of danger DAILY~ RIGHT NOW! PAY ATTENTION NOW to your children NOW!

  4. Raz says:

    In interview with the man who molested numerous children in the NTM school in Aritao, Philippines, and one of his victims.

  5. More Than Disgusted says:
    Message for 5/22/2011 Week 4 of present series (audio or dvd)

    A survivor of child sexual abuse tells his story. A very adamant advocate of the church standing up and taking notice/ doing something about stopping it and helping people heal. The church: a place where it is commonly overlooked and often not even mentioned. He says it’s time to change.

  6. Gene Long says:

    Gene Long :

    Quoting from the above article: “No parents ever wanted to be separated from their children, said Nita Zelenak, spokesperson for NTM.”
    When I asked an NTM missionary parent why she was in favor of sending her children away to boarding school, she said, “I just get so tired of mediating fights.”

    Please note that this woman and her husband were IN FAVOR of a boarding school; they were not coecered into sending their children.

    Contrary to NTM’s spokesperson, some parents DID want to send their children to boarding schools. Until this particular aspect of the situation is taken into account, any picture will be incomplete and misleading.

  7. Jan says:

    I am amazed and awed by your transparency. This abuse needs to be exposed whenever possible and NTM needs to admit responsibility for their actions (or inaction) for all of the abuse that has happened worldwide for many years. God will bring into the light what has been done in darkness. God bless you all!

  8. Amy says:

    @ Tuti

    I agree with you, that as much as I would like to run away and hide, ignoring the problem (and the headache) at hand, God’s spirit burns within me too, and I cannot be silent. I just have to figure out which direction to speak in! The burden is huge, but we serve a mighty God. Amen?

  9. Bonnie says:

    Tuti, wow. I thank you for your amazing heart. It’s a rare thing to find these days, and beautiful to see in you!

  10. Tuti Hess says:

    @Gene Long
    thanks Gene. I wish I could just shut up about the whole thing and ignore it and say it’s someone elses problem but Gods spirit burns inside my heart.It’s not about me, or the M.K’s or NTM it’s about God.

  11. Gene Long says:

    Tuti Hess, it is almost impossible to adequately commend you for your brave and principled stand. We each must do what we feel best as regards this issue. Some see silence and coverup as doing the most good. Others see maximum exposure as appropriate at this time. Many are somewhere in between.

    My perspective is that NTM was not interested in dealing with this issue when they were talking to a couple of former MKs. It wasn’t until it became widely known that the Lord began to work in their hearts.

    NTM was not interested in their dictatorial leadership style until they started losing more people than they were recruiting. Only then did the Lord manage to remind them of “grace.”

    Your courageous voice WILL make a difference. God bless you.

    • Jungle child says:

      do you also believe that is the reason for them changing their name to Ethnos 360? have they actually seen reality and made real, lasting changes– OR are they slapping a paint job on it all? are they really losing recruits? NTM has damaged a lot of people –not just horrific physical sexual abuse… but also the insidious emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse –gaslighting.
      I will never ever work for NTM. or ethnos360. I just want to know that they have changed and aren’t continuing to damage and scar people under the guise of serving God.

  12. Tuti Hess says:

    Hi jdg thanks for responding to my comment.My rationale is not all of us in NTM are abusers we ourselves are victims of this sick mindset. I see the leadership seems to be genuine in wanting to move ahead with action and that it takes time to write up all these reports, contact people, churches set up the process and make sure everything is done correctly. I know you may not like this but I’m giving them grace just as God gave the pre flood people 120 years to repent but in the end terrible, catastrophic judgement came. I will follow through with my idea to post it on my facebook page. This is causing conflict for me too we are not islands unto ourselves. Silent no more.

  13. jdg says:

    Tuti…why wait? How does an organization that’s 22 years behind the ball deserve 2 more days? I’m honestly curious about your rationale.

  14. Tuti Hess says:

    Very tempted to put this on my facebook page. Will wait until the end of the week hopefully NTM will put something on the website about it. Meditating today on Davids sin – adultery, accomplice to murder, multiple wives and concubines, his neglect of his children. His own son conspired against him to overthrew him and publicly had sex with Davids concubines. All is naked and bare before God the righteous judge. He will bring sin into the light. Our God is a consuming fire.

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