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::PLEASE DON'T COMMENT:: This is My Story about Gary Earl
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Author:  dreamwords [ Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  January 2014 Prayer Letter from Gary and Annie Earl

[All bold print is theirs, not mine.]

-----Original Message-----
From: Gary Earl <>
To: Gary Earl <>
Sent: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 5:43 pm
Subject: New Year developments for Gary and Annie
                                                                        New Year developments for Gary and Annie Earl

 Dear Ones,
The Christmas season usually brings pictures and letters from friends recapping the year's events.  The New Year usually brings up new resolutions....some of which we actually try to keep. 

For us, the New Year is bringing exciting developments. 

We've been with New Tribes Mission now for 40 years, 33 of them overseas in Papua New Guinea.  Due to several factors, including my age (67 this year) and Annie's need for continued cancer medication and regular exams, God is directing us from overseas to continue full-time ministry here; one in which we are VERY excited about! 

Over years of experience, we have noted three main avenues God uses in world evangelization...... (1) Chronological teaching from Creation to Christ.  (2) Discipleship.  (3) Emphasis on the youth, as they are the future.  We are excited that God has directed us to continue serving Him in ministry emphasizing these disciplines.

As we retire from overseas in PNG and NTM, we have been asked to continue full-time with ROCK International ministries.  We are elated that ROCK focuses on multi-lingual chronological teaching resources, discipleship, and youth.   God has used ROCK with Africa's children to feed, help house, educate, meet medical needs, and evangelize thousands.  Additionally, ROCK specializes in reaching Muslims and the Arabic world and also has multi-lingual radio broadcasts on many stations.   More about ROCK in our next update!

Although our location will change, our full-time ministry commitment and service has not.   We are still supported by your prayers and finances through New Tribes Mission. That has not changed. We covet your continued prayer and financial support enabling us to continue serving the King.  We are still 'keeping on keeping on', and feel blessed to do so.   We are very thankful to God and to you for continuing to make it possible for us as a team together to be a part of His great work around the world. 

A new Chronological movie, produced by ROCK (the only one of its kind) is set to be released this coming summer.  

Continuing to serve the King of Glory,

Gary and Annie

Support: (same as always) Designated for: Gary Earl #378000
Made out to: New Tribes Mission, 1000 E 1st St. Sanford, FL 32771

Author:  dreamwords [ Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  2014 Emails with the NTM Director of Personnel

March 13, 2014
Lori writes, “Your (NTM's) call to action makes me think you haven't had access to Pii's information. Have you only read the SoF they sent out? Or have you had access to the transcripts and victim statements?”

March 14, 2014
NTM Director of Personnel writes: " I appreciate your attitude towards NTM, the work of your parents, and your childhood.  I think it is important that we all remember that the work of the Great Commission stays the same with or with out NTM.  More important than the work of NTM is the work of His Church, it is the Church tasked with reaching the lost, some of us just happen to minister through NTM as the vehicle to assist us in doing such...if that makes sense...:)

My opinion on the communication that went out when they came came home is that it was missleading.  This communication was not done by NTM USA but as I understand it will be communicated by NTM USA in the future to prevent this situation from being duplicated.  They were required to return home because of this inquiry into his actions.  It was once they were home that it was found out about the cancer.  

Thanks Lori for being willing to dialog with me.”

March 14, 2014
This is another email from Brian Coombs. It was sent to another person involved in the investigation, and I've been given permission from her to share it with you.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Brian Coombs <>
To: [xxxx]
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 4:02 PM
Subject: Follow up to your questions


You have every right to ask questions. I am not “threatened” by your questions and believe they are fair. I will do my best to communicate clearly to you on these.

Within hours of you sharing your story with IHART this was turned in to the authorities. As I understand this, you are able to pursue criminal charges against him, but NTM as an organization is not. The investigation that was done was not a “criminal investigation” but rather an investigation to see if his actions were outside of NTM policy giving us the ability to administer discipline.(Again, we are not allowed to do a criminal investigation) We do all we can do legally including reporting to the governing authorities as soon as possible. Should the authorities desire to investigate we step back and let them do their work and assist them in any way possible. It is when the authorities do not pursue actions that we move forward. This is why we hired Pii to investigate, and it was through this that it was determined that he was in violation of our policies and discipline was administered accordingly.

