August 2 – Update

Dear MKs:
We pray this note finds each of you well.   As August begins, you should be expecting the delivery of the our final report and recommendations relating to the NTM Fanda matter.   The purpose of this note is to provide an update as to our progress and to invite you to meet with the GRACE team later this month.
GRACE has spend the last month preparing and writing this critically important report. To be honest, the writing of this report has been more comprehensive undertaking that we initially anticipated.  The biggest challenge in preparing such a report is making sure it is comprehensive while at the same time keeping it at a reasonable length so that it can be fully understood and comprehended.  Thus, we are making extensive use of footnotes to insure that that each reference has a specific basis within the record.  Due to the seriousness of the subject and the plethora of materials (documentation, interview notes, etc), this is has undoubtedly been the most thorough investigation and report that any member of the GRACE team has been involved with in our combined 100 + years of experience.   We say all of this to let you know that we have had to move the delivery date of the final report to no later than August 23rd.
On Saturday, August 28th, the entire GRACE team is meeting with the NTM Executive Board in Sanford, Florida for the purpose of reviewing the report and to answer any questions they may have.  Our ultimate objective for this meeting is to insure that NTM creates an implementation process for the many recommendations we will make.
Each of you has waited for too many years for this matter to be confronted and for NTM to be held responsible for its sin. Thus, the GRACE team thinks it is critically important that we also meet with those MK’s who would like to meet with us to discuss the report and to answer any questions.     If possible, since the GRACE team will be together, we thought it may be a good idea to try and coordinate such a meeting during the same weekend that we are meeting with the NTM Executive Board.   We are writing to invite you to meet with us during the later afternoon of August 28th in Orlando, Florida.  After consulting with Kari and Bonnie, we thought it would be best for our team to meet with the MKs after our meeting with the NTM Board.   This will provide us the opportunity to report to you about our time with the Board and their response to our recommendations.
Please email Kristie Bevins (at as soon as practical if you are interested and available to meet with us on the 28th.  If you are unable to meet with us, we very much want to schedule a time to talk with you by phone.  What is imperative is that you have the opportunity to review our report and to ask any questions and make any comments…we welcome that very much.
I know many have been waiting very patiently for our work to come to a conclusion and our report to be delivered.  We remain incredibly grateful for the assistance, encouragement, and patience you have exhibited to us during these past months…thank you.  We prayerfully look forward to see God work in powerful ways during these coming weeks and months.

Boz Tchividjian, Esq.
Executive Director, GRACE

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