From Laura S

Words cannot say how disappointed I am regarding New Tribes Mission’s lack of effort to claim responsibility and enforce legitimate consequences for Bill P. A child (my brother) should never be abused. This crime should not happen, ever. Especially when it undermines the trust of parents and child, at no fault of the parent. If sufficient consequences are not dealt to the abuser, regardless of how much time has gone by, it destroys the victims belief in their self worth and importance. Why would this not be so? What reasonable and thinking adult would deny this reality?

I have always been disappointed with NTM’s lack of ability to do the right thing, especially when it comes to matters like this, to do with justice here on this earth. But after meeting with my family and NTM in Edmonton, I sincerely had hope for change and legitimate consequences for Bill. Unfortunately, I have been severely disappointed again and have lost all respect for NTM as a mission in this regard (and many others).

I am writing this note so that these thoughts are expressed and so that I can finally sleep. I know that although these thoughts come from truth and love, NTM will do nothing and will continue to be inept.

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