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  1. MKFriend says:

    New Tribes Mission NTM USA has changed their name to ETHOS360. Different name, but the same organization, with the same history of abuse being yet again distanced by the organization.

  2. Rosemary Wissman says:

    Abby, Dear, dear Abby, Wish I could just wrap my arms around you. Imagine Jesus doing that. By faith know that His love is greater than the pain of your past abuse. As a shy, college grad about to be married, my friends advised me to have a pre-marital exam. The doctor was our SS Superindentant. He abused me just days before we were married. I could have hated my husband for not saying or doing anything about it. I was as wishy washy as he, immature, had no courage. To hate would have cut off my love for Christ. To allow Satan to plague me for years on and off was not helping my growth in Christ. Christ helped me see that all the martyrs for Christ had worse tortures in their bodies than I was experiencing. I was strengthened to know that the abuse my Savior took was worse than anyone has had. And he was holy, pure, totally righteous. How could He have sustained all our filth, pride, our hatreds!!!????
    So dear Abby. Just know that you have experienced a little of what your Jesus did for you! 🙂

  3. Donn DeBoer says:

    Carrie and I taught as “Associates” at Fanda for two years (94-96?). We knew many of you and could not understand the walls between the MKs and us. Now I read this and find out why the walls were there and why our concerns were brushed off by the field “leaders”. I am ashamed that I was there and so blind. You have my apologies and my sorrow over your anguish. You are welcome to contact me if you wish. Donn DeBoer (science, math, and P.E. teacher)

  4. taylor nathan says:

    These are totally bias articles, the writer is a victim of something terrible, but i’m an ntm MK. I can tell you this we have a mission, to bring others to Christ. that’s our mission, period. but these people who have abused are lost . the people writing this article think EVERYONE at ntm are like that and that is NOT true!

  5. ThreeWillows says:

    @Wild bill

    I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say. The fact that you placed forgiveness before justice says a lot to me. As I’ve stated before, if you’re more concerned about a victim forgiving his abuser than his search for justice, you’ve failed as a human being.

  6. Wild bill, that is all well and good. We know that. And criminal acts require interaction with the law and consequences for the abusers. Christian love and mercy also require that we care for the victims and not protect the abusers.

  7. Wild bill says:

    As we choose Forgiveness justice and humility,we worship in Sprit and Truth,which destroys the power of lies and Darkness!

  8. Abby says:

    I’m not a ntm mk, but I have a story of “abuse” at an mk school. Today, almost 30 years later, I find myself in an epic struggle for a sense of release from this pain. The far-reaching effects of one mans’s sin is astounding and infuriating, and I’m just one of the many effected. This day, I am a functional, Jesus-loving, faith filled wife and mother, but because of this pain, I just want my life to end. Just had to tell someone.

  9. Rebecca Bode says:

    Wow! This is truly shocking and heart breaking! I’m so angry right now…beyond words! I too was an MK but my parents chose to work in Dakar, thus I attended DA. I knew other MK’s from Fanda. We would have the yearly SIPS athletic event. This is an outrage! I do believe this happened and now these actions are being denied. I too was sexually abused by someone..not at school but a close friend of my parents. A missionary kid!!! 20 years later when I confronted him and his parents they completely denied it! That’s what hurts the most! How dare! Shame on all of you who did this and are not admitting to it! There is no honor in that! I know people make mistakes and the Lord forgives~ but to act as if this never happened! It was already hard enough on these kids to be separated from their parents..and on top of it they were abused! Wow! I am glad that this has surfaced! It needs to be dealt with. My heart goes out to all of you fellow MKs! May you all be blessed and may the Lord heal you and restore you….trust me I know it takes a very long time to heal but God can heal all wounds!

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