Letter to an unnamed victim


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  1. Denise Amstutz K. says:

    @Vicky Frayne
    I do believe that my parents recieved a letter in the mail, but it did not have specifics in it. They questioned my sister about her time at Fanda, but really had nothing to go on so she told them nothing happened. Since it only focused on children in the dorms they did not even question my younger sister and I, so no one knew that we were involved in this whole nightmare. Not until I found the blog and started reading the stories did my past start making sense to me as to why things happened in my life. My sister and I had never told my mom any of it, so that was a hard phone call to make and I was shaking when I made it.

  2. Dave Bertelsen says:

    To all of you girls (ladies now) : keep telling the story. As long as you keep it alive, NTM can’t ignore it. There is no telling how many other stories just like this one are going on, how many children are suffering for NTMs arrogance. Those of us that were there, and many others I’m sure, pray for justice for you and repentance and acknowledgment by NTM.

  3. Vicky Frayne says:

    How many MK’s and their families received any letter from leadership about this abuse?

    I never did.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Such a violation to have suffered the betrayal. I can’t fathom the horrible repercussions of that damage to a young girl. Oh what a brave person to have responded to the form letter she received. That took risk and she is courageous. I hope and pray she is enjoying a victorious life after tha horrible abusive experience. This letter doesn’t say whether NTM followed up with her and she got the help so necessary to work through this criminall damange.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Growing up in NTM I have watched countless times “things” being pushed under the carpet. It deeply saddens me to read all this and what is worse is what the above commentor said, “NTM will do nothing and continue to be inept.” This is very true….this is one of NTM´s greatest faults. Will they ever learn?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Words cannot say how dissapointed I am regarding NTM’s lack of effort to claim responsibility and enforce legitimate consequences for Bill Portvleet. A child (my brother) should never be abused. This crime should not happen, ever. Especially when it undermines the trust of parents and child, at no fault of the parent. If sufficient consequences are not dealt to the abuser, regardless of how much time has gone by, it destroys a victom’s belief in their self worth and importance. Why would this not be so? What reasonable and thinking adult would deny this reality?

    I have always been dissapointed with NTM’s lack of ability to do the right thing, especially when it comes to matters like this, to do with justice here on this earth. But after meeting with my family and NTM in Edmonton, I sincerely had hope for change and legitamate consequences for Bill. Unfortunately, I have been severly dissapointed again and have lost all respect for NTM in this regard and many others.

    I am writing this e-mail so that my thoughts are expressed and so that I can finally sleep. I know that although these thoughts come from truth and love, NTM will do nothing and will continue to be inept.

  7. Bonnie says:

    to annonymous – thank you so much for your comment. it is so true – forgiveness also doesn’t mean forget! we who were hurt by the inaction of ntm will never forget.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to you and all the kids who were abused – I have four children and it hurts to imagine them going through everything you all went through! Too bad the leadership of the mission at the time didn´t do anything more about the situation and hid the problem and that the men weren´t penalized. Keep up the good work! Forgiveness doesn´t mean you shouldn´t address issues – so keep going until everything is dealt with in the proper manner – we are praying for you and all those who are helping you!!!

  9. Kari says:

    the ‘preliminary report’ submitted that is spoken of in page 2 of this letter seems to be the only report. by all accounts the action stopped at this point, brooks was not reported to the authorities by NTM and no further investigation/follow-up/offer of counseling was given.

    court actions were ‘unsuccessful’ against brooks because NTM never attempted any action.

    this victim was hugely failed by the NTM system.

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