Final plea

Dear NTM,

We are wondering at your reluctance to communicate with us. When Larry Brown emailed us, and asked us to post his email to our blog, we took it to mean that you supported the blog, and you chose that time to underline your commitment to transparency.

Please understand that going public with our abuses is an extremely difficult and vulnerable time for all of us. We made the blog because NTM had stopped communicating with us and was unable after 8 months of “investigations” to make any concrete changes to their structure. When we asked you for updates, we only received a vague, “We’re investigating”. When we asked for an idea of when to expect action on your part, Larry told us he couldn’t give us even a tentative timeline. Can you understand we have been hearing that you are “investigating” for 12 years? We cannot wait 12 more, or one more.

We were hoping you could be grateful for the blog, for helping us all to understand and uncover what really went on at Fanda. How much of what you now know because of the blog would you have discovered on your own? Probably very little. And there is so much more that is not even on the blog. So much more. When Marv repeated at the Tallahassee meeting what the CPC has said to us before, “It was so long ago, how can we ever know what really happened?” it became clear to us that you didn’t expect nor care to ever know. That was another slap in the face to Senegal MKs. We were there, we know. Ask us.

It is sad to say that it appears that you are dedicated to transparency only when you feel it serves you. I sincerely hope we are wrong about this.

What we are hoping you can think about is this, is the CPC for the victim, or does it exist to protect NTM? We feel if the CPC was for the victims, you would be pulling for us, encouraging us to tell our stories, communicating often with us, questioning our abusers and pushing hard for their dismissal. It seems the role of the CPC is merely to protect the overall mission image, otherwise you would understand what a travesty it is to tell abused children that you are sure their abuser was repentant and wouldn’t abuse anyone else. This is not something an independent child protection agency would ever communicate to an abused child. Do you understand why?

What we have trouble fathoming in all of this is WHY wouldn’t NTM’s response to abuse claims be, “We are outraged that this happened to you in our name. We are so sorry. We will IMMEDIATELY contact these alleged abusers, and keep you informed every step of the process, keep you involved, encourage you to get into counseling and be a support system for you if you feel safe enough to talk with us. And if anyone is found to have abused a child under our watch, we will dismiss them immediately. NTM has no interest in protecting pedophiles and child abusers. We will not be a safe place for people like this ever again. We will investigate swiftly and promise resolution in a matter of weeks for the victim and prosecute anyone guilty to the full extent of the law, and by doing this we will send a clear message to future child abusers and molestors, not this mission. You may not join NTM to prey on the innocent. Our MKs have value to us and we will protect them fiercely.”

NTM, one final plea. It is our belief and a biblical promise that relationship can be restored if there is repentance for sins. We believe our relationship could be fruitful and fulfilling and better than we can imagine. Hear our hearts and respond.


Kari, Bonnie, and the Fanda Eagles

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12 Responses to Final plea

  1. Bonnie says:

    Rachel – I’m not sure that I can let you know at this point – it is up to the victim to choose to make his name publically known.
    Most NTM missionaries don’t realize that anyone involved with abuse is still with the mission. Thank you for reading.

  2. Rachel says:

    Bonnie, would you mind letting me know the first name of the NTM member who is still with the mission in Brazil? Is he someone I would know from our past? I didn’t realize anyone involved in the abuse was still with the mission!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Dear NTM Missionary,
    I have come to the realization that perhaps you may not understand what we mean when we say that NTM leadership has been unrepentant. Repentance is not only being sorry, anyone in their right mind should be sorry about what happened to us. Repentance is about first being sorry, admitting that you were wrong, and taking action to make things right.
    Since starting our blog, NTM has cut off communication with us. I understand that this comes from fear, but I feel strongly that NTM is only hurting themselves more by choosing to stay silent.
    We were told by NTM leadership that they would be taking action to make things right, and that they would keep us informed of the actions as they are taken. They have not kept us informed.

    In fact, when others try to get the truth from NTM, they are told half-truths or pointed to someone else. I feel that NTM is still concerned only about protecting their own name.

    We were told by NTM leadership that we would be involved in choosing a third party review group. That also did not happen. They chose the group they wanted, and have stepped back, waiting for their chosen group to finish reviewing them.

