Email to New Tribes missionaries

If you are with NTM you probably recently received this email from us:

Dear New Tribes Missionary,

It is with a heavy heart that we come before you to humbly inform you
of what happened to us as MKs in NTM boarding schools around the
world. We ask you to read the documentation that proves that New
Tribes knew for 20 years about what happened to us yet did nothing to
act on that information. Some of the child molesters are still with
New Tribes to this day, and NTM will no longer communicate with us
about these events.

All documentation can be read here:

Please stand up for us and ask your leadership to stop ignoring these
horrible crimes, and to do the right thing, repent and turn from this
sin. We don’t want any more children to be harmed because of the
unconfessed sin on the part of NTM leadership. We know much good is
being done around the world by good missionaries such as yourselves,
and we hope that your work will be fruitful, and that your mission
will take a stand with us against these abuses.

With love,
The Fanda Eagles

An hour later NTM sent out this memo to members:

New Tribes Mission has been informed that at least one and possibly several former Missionary Kids (“MKs”) connected with New Tribes Mission have recently made statements to the media alleging that they were victims of excessive physical discipline or otherwise suffered abuse at some overseas NTM schools in the 1980s or early 1990s and that NTM has failed to satisfactorily respond to the alleged abuse.

If you are approached in regard to this matter by media and any other outside party other than current and former NTM members and MKs, please refer them to the NTM media spokesperson, Kelly Oliver at (703) 307-9404.

If friends, supporters or others approach you, you can verbally share with them the information that we have shared with you in this document.  We urge you to refrain from saying anything that may be taken as negative toward the MKs who are making these statements.  We value every MK and their families and are committed to seeking the truth. If you as a member have information related to this subject, please contact the Child Protection Committee at:

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52 Responses to Email to New Tribes missionaries

  1. Todd Key says:

    I Have read all these comments with a heavy heart. I feel the anguish and betrayal that those kids who were preyed up on in the boarding school setting. Having said that Joseph III you need to really get into the word and seek Gods face because I have never heard such a twisted opinion of who is ultimately responsible. Using your criteria then we would have to go back to God almighty and say that He is responsible after all none of these kids would have life except that He Granted it. Although we know that as parents we are responsible for our children but God has given us a brain and the Knowledge that we need to seek his face when ever we are faced with any situation. Specially difficult situations like keeping kids in situations that are not good for them to be exposed to. Yes God protects those whom He loves but He also expects us to think for our self and to seek his Will and way in all things. Where my parents were located , murder rape prostitution robbery and gunfights occurred on a daily basis and specially on weekends. Sexual deviancy was every where bestiality, adultery these were the norm. Kids are like sponges and absorb things that they are exposed to in their immediate environment. Now ask yourself in all candor and honesty. Would you want your children exposed to this kind of thing or would you try to place them in a better environment where you are assured that the boarding school will raise your child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Many parents agonized over this kind of decision I am sure the separation was an agonizing time. The decision made was one of the sacrifices that they made to be able to feel confident that their children were in a better environment. The fact there their were pedophiles and abusers either was not readily apparent or I am sure the parents would not have left their precious children there. I know that in the school that I went to the dorm parents were loving and caring and supportive and always tried to be fair and Impartial. Now later after I left there I was shocked to hear about these reports of abuse that occurred perpetrated by adults in positions that gave them access to children. I personally was abused by another student who caused me grievous physical harm. This physical abuse came with in a micron of out right killing me according to the surgeon who put me back together. Now you are trying to tell me that it was my parents fault because they were ultimately responsible for me that I happened to be in that time and place. I beg to differ with you on almost every level if this were the case then anything that happens to you good bad or ugly is ultimately your parents fault because with out them having conceived and given birth to you,you would not be here there or wherever when the bad thing happened. See how ridiculas that sounds. No parent who loves the Lord is going to knowingly put his or her child in an environment that is going to result in sexual or even physical abuse. Those who perpetrated the abuse sexual physical or other wise are responsible for the damage they did and caused to the victims. I do think the Mission leadership really dropped the ball on this one. When even a hint of abuse was reported about it should have been investigated. During the investigation the individual allegedly responsible should have been removed from all contact with the school dorm or any access to any children just to err on the side of caution. Should the alleged allegations be found to be true then the perpetrator should be dealt with swiftly and summarily. Reported to what ever legal authority has jurisdiction in the area and dismissed from the Mission. All of his/her supporting churches receiving a comprehensive report of what he did and that he has been dismissed from the mission. As well as subject to civil lawsuits for reparations to those who were harmed by them . The fact that these things were not done till 15 to 20 years after the fact defies logic. But thank God that it is now coming to light so that child molesters will know that they cannot hide under the guise of a missionary doing the Lords work.

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