Joint Statement of New Tribes Mission and GRACE

Joint Statement of New Tribes Mission and GRACE
September 8, 2010

Since the release of the original and amended GRACE report, GRACE and NTM continue to
receive inquiries and questions from MKs and numerous other parties throughout the world.
NTM and GRACE also continue to receive additional information regarding the Fanda boarding
school. Accordingly, GRACE and NTM are issuing this joint statement to assist interested
parties in understanding the report and the process.

First, in the GRACE report Dick Day was listed as being identified on an NTM document as a
sexual abuse perpetrator.  NTM acknowledges that Dick Day’s name was identified on such a
document, but that it appeared as a result of a clerical error by NTM.  The name that should have
been listed instead of Mr. Day is an individual whose name already appears within the GRACE
Amended Final Report.   Instead of listing Dick Day’s name with an explanation cited in a
footnote, GRACE acknowledges its failure in that it should have followed up with NTM about
the fact that Mr. Day’s name appeared on the document without any supporting records.  Dick
Day has not been accused of child sexual abuse.  NTM and GRACE have personally apologized
to Dick Day for these grievous errors. Other than the NTM document, which NTM
acknowledges to be an error, GRACE has received no evidence that Mr. Day ever abused a child
and, therefore, he was never included among the personnel recommendations made by GRACE.

Second, in light of the statements made by Mark Adams to GRACE on the eve of the amended
report, GRACE conducted further inquiries into the conduct of Mr. Adams and has provided a
fuller explanation of the information GRACE has received regarding this matter. This
explanation is contained in the attached Addendum to the GRACE report.

Third, NTM asked GRACE to provide additional detail concerning the conduct of six personnel
before acting on the GRACE recommendations. Although GRACE has sought to protect the
identities and personal information of those victimized at Fanda, we also recognize the need of
NTM for additional information and the standards GRACE used in assessing the documents as
well as written and oral statements we received. This additional information is contained in the

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2 Responses to Joint Statement of New Tribes Mission and GRACE

  1. Kent says:

    Dick Day was a violent and angry man who was verbally and physically abusive to adults and kids alike but in spite of all the complaints agianst him it took him shooting at a French hunter before the Field Committee finally sent him home quietly. Just because he was never at the school (to my knowledge) doesn’t mean he wasn’t abusive. Basically the FC protected him in Senegal until the Sengalese police came knocking and then they sent him home to protect him.

    He physically assaulted my mom and because he was buddy buddy with Ron Abrams the FC did nothing about it. He was verbally abusive to me and my brothers.

  2. Um. says:

    I am certainly glad that Dick Day has been removed from the “sexual offender” list. But I know too that he was violent and angry, and as a child I knew of several instances of physical violence perpetrated by him against people. Slugging his “work girl”, shoving Joyce Fisher up against a wall, throwing a villager over a fence, and finally – the one that got him sent “home” – shooting in the direction of a french hunter while having a dispute with him over a tree.

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