From Scott Ross re:Frank Parker

This documentation of one Fanda MKs story outlines how NTM knew and did not act. Most of the paperwork listed are letters from Field Committee members or internal NTM memos.

1987 – First victim reports Dave B. Her parents and the FC don’t believe her. 3 page document

Sept 29, 1988 – Ron A’s letter to the budiks re: Miks leaving the field because of their kids

1989 –  Mik calls ntm to report his daughter’s abuse, Dave B. admits to abuse of Kari and several others

October 1992 – NTM phone call with Dave B in which he confesses again to NTM and apologizes for the last 5 years. 2 page document

April 1997 – letter of apology

July 1997 – Potential victims and specific incidents (children in Dave B and Phil G dorm)

September 1997 – NTM Abuse investigation officially begins.

October 1997 – Investigation letters sent to Dave B and Phil G

May 1998 – Wyma’s letter to Frank apologizing that it’s still an issue

June 1998 – Letter to unnamed victim sent

Feb 1999 – Mikitson’s letter to FC

April 09 – NTM EC confirms the date they officially learned of Mik’s abuse and that they did not launch an investigation for 8 years

(1997 Investigation seems to consist of sending a form letter to all involved and putting the onus on the victims to respond. Paul W was dispatched to Senegal to interview students. Names several that NTM needs to follow up with. No follow up is done.)


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  1. More Than Disgusted says:

    NTM Arrest on June 5, 2013
    With review of former NTM convictions

  2. More Than Disgusted says:

    I don’t know if this is enough. … 5924.story
    Would someone please post the link to the recent article here and on the Media Page?

  3. Anne says:

    @More Than Disgusted
    Could you please provide a link to what the NTM spokesperson said? I can’t find it on any of the articles I read.

  4. More Than Disgusted says:

    Thank you for organizing all this material and bringing it up to date. Including some correspondence that happened as this blog was launched. It is a very sad commentary on how NTM handled and still handles situations. In 4 years, we have not seen evidence of anything “new” on their part. The cover-up goes deeper. For instance, today as the news of the arrest of Scott Kennell came out, the NTM spokesperson states that his life does NOT have to measure up to his message. His personal life can be looked at separately from his “work’ for NTM. Unbelievable! I am controlling my response, as I am VERY disgusted and VERY angry!

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