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Bonnie C

When I was seven years old, I went to Fanda. I had the B’s as dorm parents, and it was… bad. They were physically, emotionally and sexually abusive to all of us who lived with them. (I say all, because … Continue reading

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Statement from NTM

Hello Kari, Bonnie (and all): We read your recently posted blog with great sadness.  We want to apologize again for the hurts you have experienced and to let you know that we at

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From Miriam C

“dear bonnie, i don’t know who started up that blog, but i was very dissapointed to find that there was really only one story going on there! there were several other girls who were abused by other dorm parents years … Continue reading

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Is New Tribes Mission culpable?

I think some of you would be surprised to know that though we only gave the link to this site to 70 MKs from Fanda, those 70 passed it on and more than 1000 people from NTM have visited the … Continue reading

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This is Kari

Just want to take this opportunity to share a bit of my story. I was an abuse victim of Fanda, as outlined in the documentation supplied on this site. My story was covered up by NTM. Years later, I had … Continue reading

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Dear NTM

I realize that asking for repentance is not a quantifiable thing and it may be hard for you to know “what we want”. Repentance is so much more than fulfilling someone’s demands so you can ‘get to the other side … Continue reading

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MK Safety Net

Please read these amazing essays, letter and stories from MKs who went through this long before we did.

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From Laura S

Words cannot say how disappointed I am regarding New Tribes Mission’s lack of effort to claim responsibility and enforce legitimate consequences for Bill P. A child (my brother) should never be abused. This crime should not happen, ever. Especially when … Continue reading

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Affect of abuse on victims' children

The aftermath of my own abuse has affected my children as well as myself and my husband. For years, I suffered from severe depression, and alternate periods of mania.  For years, I carried such terrible anger inside me.

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Non-sexual abuse suffered by one Fanda MK

– Spanked for crying at night when I missed my parents – I was told that it was wrong for me to cry, and that I was bad to be keeping the other girls awake. – Spanked for long periods … Continue reading

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Why, if there is true repentance on the heart of the committee, is it 20 years now and still no phone calls or reaching out toward those that have been wronged in the name of NTM? Only form letters. Why? … Continue reading

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