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Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

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I would like to call our attention back to the investigation into abuse of MKs on the field of Panama.

Here is a timeline I posted on Dec. 17, 2014.

Raz wrote:
As we try to piece together developments over the past several months, and how the posts of the past few days relate to it all, I thought it might be helpful to construct a sort of timeline for the Panama investigation, as I understand it. No doubt there have been many things going on behind the scenes that few of us know about. But here are some things I think I do know:

Dec. 15, 2011 - The investigation into MK abuse in NTM-Panama began. IHART, under the direction of Pat Hendrix, contracted with Professional Investigators International ( ) to conduct this investigation. (Other investigations in E Brazil and Bolivia have been/are being conducted by other groups of investigators.)

May 28, 2014 - Pat Hendrix announced, "The Panama investigation is completed and the final report has been written and sent to IHART by the Panama investigative team. The report will be presented to the board at the next meeting in July. The report will be sent to them in July. The Recommendations Panel is being formed and will meet sometime after the board meeting."

July 21 or 22, 2014 - Panama MKs sent a letter to the NTM Executive Board, clearly expressing the way they would like to see the investigation concluded. (See threewillows' July 22 post in this thread.)

July 29, 2014 - According to the recent statement from Pii posted here a couple of days ago, this is the date on which Pii completed their part of the investigation. Pii also says that they were instructed to send all of their "highly confidential materials", "documents collected, recordings of interviews conducted, transcripts of interviews, work product and reports in various formats (coded and otherwise) ... in a sealed format to Gammon & Grange, P.C.." Presumably they would have done this sometime around the conclusion of their investigation?

Sept. 5, 2014 - The Panama MKs received a response from the NTM EB, inviting them to come to Sanford for a meeting.

Sept. 30, 2014 - A Recommendations Panel formed by Pat Hendrix met to go over the report from Pii, which the NTM EB had received in July. (We now know, from Pii's recent statement, that that report is 1,075 pages long.) Presumably, the Recommendations Panel then submitted recommendations to the EB, just as the panel for the Vianopolis investigation did.

Nov. 1-2, 2014 - A group of Panama MKs met in Sanford, FL with NTM leaders.

Nov. 6, 2014 - NTM sent out an announcement that Pat Hendrix would no longer be the coordinator of IHART, and that she was being replaced by Theresa Sidebotham.

(Pii has clarified to me that their Panama investigation was completed in the spring of 2014, and presented to the NTM Executive Board on July 29, 2014.)

Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Post #2 (please begin at post #1 below)

On Dec 15, Pii released this statement, seeking to clarify some things that had been unclear to us.

threewillows wrote:


December 15, 2014

On the third anniversary date of the Panama investigation, an update to concerned parties is in order. Additionally, recent blog posts contain erroneous information which the Pii team believes must be corrected. The Panama Investigation began on December 15, 2011, and was completed on July 29, 2014.

With the completion of the investigation, this anniversary, and blog posts in error, Pii would like to update all of those who have participated in, or are interested in, the independent and thorough investigation into abuse at the Panama school, Escuela Hogar Misionero. This update is to acknowledge the trust these individuals have developed with Pii through the investigative process. Their testimonies and insights have brought elements of transparency and clarity, which would not have been possible if the work had been truncated at any time. Pii has been both determined and diligent in its investigative processes.

The document collection process, which included collecting, collating, binding, creating detailed indexes and researching those documents for the Panama report resulted in four volumes totaling 1,678 pages. Interviews of potential victim/survivors, collateral witnesses, and leadership resulted in 475 hours of interviews and thousands of pages of investigative documents; 261 people were interviewed, declined or were deceased of an interview pool of 488. The Standard Deviation is 95%, plus or minus 5%, for a 90-100% Level of Confidence in the report findings. The intricate report-writing phase is a process that intertwined these statements and documents, which were then weighted against the Preponderance of Evidence standard. When the report-writing phase was completed, there were several lengthy individual reports and the Master Report, totaling 1,075 pages. This process was driven by the responsibility to show respect to all who have taken part in the investigation.

All of these materials, documents collected, recordings of interviews conducted, transcripts of interviews, work product and reports in various formats (coded and otherwise) were forwarded to IHART c/o Ms. Theresa Sidebotham. Pii had previously been instructed to send these highly confidential materials in a sealed format to Gammon & Grange, P.C. Pii was re-directed to send these materials to IHART, c/o Ms. Theresa Sidebotham, at her instruction, perhaps to be forwarded to Gammon & Grange, P.C. This is unknown to Pii. There are statements on the blog site, attributed to Ms. Sidebotham, stating that these raw documents are actually not in her possession, nor in the possession of NTM. Considering that timing might, herein, be the issue, Pii is clarifying the details of the matter as known to Pii.

