1994 letter from Scott Ross re: Frank Parker

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2 Responses to 1994 letter from Scott Ross re: Frank Parker

  1. Gene Long says:

    According to the official NTM obituary, Frank Parker returned to the States “due to severe illness.”

    Well, at least we know he “served” in Brazil for almost 25 years – much to the detriment of who-knows-how-many MKs!

  2. Gene Long says:

    From Scott Ross’ letter: “What makes this even more difficult is that it may appear to some that the matter is being reviewed needlessly for a second time.”

    This makes it sound like there were OBJECTIONS to this second review, not calls for his head. The decision NOT to dismiss him seems to confirm it.

    Of course, please bear in mind that this was the OLD New Tribes Mission, and the New New Tribes Mission has already said they are sorry.

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