    Dear missionary, here is an example of NTM telling half-truths to you. If you were to call up the leadership and ask them about the pedophile who is being harbored to this day within NTM-Brazil, you would be told that NTM dismissed the man years ago. If you were to accept that as truth, you would not pursue the issue with them, and you would come away feeling satisfied that NTM did the right thing, and that these mk’s are making up lies on their blog.

    But, if you were to press it further, if you were to be specific about which NTM you are talking about, you would find that indeed, the man is still with NTM – in Brazil. Somehow NTM feels fine about saying that he was dismissed, because NTM-Brazil is a separate “jurisdiction” from NTM-USA.

    If, after pressing the issue, you are told that he is no longer with NTM-Brazil, it would be wise to find out exactly when he was dismissed from that “jurisdiction”. Because, three weeks ago, we were told, after pressing the leadership in Sanford, that the man is still with NTM-Brazil.

    Please, in seeking truth about these issues, press them to the end.

    If NTM is truly repentant, how then is there still a pedophile among them? How is this man allowed to continue serving as a missionary, when he confessed years ago to molesting a little girl in Senegal?

    If NTM is truly repentant, why have they cut off communication with us? They tell you that “We value every MK and their families and are committed to seeking the truth.” If that is so, why is NTM still telling half-truths to their own missionaries?

    Unrepentance is a sin. Your leadership is sinning against not only us, but you, the missionary who is only trying to fulfill God’s calling and spread the gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.

    Please, Missionary. Pray for discernment. Pray for the ability to separate truth from lies. Pray for strength for yourselves, and for the ability to see the hearts of your leaders. Pray for justice. Pray for repentance. Pray for resolution. Pray for your mission. Pray that it will not come crashing down because of sin within the core. We know that there are many, MANY good missionaries within NTM. We know that so many of you are fully and righteously doing God’s work, and spreading the gospel. Pray that although your leaders have sinned against many of us, that God will have mercy on you, His people. And especially, pray for the courage to stand up for what you know is right, even if that means standing against your own leadership.
    Sincerely, and with great hope of real change within the mission and it’s fields,

  4. Naomi Cleaves (Quilliam) says:

    Yes Bonnie, Kari, i am behind you 100%!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Shary, thank you. I really needed to hear that this morning.

  6. Shary Hauber says:

    Bonnie, Kari and all the rest of you who have gone public thank you. I am forever grateful to the Mamou Steering Committee for going public when I was afraid to open my mouth. You are helping all of those who just whisper about the abuse to a few friends. Thanks again for your courage.

  7. Naomi Cleaves (Quilliam) says:

    NTM Sydney (Australia) contacted my parents a few weeks ago and asked for my contact details but i have not heard from them as of yet.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Despite the obvious fact that the above email was sent only because of Kari’s message, we appreicate your words, CPC, and are looking to the day when we can actually see the results of all your tireless work.

  9. Kari says:

    HI Tibby,

    Just testing. You here?


    Response from Tibby,

    Dear Kari and Bonnie,

    In reply to your recent “Dear NTM” email, we want to affirm that we as well are grieved and distraught over this whole situation. There are no words that can describe the nightmare you have endured. We know time has lapsed since our last formal communication, but that is not because we are not communicating. We have been working tirelessly making and receiving calls, and writing e-mails. This is a huge task; however, it is one we are determined to do in the right way and with the right people involved in order to bring a resolution.

    In sending the previous post for the blog, we wanted to show our continued commitment to transparency and to moving this issue forward. We recognize the tremendous courage it has taken for you who were wounded to share your stories. Some have chosen to go public with their pain but others have been more hesitant to do so. We have the utmost respect for all of you and do not want to cause you further pain. We are working for you; we promise you that.

    Depending on His Grace,

    The Child Protection Committee

  10. Joel C. says:

    It does really make you wonder who the CPC is there to protect. In my opinion, the CPC should not be favoring NTM at all. In fact the CPC should really be an outside organization with no ties to NTM what so ever. That way there would be no allegiance issues to begin with. If the CPC is truly there to protect the MK then I believe that would already be evident. Why is it so hard to do the right thing?

    I thought NTM was bigger and better than this, but they are proving otherwise.

    Keep fighting for what is right, do it smart and intelligently and you will get the results you desire. The truth deserves to be told! NTM please do what is right and just.

  11. joie says:

    excellent letter – any response yet or more silence? i’m behind you 100%.

  12. r kamara says:

    Hear, hear!

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