Your understanding of retirement with NTM is accurate. Some of these questions will run together so if I fail to answer sufficiently, please let me know.

We did require Gary to retire, this was not his choice. When someone retires in good standing, they often go on to volunteer part time with NTM, represent NTM, and their retirement is celebrated. This is not the case in this situation. Gary is not allowed to volunteer with NTM, is not allowed to represent NTM in any way, and his retirement was not celebrated. This was/is a form of forced resignation that allowed Annie to continue with insurance since she is dealing with cancer. The benefits that were allowed are because of Annie, not Gary.

I have been in communication with Gary’s church and this communication continues. They are aware of the actions taken against him and have been communicated the findings. Any organization that contacts us for reference will also be communicated with to the fullest extent that we can legally communicate.

As far as Gary representing NTM you are correct, this will be difficult to monitor, but as we become aware, we will address with further disciplinary action. Should we become aware of him stepping outside of the parameters that have been defined for him, this could lead to a dismissal. We have been made aware of his recent newsletter and possible ministry with Rock. This is outside of what was defined and we are actively addressing this. I will communicate back with you on the outcome of this when it has been fully addressed.

As far as why Gary was required to retire, I can see the struggle with this. This is how these actions were arrived at:

- we hired Pii to investigate this,
- the report was presented to NTM by Pii.
- There was then a group assembled to process the report. This team did have NTM presence, including myself.
- The entire panel was in agreement with the recommended actions to be taken by NTM.
- Even though all were in agreement, NTM and Pii felt we wanted to send this to an independent specialist for an additional guidance.
- At the conclusion all parties consulted still unanimously agreed upon the outcome.

I want to encourage you to also ask these questions of Pii. Please continue to communicate with me on this, I am available to continue to answer your questions. Please send them my way.


March 14, 2014
NTM Director of Personnel writes, “Pii presented the team that was overseeing this the report that they put together.  I was/am part of that team in this situation.  We also saw the SoFs that were compiled.  We were not presented all of the transcripts or statements made.  The ones that we have seen did not have names with them.  Each individual interviewed was given a number by Pii for the sake of confidentiality.  NTM does not have this code or list of names of those who participated/gave statements.

The action steps taken were not just put together by NTM.  There was a panel formed, we were involved, so it is not that NTM was not present or involved, but there was more then just NTM.  The recommended actions were then sent to an additional, independent party for review before being implemented.  All parties agreed on the actions to be taken.  If you have questions on how this was done, I would also recommend talking with Pii on this.”

Lori's response: “What I was really wondering is how much detail you personally have been given, because the Pii report is extremely vague (very unlike the GRACE Fanda report), and NTM's actions don't reflect the urgency  of someone who read the details.I am very happy to provide you with the details regarding me.”

[No further response from NTM on this question.]

Lori writes, “Could you send me my story as I sent it to Scott Ross? I don't have a file of it and don't want to have to write it out again (it makes me live through it again). Also - [NTM] told me years ago that Gary Earl had written me an apology letter. I've never received that, because I wasn't strong enough to read it at that point, but now I'd like to have it. NTM said I could request it at any time.”

March 17, 2014
NTM Director of Personnel writes, “I will get these to you.  It will be the first part of next week before I am able to do this.  I will be back in my office on Monday where I have the appropriate access to accomplish this for you.  I have attempted to gather this but my remote connection is just too weak to handle it.Sorry for the delay."

March 23, 2014
Lori writes, “Hoping you have a better connection this week. You said you would be able to get back to me with some more action steps, so perhaps you are already working on these questions I have:

1.  Is NTM planning on issuing a statement to the public (or, NTM and supporters) on why the Earls are retiring? 

2.  The action plan says the Earl's sending church will be notified.  Notified with what? You said the SoF is only for the victim and Pii, so I would like to receive a copy of what you sent the sending church, since it concerns me directly.  

3. Could you please explain why NTM decided to retire Gary rather than terminate him? I know it is possible to terminate one spouse and retire the other; it has been done in NTM. 

March 24, 2014
NTM Director of Personnel writes, “ Yes, I have a better connection this week as I am back in my office.  I hope you are able to get to enjoying Spring.  I am sorry for all of this.