To NTM, victim/survivors, family and friends, the investigative process is demanding and exacting. Each investigative decision was made expediently and consistently with the intent of reaching the investigation’s conclusion in an opportune manner. To all of those who have participated in this investigation in any way, your patience and perseverance is applauded and your cooperation is deeply appreciated. Pii is humbled and grateful to have been chosen to conduct this complicated, sensitive, and detailed work. Pii is also committed to assist NTM and all participants in whatever delicate tasks remain ahead.

We wish you joy and rejoicing in this Season of Healing. Merry Christmas!

Professional Investigators International

Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Post #3 (please begin at post #1 below)

Posted on Jan. 6, 2015:

Raz wrote:
From the IHART website. (Underlining added.)

"Pii finished the initial part of the Panama investigation in July of 2014. The Recommendations Panel then met in October. That Panel finalized recommended outcomes for the portion of the investigation that was presented to them but unfortunately the leadership culpability portion of the Panama investigation had not yet been done.

The following month, IHART transitioned to the new IHART Coordinator, Ms. Sidebotham. She is in the process of coordinating the leadership culpability stage of the Panama investigation and also will be coordinating Statements of Findings and a Summary Report for that investigation."

Questions abounded about the meaning of this. In the 1,000-page Master Report produced by Pii, there was no mention of leadership culpability? Just how does one speak of the abuse of the children of missionaries without some mention of the role of leadership? Those of us who knew NTM from the inside out, recall that leadership was deeply involved in most aspects of the lives of families in the mission. The setting up of the MK schools, the selection or approval of school staff, the pressure placed on tribal missionaries to leave their children at the schools so the parents could focus on their ministry, the philosophy of how children should be raised and disciplined, the response to concerns which were reported to leadership, and on and on … we all understand that mission leadership not only knew all, but also believed they knew it all. Leadership was indeed culpable for what happened to children: not only school leaders and field leaders but also the leaders at mission headquarters in the US.

So this statement by Theresa Sidebotham had us scratching our heads. Unfortunately the leadership culpability portion of the Panama investigation had not yet been done? If this was unfortunate, then how had it not happened? (Or had it really even not happened?) Was this a deliberate omission by Pii? If so, why? And even how? What Theresa seemed to be indicating was that Pii had somehow failed those of us who were waiting to see this investigation completed. But was that really the case?

Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Post #4 (please begin with post #1 below)

This statement appears on the NTM website. (Underlining added.)

"Theresa Lynn Sidebotham is the newly appointed coordinator of the IHART process, commissioned by New Tribes Mission USA.

All information previously submitted for any current investigation is being transferred from Ms. Hendrix to Ms. Sidebotham. Contact information will also be transferred so there is no need to re-submit any information. Ms. Sidebotham is currently reviewing the status of the investigations that are in progress."

And yet, the Panama MKs were being told by Theresa that apparently no contact list had been made by Pii of people involved in the Panama investigation, and she was having to recreate a list by going over the files Pii had sent her. Thus she was asking the MKs to contact each other and submit contact information to her, so that she could e-mail them a form to fill out in order to establish a personal log-in and password which would get them into the closed part of the IHART website where she would be posting more specific updates regarding the investigation in which they had participated.

Once again, this was very confusing, and even hard to believe. Is it probable that an investigative company as highly organized and experienced as Professional Investigators International would have conducted an investigation that lasted 2 ½ years and produced 1,600 pages of documents, and yet not have a contact list of the people who had participated in that investigation? And if they did keep a list or lists of those people, and Theresa had instructed them to send her all their materials and files, how was it possible that she was having to comb through files to recreate a list?

Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Post #5 (please begin with post #1 below)

There were too many questions swirling in my mind, so I decided to take my questions to Professional Investigators International.

I have Pii’s permission to share the following information on Fanda Eagles.

I learned that Pii had specific limits set on their Panama investigation. They signed a contract, and they followed the terms of their contract. During their interviews of MKs and others who had been on the Panama field at the time when abuse was rampant, the role which leadership played in events of that period would have been clear. If leadership culpability was not included in Pii’s 1,000-page Master Report … as I said, there was a contract, and Pii followed the terms of their contract.

