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Stepping Forward to Help
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Author:  Raz [ Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stepping Forward to Help

Welcome, Grasya! We are so pleased to have you speaking up on the Forum. Very few from the Philippine field have had the courage to post anything here. Or perhaps there is hardly anyone from those days who even knows the Forum is here? I have no idea. (Maybe you can help spread the word!)
For me personally this has been a warm, supportive family in which to go through my own very painful and humbling process of taking a hard look at myself and repenting for many of the unhealthy and unnatural choices I made at a result of NTM Group Think.
Thank God for His grace and forgiveness. And thank God for the grace and forgiveness of my children who I wronged and hurt so very deeply.
One thing that has really impressed and touched me on this Forum is the deep, strong faith that I sense in the posts of almost all participants. The Enemy sought to destroy every MK in NTM: physically, sexually, emotionally, spiritually. The horrendous abuse that many MKs from all over the world have revealed so bravely on this Forum is truly heart-rending and difficult for me to even grasp. The fact that in spite of this widespread abuse of all kinds, so many express an intimate personal faith and trust in God and his goodness truly awes me.
Only our amazing Heavenly Father can bring about that kind of redemption and healing. To Him be the glory and praise.
Raz, an Aritao Mom

Author:  Raz [ Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stepping Forward to Help

Kari, GrasyaKanunay is saying that though she'd come online and seen the Fanda Eagles main site, she wasn't aware of the Forums until today. Do you think maybe we need a new banner or something, pointing out the Forums even more than they already are? (I do see the box on the main page, but apparently not everyone is noticing that.)
What do you think?
Thanks to our awesome Site Administrator!

Author:  mahalko [ Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stepping Forward to Help

Welcome, GrasyaKanunay!

We are all amazed that victims have sought truth and healing, and have come forward. Yes, it is very ugly and painful to talk about these things.

I agree with you : "The FC tried to handle it on the field but did not have the skills or wisdom to really do what needed to be done. Add to that the framework in NTM where (I believe) unqualified people are put into leadership positions and are operating outside of their abilities, and you have a recipe for disaster." Anyone who willfully lets a child molester go without reporting him to the police should not be in any leadership role anywhere.
Even if they were "doing the best that they could," there is just no excuse for that under any circumstances.

"I don't hold any grudges towards NTM and the people who were involved in the whole situation because I do know that they did the best that they were capable of at the time." I am sincerely thankful that I never entrusted my children to people who thought the best thing to do was not call the police. If I were in your shoes, I would.

"I know that many of us have wanted to confront him and "do something" not knowing what could really be done." I hope that by you stepping forward, the others that you refer to are also willing to step forward.

"Almost five years ago, however, NTM contacted us and paid for a week of intensive counseling for our daughter and it was very helpful to her. I appreciate that the leadership who were reviewing the situation were sensitive to this issue and tried to help." Praise God! That is wonderful news. Do you have any idea why they did not contact the other 23 known victims of sexual abuse by Les Emory? That Girl was never contacted. They have her name, address, and phone number. Your daughter is lucky she had only a 12 year wait period before being contacted by NTM. Leaves me to wonder, though, why would they wait so long to contact the one person who "blew the whistle" and was not sexually abused by him. I don't expect you to answer for NTM, but it is a question worth asking.

"Now that the NTM leaders know more and are more aware of how things should have been handled,".."if there is anything that I can do--please ask, please!" Les Emory could have been prosecuted in the Republic of the Philippines in 1993, and still can be today. NTM has an initial investigation with Les Emory's confessions. What can be done here and now? Help get that file into the hands of the authorities. There is plenty that can be done. They admitted they did not call the police in the Philippines. They still have not turned over one ounce of evidence against Les Emory to anyone who can do something about it. As you may have read on previous posts, that documentation has been requested over 3 weeks ago.

Even though you are not with NTM, your added support to help those who were sexually abused by Les Emory is greatly appreciated. I hope since NTM has not done anything other than acknowledge That Girl's request for documentation, as they read the posts on this forum, they will realize that acknowledgement is barely reaching the first step to real, true action. You seem to have a good standing with NTM; perhaps it will get their attention even more seeing that you support those whom they have not reached out to, those victims who have not received the help and assistance that your daughter received.

And please, when your daughter does find that strength, please assure her that the support, love, and caring found on this forum is profoundly sincere.

Author:  ALIVE! [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stepping Forward to Help

what happened to Graciakanunay's posts??

Author:  kari [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stepping Forward to Help

Everyone and especially Graciakanunay

I was deleting spam accounts and accidentally deleted Graciakanunays and all her posts. I apologize, this is my first forum and I"m just learning. Anybody have a copy of the post by chance?


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