I will work at addressing your points here.
1.       A statement will be made correcting what has been communicated.  This will be processed through my office when it is made.
2.      The Earl’s church was given the Letter of Outcome.  I have also spent much time in conversation with them on this by phone.  I am not able to pass this document on to you as I am prohibited to do so by the law.  (You already have the main points from a previous email from me)  Not trying to use this as a cop out.  Personnel Files are confidential by law, I simply cannot pass them on.  Please call me if you would like further explanation.  Nowhere in any communication to the church has your name ever been used nor has your story been shared with them.
3.      This will be difficult to explain, my explanation will most likely generate a whole lot more questions.  I would like the opportunity to explain this, but is it possible to try this by phone?
I have attached the report [my story] you gave to NTM that you have asked for.  I am still working through the apology letter.  I need some additional time on this one.  I am working on it and hope to have this to you soon. 
We have taken additional steps in response to the communication that has gone out previously by Gary and his actions.
I am sorry for all of this Lori.  I am sorry these things happened to you, I am sorry that you were not communicated with when you should have been.  I am sorry that I cannot give you better answers. Please let me know any other questions you have, I do want you to be free to move onto 'enjoying Spring.'"

March 25, 2014

After being approached with the Statement of Findings, Timelines (such as you're seeing in my posts), and the survivors' accounts, the PNG field committee sends the following email to NTM PNG. Gary Earl is still in Papua New Guinea. ~ Lori

The PNG committee, as On Behalf Of PNG Coordinating Director
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 12:27 AM
Subject: [In-country] Information Regarding Earls

Dear PNG Co-workers,
We are writing to inform you that due to the findings of a recent investigation commissioned by NTMUSA, Gary Earl has been forced to retire from NTM USA. Gary was found, in 2 separate cases, to have violated NTM’s child protection policy in regards to physical abuse. This investigation was conducted by an independent team due to the historical nature of the abuse*. Gary has been asked to cease all ministry with NTM and representation of NTM and will not be recommended by NTM USA for any other ministry with any other organization.

Coordinating Director
NTM, Papua New Guinea
*Historical abuse is defined by NTM USA as abuse that occurred greater than 10 years ago."

March 26, 2014
Lori writes to NTM Director of Personnel, Brian Coombs (full transcript as follows):

"To be clear: I want two things from NTM and that is all. 1) I want Gary Earl exposed in a statement* to all of NTM and all Earl supporters. 2) I want Gary Earl terminated from New Tribes Mission, no longer able to represent the thousands of good missionaries in NTM.

I don't request revenge, money, court, counseling, publicity, vacation ... I only want the two things above. They are easy; they can be done quickly.

My reasons:
Sin can only thrive in darkness; it cannot survive in light. Since NTM won't expose Gary Earl, I will. This puts me in a vulnerable position, and makes me have to relive the horror, but SOMEbody has to do it. I believe his employer, New Tribes Mission, should do this. But if NTM won't expose Gary Earl, I will, and in doing so, I will have to also expose NTM.

Exposing Gary is necessary in three ways: it will be more difficult for him to find a future victim; it will let other victims know they are not the only one; it will give Gary an opportunity to seek rehabilitation. As long as his sin is in secret, he will never be free of it or able to be begin rehabilitation.

*NTM has done this before. See statement released on Susan Majors, 2012
Side note:
I never asked you to hide the details of my abuse. I gave Scott Ross the details in 2006 because the truth needed to be in the light. I think everyone at NTM and all of the Earls' supporters need to read the details. The GRACE report was exactly what I expect from an investigation. Pii's report, however, took my testimony of hours of beating - resulting in bruises, bleeding, scars, and swelling - and created a watered down report that says there was "evidence of physical misconduct."

My story is only one of those told to Pii. You need to read the details of them all. YOU are the mission that Gary is representing. Not Pii. You cannot trust Pii with your reputation. It is you who is accountable to God for your actions.

I do not agree that Gary Earl be retired and not terminated. He's 67. This looks like he is just retiring as all missionaries eventually do. This does not expose him and it does not help him or the victims or NTM.

I know you want Annie to continue having health insurance. This is placing her needs - a person who knew of beatings and covered up for them - above the victims. However, I believe Annie to be a victim as well, so I won't argue with you on placing her under retiree status and firing Gary.