I also asked Pii whether or not they kept lists during the course of their investigation. Pii confirmed that when they conduct an investigation of any size, they keep detailed records of those interviewed, and they maintain those names and contact information on lists and in groups, all stored electronically. So it is safe to assume that Pii followed these same practices and procedures for the Panama Investigation, and that when Pii was instructed to turn over all their files to IHART, those files would have included the names. The explanation that Theresa was having to recreate a list of investigation participants by going through files, is difficult to fathom.

These issues concern me because they make me question the reliability of things we are being told. Are words being manipulated to imply something without actually saying it? Is it assumed that we will take things at face value, without our checking and verifying?

I also found out something I did not know, nor have I seen any notification or even hint of it in the new communications from Theresa Sidebotham. Not only was Pat Hendrix replaced as the IHART coordinator, but Professional Investigators International was also terminated. I am told that this termination occurred on Dec. 12, 2014. This was a shock to me, as I know that Pii has had a long-standing relationship with NTM. In addition to the three years of work they did in investigating MK abuse in Panama, they also conducted and completed several other abuse investigations, including the one on Gary Earl, which Lori McAlister (Dreamwords) has detailed in the Papua New Guinea section of this website.

Have New Tribes members been notified of this significant change? Am I the only one who was surprised by this news? Who will NTM now use to conduct investigations of abuse reports? Pii is an independent investigative company. Who will replace them? Or will future investigations be conducted by people connected with Child Safety Protection Network, which has a close affiliation with Scott Ross and NTM child protection committee members?

The slippery slope is beginning to feel like a toboggan run. Hang on for dear life and don’t miss any twists or turns on this wild ride!

Author:  Bemused [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Dear Raz,

Imagine you and I are the prosecuting council, presenting to a jury the case of Sanity and Morallity vs NTM leadership.

I think we would try and establish for the jury a motive for this change of tact and I think we would suggest that the motive would be money! We would easily establish that Tribers of decades ago lived a life of frugality in pursuit of their cause, but this has now changed and "living by faith" was an outmoded concept, with fund raising goals being the norm, nay even required. Our presented evidence would point out the staggering percentage of Tribers who are actually in the United States (42%) and also mention that when other home countries are added in this figure is more like 50%, so making it clear to the jury that much money is being spent in pursuits that are not "reaching the lost" at all.

We would present before the jury the evidence of court cases being stalled, so that NTM avoids it's moral responsibility of facing the evil child abusing deeds of some of it's members and former members. Also giving examples of where leadership has acted in it's own interests recently, such as Gary Earl and Scott Kennell, not in the interests of international law or victims welfare. The evidence of GRACE would be admitted, to a no doubt shocked jury. Then we would explain that the excellent services of GRACE had been dismissed for further investigations and outline the advent of IHART, Pat Hendrix e.t.c. And just when the jury thought it couldn't get worse, we would bring before them this latest development.

By this stage the jury would be wondering why and we would explain that NTM has choosen to pursue a policy of protecting those at the top and show a lavish trail of money going to lawyers and others to achieve this. We would also pose the question that there could well be those in NTM who do not care if NTM goes under, as they will be first to reap the spoils of it's demise and these are not it's victims but those who have the control in it's hand.

For the jury we shall call victims of every nation that NTM "serves" and every nation that makes up those that "serve" and have the jury listen for day after day to the accounts of harrowing damage done. We shall contrast this with the messages on Facebook and other websites, exhorting the naïve to keep funding "the work" in all it's glory.

Lastly I suggest we will humbly call GOD. We shall ask GOD how he feels about all this and we shall let GOD speak freely.

Might I humbly suggest that GOD would say. "I am not pleased with NTM, I have commanded that they go into all the world and preach the gospel, to forsake all and to suffer the children to come unto Me". "Yet they have turned from the Great Commission, abused the children, taken from the widows to line their own pockets and many still remain at home".

Then we would close our case in prayer, for we have simply just told the truth, nothing more, nothing less.

Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

You say it all so well, Bemused.

As always, thank you for your support and insightful eloquence!


Author:  Allbetter [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

If Pii is gone, then who is there?

This is chilling.

Author:  Paul Syson [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Raz wrote:
Have New Tribes members been notified of this significant change?

Not to my knowledge ... :x

Author:  mosquito bite [ Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Investigation

Play the old Dragnet theme song……...

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