Possible abuse victims

We have decided to black out all names from these files unless given specific permission to publish them. These files were handed to me and another MK at a meeting with NTM in May. Please note that these files are open Sanford files, which means anyone can go there and view them.


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10 Responses to Possible abuse victims

  1. Anon. says:

    Commenter above me, I believe that at the very heart of NTM there is something terrible and sick, and that the only way for NTM to become healthy again is to dig into themselves and face up to the many, many damages that have been committed against children, through NTM.
    I am sorry that you were also hurt by them.
    And I am grateful to my God that you are on the road to recovery.

  2. Anom. says:

    After having read posts on this website over the past few days, I am very sad to say that I believe incidents similar to these written have occurred on other fields as well. I grew up as an MK with NTM in a different country, and although I was not sexually abused, other abuses were common place – very similar to abuses already mentioned by various people here–and some sexual did occur. The FC of the country also swept them “under the rug”. After moving back to my “home” country, I have been to professional counciling 2xs and have gone through painful recovery– of recognizing the harmful thinking system, anger, bitterness, self destructive behavior, etc. I have come to realize that the real God is not the same one I grew up with and have grown tremendously in my relationship with Him. Although I still deal with repeating nightmares and voices in my head telling me I’m unworthy, I know my God is my strength. He has given me the strength to break that cycle with my own children, so they do not have to survive through what I had to. My heart goes out to all of you who suffered in this way under the guise of “doing the Lord’s will”. I do not believe it is His will to neglect and abuse children in order to accomplish the Great Commission. Recovery is a long and difficult road, of one I am still on.

  3. My wife,Faith, is a survivor of sexual abuse as well, by her father who was a pastor. One of the things that stands to us now, is that not once did we ever hear anyone speak out against the sexual abuse of children. We grew up in church and attended Bible college, but for some reason there was no teaching on this sin and the need to stop it. Leaders in ministry need to speak out on this issue, and if not, their silence can only be seen as condoning the sin.

  4. Shary Hauber says:

    I have communicated with some of you before. But I want to say to all you who were abused at NTM boarding school I am so sorry. My prayers are with you and all the other abused mks from other schools.
    I went to Mamou between 49 and 60 where there was a lot of abuse. I hope you have seen the film “All God’s Children” which is the story about Mamou abuse in the lives of kids from three families.
    I am a older and kept the “secret” for a long time but have found it helps to tell your story. It helps to call sin what it is and name the offender. Get your story out. I will listen if you can’t find anyone else. shary_hauber@hotmail.com

  5. Laura Stirling says:

    The field committe obviously knew that Phil Gates’ came from a previously unhealthy family atmosphere. WHY did they give him the role of dorm parent????

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am deeply concerned about these allegations, it is highly likely that the abusers mentioned in these accounts are continuing to abuse children now, I would strongly urge victims to consider legal action to provide safety to children now and provide justice for past actions.

    I live in the UK and am convinced that the niavety of the executive committee would suggest they were complicitly involved in these abuse crimes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You may publish my name.

    Vicky Frayne

  8. Anonymous says:

    Two girls reported him in the 80’s!!! This report is dated, what? ’97?
    What happened in between??

  9. Admin says:

    not to mention, this is after 2 girls reported him. i guess they don’t count?

  10. Bonnie says:

    re: the beginning of this report – “we did not hear one girl admit…”
    the reason being, a member of the FC insisted on sitting in on every single interview with each girl.
    given the culture of abuse at fanda, who could think that any girl would speak directly to a member of the FC about her abuse?

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