88 and 97

The press and several lawyers have contacted us expressing interest in our stories since we’ve started coming public with it. We would LOVE to be able to say that NTM is our greatest advocate, after our parents.


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4 Responses to 88 and 97

  1. Viv Palmer/Harvey says:

    As far as NTM and many parents being your allies and advocates…with my experience I will have to say..don’t hold your breath. But keep talking and keep pressing with various forms of exposure.
    Sadly enough, with the investment of lives into the belief system that enables child abuse, the threat of exposure is terrifying. There is fear of a tarnished reputation and of legal issues. But the cost of not pressing forward is the inherent danger that other innocent children face.
    Too, those who are victims already so Desparately need validation. Validation and acceptance are life lines to wounded children now grown..myself included!
    We must stand together and speak as one voice.

  2. TimBurke says:

    Who actually got this letter? I didn’t.

  3. Bonnie says:

    We would love a definition of “time constraints”.

  4. Anon says:

    It is my deepest prayer that, indeed, NTM is your greatest advocate, after your parents. I’m sincerely praying that that is so. Don’t lose heart; I just KNOW GOD is working.

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