To Kari from CPC 2009

Response to Kari M’s request for information.

date Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 10:57 PM
subject Some new information
I will try to get the paper trail on this but so far it looks like your dad wrote to the field (they remember it but didn’t find the letter) and told them about the abuse. There were no details and they had a hard time believing it and felt like your dad was using that as a way to vindicate his reason for not going to the tribe. Evidently, in about 1989, your dad called someone here in the States and said that you were in counseling and the abuse story came out. (It wasn’t clear whether you told your folks about the abuse and then went to counseling , or you went to counseling and the story came out.) Three men sat down with Dave B here in the States and confronted him. He finally confessed to some involvement in abuse with you and a couple of others. Your dad also said that the counselor had alerted the authorities regarding Dave B. Since the authorities had already been alerted by the counselor, NTM did not report him at that time. NTM did know from your dad that you were in counseling. I’m not sure whether or not they contacted your parents – possibly I will find out a bit more about that when I receive the documents that Scott Ross sent to Sanford.

Dave B was later reported to the authorities again by NTM both in Florida and Georgia in about 1997. According to what I’ve read from the material sent from Senegal – it seems that the information from the meeting here in the States with Dave B ‘s confession, was not relayed to the field until much later. That is hard to believe but that is what I’m hearing. Dave B was dismissed from NTM at the time of his confession.

Scott Ross had told me in the past, that NTM has an open policy regarding people looking at personal files. Scott confirmed to me today that we do indeed have an open policy but it requires someone to personally look at the files at NTM Headquarters. If they want a copy of something it can be made for them at that time. The same applies to any field committee minutes that may be in the files at Sanford. However, If you want to see information regarding you and your family, that is in the files on a field, they can show that to you there. I am sorry that I did not understand this from the beginning. As I mentioned, I took the open policy to mean that I could send you anything from here.

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