From Miriam C

“dear bonnie, i don’t know who started up that blog, but i was very dissapointed to find that there was really only one story going on there! there were several other girls who were abused by other dorm parents years later, including myself. not to mention that most of us suffered from various abuses, not only sexual, but EMOTIONAL, VERBAL and SPIRITUAL.

many times these abuses are taken for granted when in truth are just as bad and take years to recover from. i think NTM’S biggest mistake, almost unforgivable, was allowing people who were not equiped and were not cut out to be dorm parents, take on a challenge to big for them to handle. i believe they should have done a psycological evaluation with all missionaries before allowing them to be apart of NTM or giving them a job they were not suppose to do. Because in the end, parentes entrusted their children in their hands only to later find out the damages they had caused. i find that NTM owes a lot more apologies for us girls who suffered sexual abuse years later, and for all the other abuse that was inflicted upon us. Had it not been for my parents love, God’s grace, and years of trying to understand, and letting go…i believe the damages done to me would have been irreversible. Today i can thank a God that i once hated (do to FMS) cuz i KNOW HE never abbandoned me and HE wept when i did. HE will see justice done. thanx for listenning. feel free to post this on your blog if you’d like. kisses”
9:24 PM

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