Dear NTM – a request

7/31/09 — Nothing has been done for Vicky, Kari, Bonnie, Joie, Miriam, Miriam, Naomi or anyone else who has had contact with us through this blog, including MKs from other schools around the world. Abusers named here are still serving with NTM. Unbelievable. Still have not received the list we were promised, and the CPC is not answering our emails.

*Update 7/22/09 – As of today, we still have not received the list we requested.
-  The onus is on Vicky to decide if P’s should be disciplined or not. This is something NTM should handle and leave the victim out of it. She has informed them of the actions she wants taken, and has gotten no response.
–  When Victoria called them today, requesting regular updates on their investigation, she was told by the CPC that they weren’t aware that we wanted updates.  We have made it very clear that we want updates.  In fact, after meeting with them for 19 hours in May, we were promised by them that they would send us regular updates.
– Most of the victims have not been contacted by NTM about their allegations.  We have personally been told by the CPC that they can’t communicate with us because of our blog.   The Senegal Field Committee is also refusing to communicate with us because of the blog.
-  No one has followed up with us about conducting any third party investigation.
– NTM has not reimbursed past counseling charges for most of us.
-  Any communication that we have received from NTM since starting this site has been posted to the site.
In fact, the only things that we have not posted to this blog are a very few comments that were calling NTM “maggots” and saying that “NTM can burn in hell”. We choose to distance ourselves from such comments as they do not reflect our heart and the heart behind this blog.

Edit 7/9/09 – Aside from someone in Senegal working on making up (from old yearbooks) the list we requested, we have not heard any response from NTM since our last update – specifically, the EB.  Our emails are getting no reply.  It seems that things are  being left up to us once again.  And it is clear that NTM is not following their own manual.  Victoria’s abuser should have already been confronted, as their own manual dictates.  It seems (from a phone call) that NTM is asking Vicky to confront her own abuser.  This is not acceptable.
We have been hearing from more people behind the scenes, who are also not being cared for by NTM.
Dear readers of this blog – if you feel strongly about this, please post here – that we will not accept being ignored for one more day. -bonnie

In light of your renewed commitment to transparency we, the collective MKs are requesting a list of all MKs and all dormparents/teachers who were closely involved with Fanda from 1988 until the school closed in 1997. We request this be emailed to by COB 7/7/09 at the latest.

Edit 7/6/09- We have heard from NTM that they are working on this list and will be sending it to us shortly. Thank you.

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