Non-sexual abuse suffered by one Fanda MK

– Spanked for crying at night when I missed my parents – I was told that it was wrong for me to cry, and that I was bad to be keeping the other girls awake.
– Spanked for long periods until I cried – It took awhile to get over the confusion of when I was supposed to cry, and when I was not allowed to cry.
– Dragged from my bed and spanked in my underware (sic) in the middle of the dorm, for not sleeping during “sleeping siesta”
– Forced to eat un-appetizing food until I vomited – then loudly reprimanded for “making such a disgusting mess”
– Forced to re-write letters to my parents, until the entire letter was positive. We were not allowed to say how much we missed them, or that we hated it at Fanda. If we did, and our parents were sad by what they read, we would be directly responsible for “hurting god’s work”
– Constantly told that god was angry with me, and given the impression that I could never “measure up” in his eyes
– The Bell. If we didn’t immediately respond to whatever schedule the bell was calling for, we were spanked. I lived in fear of The Bell.
– I was told by another dorm parent that I would become a lesbian – because I was square-dancing with my friends in our bedroom. I didn’t know what a lesbian was.
– I was beaten by another dorm parent with a belt, at the age of 14, and when I refused to give the desired response (crying), the dorm parent cried and said, “I just don’t know what to do with you.”
– We were told so many times that we were at school so that our parents could “do god’s work”, that it was an engineered response to never talk about the horrors of Fanda to my parents.
This list is only written to provide an example of the many other forms of abuse suffered at Fanda, at the hands of those who were meant to protect us. The children.
There is so much more.

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