From NTM US Executive Board

Hi Kari,

Good to hear from you. We just finished hosting our NTM Enrichment conference here at the Lake of the Ozarks in Camdenton. We had over 500 in attendance so that kept us all very busy.

I’m really sorry that the phone call with the USEB and old Executive Board didn’t go like you wanted it to. We are wanting to express our deep sorrow and apologize for what happened to you and several others during those dark days at the boarding school. I can assure you that we have changed our leadership style and the way we work with people. We do now have a strong CPC team functioning and they have been for some time. I have to admit that I’m still not sure of all that you want to see happen and I’m not sure that we will ever be able to met your expectations. I hate what happened to you, but am not sure how to go back 15-20 years ago and take care of all this when most of these perpetrators are not with the mission anymore. I know that the CPC is continuing to do investigation on this whole matter. They are contacting many other people and talking with them. We are removing Ron Abram from leadership. We are also restructuring our whole strategy of ministry in West Africa to involve and partner in a greater way with the African church. I’m sure this seems like to little to late and it probably is, but we are not really sure what else we can do.

Sorry about the disappointment,



In response to:
Hello from Senegal.

The last email from you was so encouraging! It seemed you really saw our hearts and responded in a moving way. I felt so hopeful.

Then the conference call, which seemed to be an effort on the part of the EB to tell us what we wanted to hear and pacify us so we would go away. It seemed none of what we finally felt we connected on with you after 19 hours of meeting in Florida was relayed to the EB. Where did the communication break down? Did you and I really not connect after all? Or was the communication break-down between the CPC and the EB? It’s hard to know.

I haven’t heard much of anything since the conference call, is there anything you can tell me?

Still praying and trusting Christ.


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