(NTM has done this before: see Edwards, PNG, mid-1990s)

In the interest of full exposure, which now includes exposure for NTM unfortunately, I plan to release my story and several documents and emails on the Fanda Eagles site. I'm a professional blogger, but will not yet release on my own networks, and hope never to need to do so.

I'm writing this email for three reasons: to inform you of my information release before it is published; to tell you that I will request all questions about NTM's inaction and requests for action be sent directly to you, as Director of Personnel; and to offer you the opportunity to add a statement to my information release. If both of my requests (top of this email) have been fulfilled, please let me know so I won't have to go through with this action plan. I absolutely do not want to go through this.

Thank you for your time! Lori"

March 27, 2014
NTM Director of Personnel writes: "Thanks for letting me know your intentions.  I am aware this has taken place."

Author:  dreamwords [ Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Contact Information for NTM

I would like to make it clear that although Gary Earl was required to retire by New Tribes Mission in December, 2013, he was able to fly to Papua New Guinea "to pack." He has been in Papua New Guinea, at Lapilo (formerly Numonohi, and the same location of the abuse), for the past three months. He is planning to stay in Papua New Guinea, according to his prayer letter, until late May 2014.

Here is the information you'll need to contact New Tribes Mission:
Phone: 407-323-3430

1000 E. First Street
Sanford, FL 32771

The person you need to contact for child protection is Brian Coombs, Director of Personnel.

Here is the information you'll need to contact Brian Coombs:
Phone: (407)547-2335

YES, you absolutely may share the links to my posts!! I NEED something GOOD to come from my story. I don't have anything to hide, not even my name. I'm only not using my married name on this site, as I'm a professional blogger here and here and the brands I work with search for me regularly. I don't want "abuse" coming up as a first search result for me. Know what I mean? "Abuse" is not quite as fun as "homeschooling" and "sketching."

I welcome, and encourage, New Tribes and Gary Earl to share their statements and emails as well. Meanwhile, please contact NTM at the address/email/phone above, to request Gary Earl be terminated, or to ask questions so you can draw your own conclusions.

Thank you for your many messages! Anyone should feel free to PM me. I'm open to your questions or your comments. If you'd rather not register on this site, contact me at or through my Facebook.

Lori McAlister
Class of 1989
Numonohi, Papua New Guinea

p.s. If you go to the link I posted above for the Director of Personnel, you'll see this today: :::This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available::: but I found the cached page here.

I'll copy/paste an excerpt of the blog post below, as the content is relevant (bold emphasis mine)

“…New Tribes Mission’s on-going efforts at child protection have been without a central leader and were becoming more disjointed. Consequently, while some efforts at direction had been coming from a committee, more things began falling through the cracks.

“The search for the right person to chair this department has been ongoing since early 2011. This position is so important that the board decided to consider all people within NTM USA with the necessary qualifications regardless of the ministry in which they were currently involved. In February 2012, the NTM USA Executive Board approached Brian and asked him to consider filling this vital role. The expectation is that the Coombs will move to central Florida by the summer of 2012…It is hoped that Julie will continue to assist in prevention training and will work alongside her husband in this demanding ministry…they will be stepping into one of the most critical and demanding ministries that NTM has and will need continued encouragement and prayer.” - Brian Coombs

Author:  dreamwords [ Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:06 am ]
Post subject:  NTM USA's Email to Missionaries

The following email was posted elsewhere in this forum and on a social media site. I have been able to verify this was the exact email that was sent out to all members of New Tribes Mission on Friday evening. I haven't yet received the statement that Brian Coombs said NTM was preparing and would send me, or I would otherwise post that. ~ Lori

From: NTM Family eNews []
Sent: Friday, March 28, 20149:40 PM
Subject: Confidential communication

Your NTM USA connection
March 28, 2014

In this issue ...



* * *


NTM USA Members,

This letter is being sent to inform the members of NTM USA of a sad situation that has become public. It is important that you know that this communication is confidential and to be kept within the NTM USA membership.

Sometime ago, allegations of child abuse were made against missionary Gary Earl. An investigation into his actions by an outside agency and a review of those findings prompted a response by NTM USA requiring his cessation of active ministry with NTM, forever. A notice was given to members of NTM PNG which was his current field of service. Additionally, guidelines for the future were given to him. Had Gary stayed within the guidelines set for him, we would not have needed to give details to the rest of the NTM USA members. However, because he did not stay within those guidelines, it became necessary for this letter to be written.

