Grace Final Report on NTM Fanda

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Amended GRACE Report on NTM Fanda–Amended Edition

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9 Responses to Grace Final Report on NTM Fanda

  1. @Terry Mitchell
    Terry, this is “Ma”. Please get intouch with me. Lorraine

  2. Dorothy,

    Thank you for taking action by not financially contributing to NTM until they change their policies and practices. If even 10 to 15% of NTM supporters did this, they would be forced to change. Most people financially supporting NTM don’t understand that they are colluding with NTM, making it possible for them to do “business” as usual, thus making current children and past victims in very vulnerable. (This is true of course for supporters of all mission groups and denominations).

    You and other supporters have great influence in how this all plays out. I hope that what you are doing inspires others.


  3. Dorothy Frohn says:

    I was a long time supporter of NTM but I will not contribute any more unless I have proof that this problem has been taken care of, including punishment for the guilty & counseling for the children.

  4. JJ2 says:

    This is so shocking. What EXACTLY is being done?
    I have so many questions….
    1. Why weren’t the police in the country of citizenship of the perpetrator/s involved?
    2. Have any of the MK’s gone to the authorities?
    3. Are you all getting together and going to NTM HQ To demand a hearing, an enquiry and action?
    Definately NO CRITICISM, just really want to help.
    I am an ex NTM-er, i have children at a Mission school but not in a dorm

  5. Terry Mitchell says:

    It is our responsibility as adults to protect these helpless victims. Now we know. We must step up to the plate as the village that raises a voice for the quieted child charged in our care. Do the right thing. It’s that simple.

  6. Mar says:

    We hear your voices … we love you

  7. very concerned says:

    Kari, I sent a letter to GRACE a while back and all those names were at the top of the letter and they still weren’t mentioned in the report

  8. Kati says:

    We have found the January 1997 letter sent to friends and members of NTM since we were still members at this time! Knowing now what led up to the writing of this letter, makes our blood boil. What they did NOT mention was the abuse that happened and we feel the letter was written to cover it up and to make it seem like they were going to change! We left a few years later after spiritual abuse and nothing had changed. The EC at that time were David Calderwood, Byran Coupland, Macon Hare, Oli Jacobsen, Les Pederson, Chet Plimpton and Duane Stous. Only Chet is mentioned in the report. Of course, documents are missing…

  9. Delora Ogilvie says:

    My husband and I were the dorm parents that replaced Dave Brooks. A child came to me with an accusation as an abuse victim myself I took it seriously and reported to Hammy Penner and ask for it to be looked into. I was told the Field Committee would handle it and then later told it never happened. There was too much detail in her account to be fabricated. I began questioning our being there. We left for financial reasons but spoke to the leadership about lack of family support and suggested resources but they were rejected because the thought what they afford was sufficient. Wow, they were so wrong.

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