From NTM US Executive Board

Hi Kari,

Good to hear from you. We just finished hosting our NTM Enrichment conference here at the Lake of the Ozarks in Camdenton. We had over 500 in attendance so that kept us all very busy.

I’m really sorry that the phone call with the USEB and old Executive Board didn’t go like you wanted it to. We are wanting to express our deep sorrow and apologize for what happened to you and several others during those dark days at the boarding school. I can assure you that we have changed our leadership style and the way we work with people. We do now have a strong CPC team functioning and they have been for some time. I have to admit that I’m still not sure of all that you want to see happen and I’m not sure that we will ever be able to met your expectations. I hate what happened to you, but am not sure how to go back 15-20 years ago and take care of all this when most of these perpetrators are not with the mission anymore. I know that the CPC is continuing to do investigation on this whole matter. They are contacting many other people and talking with them. We are removing Ron Abram from leadership. We are also restructuring our whole strategy of ministry in West Africa to involve and partner in a greater way with the African church. I’m sure this seems like to little to late and it probably is, but we are not really sure what else we can do.

Sorry about the disappointment,



In response to:
Hello from Senegal.

The last email from you was so encouraging! It seemed you really saw our hearts and responded in a moving way. I felt so hopeful.

Then the conference call, which seemed to be an effort on the part of the EB to tell us what we wanted to hear and pacify us so we would go away. It seemed none of what we finally felt we connected on with you after 19 hours of meeting in Florida was relayed to the EB. Where did the communication break down? Did you and I really not connect after all? Or was the communication break-down between the CPC and the EB? It’s hard to know.

I haven’t heard much of anything since the conference call, is there anything you can tell me?

Still praying and trusting Christ.


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11 Responses to From NTM US Executive Board

  1. NTM Abuse Survivor says:

    I too suffered abuse in an NTM school in the ’80’s and 90’s. I would be interested in what you are asking NTM to do at this point? I am meaning, what are the detailed steps they would need to take that would bring closure for you? In my opinion nothing they can do now will ever make up for what happened in the past, but some things can be done to show that this is taken seriously and dealt with. If there are perpetrators of sexual abuse serving with NTM they need to be removed immediately. I will support that for sure.

  2. ulsterman says:

    Marv ( NTM Leadership) writes …. “Most of these perpetrators are not with us any more”. That statement implies that some of the perpetrators are still with NTM! Shocking and shameful ……..

  3. Kari says:

    Last night I re-discovered an old love, a song by Rich Mullins called “Home”. I played it over and over.

    And today Mark Brown leaves this amazing comment and the powerful verse above that is exactly the scripture that this song is inspired by.

    Here are the lyrics to the song:

    I see the morning moving over the hills
    I can see the shadows on the western side
    And all those illusions that I had
    They just vanish in Your light
    Though the chill in the night still hangs in the air
    I can feel the warmth of morning on my face
    Though the storm had tossed me
    ‘Til I thought I’d nearly lost my way

    And now the night is fading and the storm is past
    And everything that could be shaken was shaken
    And all that remains is all I ever really had

    What I’d have settled for
    You’ve blown so far away
    What You brought me to
    I thought I could not reach
    And I came so close to giving up
    But You never did give up on me
    I see the morning moving over the hills
    I feel the rush of life here where the darkness broke
    And I am in You and You’re in me
    Here where the winds of Heaven blow

    And now the night is fading
    And the storm is through
    And everything You sent to shake me
    From my dreams they come to wake me
    In the love I find in You
    And now the morning comes
    And everything that really matters
    Become the wings You send to gather me
    To my home
    To my home
    I’m going home

  4. anonymous says:

    This is a thorough evaluation of the spritual abuse suffered under the NTM leadership. Thank you, Mr. Brown for your words of wisdom.

    I, for one, am grateful to God that He is not the god Ron’s letter refers to.

  5. mark brown says:

    Hi Sisters and Brothers,
    my heart is with you. Even more so, you have the Father’s heart toward you.

    Not one iota of Ron’s letter to John Mik. had anything to do with Father’s heart of love or the Spirit of Christ.

    The one true God cares for His sheep… every last one! Even to the “expense” (so-called) of the “99” others.

    Ron Abram’s god was obviously not big enough to care for Kari through her parents rescue, AND also care for “the believers”. Ron’s god was (is?) the false god of institutional religion and pride. It is the blind and dumb idol of “Christian church planting” to fullfill the Great Commision of the North American church… at all costs.

    The letter was the shameless and manipulative (attempted anyway) ramblings of a child… but definitely not a child following the leading of our Father’s heart.

    So, the NTM US Exec. Board “are not really sure what else” they can do?
    How about removing the evil person (“perpetrators”) from among them? Not just “most” of them, but all. Not just removing them from leadership, but from their “fellowship”… as our sister above so accurately enlightened from 1 Cor.5.

    Unless Ron Abram has not personally gone to the Mik.’s (and prob. many others) asking for the kind of forgiveness that only the love of God can give (Godly sorrow)… then he has not been led to repentance for his UNgodly leadership at that time. Thus, any continued involvement of his on behalf of their organization would still be twisted. He should most definitely be seen as one of the perpetrators. The conspiracy of silence is the enabling environment of the guilty sick.

