Dear Men


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4 Responses to Dear Men

  1. TimBurke says:

    Even Frank was worried back then about covering NTM’s collective behind. It’s obvious they all knew they would be royally screwed if everything came out in public.

  2. Peter Stirling says:

    “Dear Men” – the opening line of this letter is one of the most reveiling elements of ntm’s misguided approach. Where are the women!!?? I would guess they still do not populate the junta(committee)ranks of the mission.

  3. Anon. says:

    My life was spared, but watching those who I loved and identified with self destruct all around me was so terribly confusing, damaging, and painful. My trust in authority and men was severely undermined in the process. I spent many years feeling like a terrible failure for not being able to help my close friends, even after I did all I could by reporting things I knew and trying to walk with them through it.

  4. Admin says:

    One did not need to have been a direct sexual abuse victim of brooks or gate to have been abused at fanda or to be displaying symptoms of abuse. physical, emotional and spiritual abuse was common as well as a cold and unloving general atmosphere.

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