Subsequent Actions

After receiving the guidelines given to him, Gary Earl sent a letter to his donors which left a wrong impression of why he was no longer in active service with NTM USA. There were recipients of his letters who believed that NTM was in favor of Gary taking up a new ministry with another organization and that we would facilitate that move by receiving donor money and forwarding it to him in support of that ministry. That is not true. Gary was required to stop all active service and not to represent NTM formally or informally. There were recipients of his letters who believed his “retirement” from NTM was voluntary. That is not true. He was forced to retire because of his physical maltreatment of MKs. A letter will be sent to his donors correcting the false impressions he had given them.

Internet Posting

We are also aware that a former MK has posted documents on the internet. This MK had told us in advance that she would do this unless we acquiesced to two demands she had of us. It is our intent to take action and publish appropriate notifications in light of policy and best practice standards and not because of demands.

These documents relate to 1) the behavior of a member of NTM USA, Gary Earl, and 2) her view of what she considers an unacceptable response by NTM USA to the results of an investigation.

According to USA law and according to scriptural practices, we are not at liberty to share with you or with her everything related to Gary Earl just as we are not at liberty to share with him everything related to someone else.

According to USA law, we are not at liberty to discuss actions taken by an employer against an employee in a public forum.

We are deeply saddened by abuse that happened to our MKs and seek to provide appropriate responses to them. We also have an obligation to make discipline determinations for our members. We seek to do both based on the foundation of scripture.

Clarification of Policy

Our current policy states that NTM has zero tolerance of abuse. There is a misunderstanding of what zero tolerance means. I may have a zero tolerance of stealing in my household, but that doesn’t mean that I give the same punishment to my children for taking a cookie without permission as I would for shoplifting. Zero tolerance means that something is not ever acceptable and will be dealt with.

Recommendations for actions are made based on historical cultural factors, patterns of offense, severity of offense, intent of the offender (when discernable), etc. An independent panel was utilized to help determine disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions vary, depending on the nature of the offense, and certain types of offenses call for either automatic dismissal or result in a decision to dismiss.

In this case, after the investigative team finished its report, an independent panel was utilized to help determine disciplinary actions. All involved agreed that Gary Earl could no longer actively serve with NTM, and should be removed from the possibility of working with children, but that the findings did not require dismissal.

As troubling as this is for the entire NTM family, it doesn’t compare to the anguish felt by those MKs who suffered at the hands of those they trusted to care for them. Please continue to remember them in prayer.

Brian Coombs
NTM USA Director of Personnel

Brian Shortmeier
NTM USA Executive Board

* * *


Information in eNews is for NTM USA members only. Please do not forward any edition or portion of eNews, or post them on any website, or otherwise share them outside New Tribes Mission USA without the express written consent of NTM.

Please don't hit the "reply" button. If you have comments, let us know by emailing

Members of NTM USA are automatically subscribed to eNews. NTM members from other sending countries are also welcome to subscribe by emailing You will need a valid email address.

Author:  dreamwords [ Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  March 30 to Brian Coombs

dreamwords wrote:
March 12, 2014 Lori writes, “ I'm very interested in the action steps you're working on, so please do keep me informed."

March 12, 2014 Brian Coombs, NTM responds: “Yes, I am aware that is the way [the Earls' January prayer letter] sounds.  This is what I am working through.  I will let you know how I handle this.  It will be next week before I have this for you. [/b]

March 30, 2014

Hi, Brian!
I've received quite a few emails and messages that mention NTM USA released a statement on Gary Earl. You said I'd have access to that when it came out - will you please send it?

Thanks a lot for the work you're doing!

April 2, 2014

Now, that I look back at our emails, Brian didn't say he would send me the statement, but he did say he would communicate with me on the action steps taken. And he also said he would send me the apology letter that was sent by Gary Earl to Bing Hare, and placed in the NTM files in 2008.

As of this moment, I have not received either communication.