    If not, and if the Exec. Board allows Ron to remain in their organization in ANY capacity (all missionary organization “staff members” are seen/deemed as spiritual leaders in the eyes of North American churches)… “then a little leaven will leaven the whole lump.”

    Well, it already has. I suppose it was/is inevitable. But the good news is… the reputation and glory of the mission organization (insitution) is not our concern here… nor is it our Lord’s concern.

    He cares about loving the hurting, and glorifying/manifesting Himself in and through them. It is the power of Him (His miraculous Love and Grace) that brings beauty… from the ashes.

    Unfortunately, the well-being of the organization IS the on-going concern of the Exec. Board. Their title and job description reeks of it. It will only cease to be their concern when the institution is no more, and the Board is dissolved.

    So, let’s not be surprised when even in the above e-mail the Board member’s underlying tone is one of, “Haven’t we done enough to appease you? Isn’t it time to move on? To forgive and forget?”, etc.

    What’s he doing? He’s fighting for the very survival of the name/reputation of NTM itself! Or rather, IT is fighting for it’s own survival (he’s almost a hapless pawn). IT feels the danger of extinction looming, and it won’t simply die without a fight for survival. Too much is at stake.
    What about all those innocent missionaries out in the field right now. Is God big enough to care for them without the mighty umbrella of NTM? I know he is; maybe we’ll see Him glorified, eh? (Yes, I’m in Canada.)

    As you can tell by this lengthy soliloquy, I’m not an experienced “blogger”… my apologies, and thanks for your patience. I will end with sharing Heb. 12:25ff.

    “See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.” Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire.

    Let brotherly love continue.” Let it be so. Your bro., M.

  6. An abused parent says:

    “…most of these perpetrators are not with the mission anymore.” Why would ANY of these perpetrators be allowed to continue one more day with NTM (or any another Christian organization, for that matter)? What might Paul have written to the leaders of NTM regarding their inexplicable slowness to act?

    “I can hardly believe the report about the sexual immorality going on among you, something so evil that even the pagans don’t do it….And you are so proud of yourselves! Why aren’t you mourning in sorrow and shame? And WHY haven’t you removed this man from your fellowship? How terrible that you should boast about your spirituality, and yet you let this sort of thing go on. Remove this wicked person from among you so that you can stay pure. As the scriptures say, ‘You MUST remove the evil person from among you.'” (Paul, excerpts from 1 Corinthians 5.1-13)

    Thank you Kari and Bonnie, along with many others, for courageously shining the light into the darkest places.

  7. anonymous says:

    Yes, he can be held accountable. Several years ago the US enacted a law whereby we can prosecute our own citizens in US court for committing sexual abuse abroad. It was an attempt to prevent/prosecute instances such as these, and those that occur in trafficking situations. Unfortunately this is not the only criminal ‘hiding’ their crimes of molestation by jumping the border to do it.

    Since 2003, 25 US citizens have been prosecuted under this law for abusing minor’s abroad. There does not have to be a law in the country it occurred, and there is no statute of limitations (no matter how old the women get they can still press charges).

    The penalties are also MUCH stiffer for abuse abroad, because it is an international crime.

    “Be sure your sin will find you out!”

  8. Vicky Frayne says:

    The answers to these questions shall soon be answered.

  9. Kristi says:

    It seems like part of what you want is for David B to be held responsible for his actions and prosecuted, correct? It seems to me that while these crimes took place in Africa, they happened to Americans (and Canadians) and now that David B has returned to the U.S. it would seem that he could be held accountable for these actions… Can anyone prove or disprove this?

  10. Anonymous says:

    from an anon commenter

    It sure sounds like NTM is taking this matter seriously. They are still doing an investigation into this matter….

    NTM IS behind you. They aren’t trying to cover up anything.

    Why don’t you see this?

    -A bystander.

    our response

    Hello bystander,

    Even though your tone was less than desirable, and we have stopped posting anonymous comments, I wanted to answer this one for all those who still don’t quite seem to be able to understand.

    NTM has been officially “investigating” this matter since 1997.

    The events date back to 1989.

    In the last 8 months of direct contact with NTM, we have heard this response every time we queried, where are we on this investigation?

    It has been 20 years since events took place and NTM learned of them, 12 years since NTM opened an investigation, and 8 months after having regular contact with NTM, and in 2009 we still have no resolution. We will not wait any longer.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s time Missionaries wake up ,missions in general, that we deal with a God who is a God of vengeance and when His cup of wrath fills up, it will pour out and remember He is not a respecter of Persons. It seems like there has been a pattern that the one who has sinned is really taken care of, (they should be and I am not against it.) But the ones who are hurting, really hurting, aren’t listened to and are thought of as the ones who are sinning because they haven’t forgiven…..LISTEN ALL THOSE WHO READ THIS….this is not a matter of forgiveness…..this is a matter of sin being put under the carpet. It sounds like there were men in authority at the time who felt bad for the ones who did wrong ( sounds like they might have been best friends with those who did wrong) so the best way was to sweep it under the carpet. God just does not work that way….sorry

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