Author:  dreamwords [ Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Required to Resign

I received this from several sources today:


The Board for NTM USA has reviewed the case of Gary Earl, who was found by an independent investigative team to have committed two instances of physical misconduct against children approximately 30 years ago. While our administrative decision for forced retirement imposed significant disciplinary restrictions on Gary, after careful review, the Board has determined it was not fully compliant with current policy. The Board is therefore requiring Gary Earl to resign. To support our ongoing concern for Annie Earl, and to meet her medical needs, NTM will work on structuring her situation to meet those needs. The Board continues to address and improve NTM processes and policies.

His resignation was received this morning.

Brian Coombs
NTM USA Director of Personnel

Brian Shortmeier
NTM USA Executive Board

Author:  dreamwords [ Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ::PLEASE DON'T COMMENT:: This is My Story about Gary Ear

From: Brian Coombs <>
Date: Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 4:14 PM
Subject: info


I am writing to let you know that we have forced Gary to resign upon further review of our policy. We have been told that Gary will be leaving the PNG Field shortly.

Brian Coombs
Director of Personnel
New Tribes Mission

Author:  dreamwords [ Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  NTM Medical Plan

The most recent (Jan '14) edition of the NTM-USA Policy Manual states that "Medical coverage under the NTM Medical Plan ends upon any termination of active NTM membership" as well as "Medical Plan coverage terminates upon retirement." (This is from section VI.C.4.a)(4) & (5) on pg. 13 under the headings "NTM Financial Policies and Procedures - Employment Considerations - Member Benefits - Insurance Plans - Medical Plan.")

Author:  dreamwords [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  NTM-USA Child Protection Manual

Because of the value we place on our children, New Tribes Mission has zero tolerance of those who abuse children. The principles and policies in this manual reflect the fundamental aspects of child protection identified by NTM-USA.

(source: NTM-USA Child Protection Manual, page 2)

Physical abuse of a child is that which results in the threat of or in actual non-accidental physical harm from an interaction within the control of a parent or person in a position of responsibility, power, or trust. Inflicted physical injury most often represents unreasonably severe corporal punishment or unjustified punishment. Physical abuse may involve single or repeated incidents. (see Appendix)

(NOTE: NTM-USA acknowledges and affirms definitions of child abuse as set forth by the World Health Organization and has patterned the above definitions after these internationally accepted guidelines.)

(source: NTM-USA Child Protection Manual, Prevention-1.Awareness-Definitions of Abuse, page 4)

Unjustified punishment could be defined as “including, but not limited to, punishing a child for accidents (i.e. a child who wets his bed) or punishing a child who is too young to understand the punishment or punishing a child who did not violate any family, school, or organizational rule.” Unreasonably severe corporal punishment could be defined to include:

Punching a child with a closed or partially closed fist
Kicking, burning, shaking,
Biting, throwing, cutting, or choking a child
Slapping a child on the face

(source: NTM-USA Child Protection Manual, Appendix-2.Resources)

In every confirmed case of physical abuse, NTM-USA will dismiss the member with the possibility of reinstatement based on meeting all requirements as stated in the Action Plan.

(source: NTM-USA Child Protection Manual, Investigation-3.Outcomes of the Investigation, page 11)

see March 12, 2014 correspondence from Brian Coombs for the Action Plan for this particular child abuse case

Author:  dreamwords [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ::PLEASE DON'T COMMENT:: This is My Story about Gary Ear

Here is the information you'll need to contact New Tribes Mission to continue requesting termination (as opposed to resignation) and to request NTM remove Gary Earl from the New Tribes Mission base in Papua New Guinea immediately:

Phone: 407-323-3430

1000 E. First Street
Sanford, FL 32771

The person you need to contact for child protection is Brian Coombs, Director of Personnel.

Phone: (407)547-2335

If you would like to ask me questions, or want me to verify anything, you may reach me at

If you know of any supporting churches or supporters who need to be notified, please let me know. I have a friend who is contacting supporters on our behalf, as New Tribes Mission says it will only contact the "sending church." We want to be sure little girls are safe when Gary Earl returns to the United States. Also, we want his donors to know whom they are supporting, so they can be informed. In our experience, offenders often don't tell their donors, but usually continue collecting support as if they are in ministry.

Thank you for the outpouring of support from around the world, from within New Tribes Mission and outside of the mission. I can't tell you how much it means to me. "Courage is not a feel-good emotion," someone wrote on the forum. Oh, how I agree. But you're being courageous, too. Thank you so much.

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