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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:47 pm 
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:::Please Don't Comment on this thread. -I will continue adding documents to it to keep it easy to read through. See the thread I created: "Discussion Open...on This is My Story" to comment:::

An open letter to anyone reading this, as an introduction for why I'm going public with my story:

I can't begin to tell you how scary it is to tell the truth. It's a raw, vulnerable, exposed feeling. It makes me relive a decade of my life I would rather mostly forget, and an evening of horror I never want to live through even in nightmares.

This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken
This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen
When everything you love is leaving
You hold on to what you believe in

I believe that sin cannot live and thrive in the light of truth. I believe that those who molest and abuse children need to be exposed. Exposure is painful for us, it is painful for New Tribes Mission, and it is painful for the abuser, but it is the only path to healing. If there is any hope of rehabilitation for Gary Earl, he must first be exposed.

I won't be silent any longer. I firmly feel I must not. I know this means I could be abandoned and unwanted – my greatest fears – but I've been given a glimpse of the pain of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Oh, there is plenty of fear. There is so much fear.

If we are going to survive this, you need to remember, fear is not real.
It is a product of the thoughts you create.
Now, do not misunderstand me; danger is very real.
But fear is a choice.

I have asked for only two things from New Tribes Mission: 1) exposure to Gary Earl's supporters and all NTM missionaries through a statement from NTM, and 2) termination from being a New Tribes Missionary, no longer able to accept support as an NTM missionary. That's it. It's that simple. I don't want money; I don't want to see a therapist; I don't want a retreat; I don't want revenge; I don't want an apology from anyone; I don't want a meeting. I only want someone in Sanford, Florida, to write a statement that explains Gary's termination and I want someone to click a delete button on the website. It's easy, really.

What I did not steal must I now restore?” - David, Psalm 69

To anyone paying attention from New Tribes, please realize that when you place the victim in the position of taking care of consequences, you are making her relive the abuse. Please. Remember that. When I write this letter, when I must publish my own story, when I share correspondence, when I contact supporting churches, when I email those who have questions....I am being struck again and again with the blows from Gary Earl that evening in 1981.

When I am put in the position of exposing myself to get the truth out, I feel the same intimidation and vulnerability as I felt from Gary Earl's comments and glares throughout my middle school and high school years.

This is how it feels when you take your life back.
This how it feels when you finally fight back.

I've collected the stones, and I'm ready to face Goliath. I do this for a PNG national who was (allegedly; a witness told me) tied to a tree and beaten by Gary for crossing the Numonohi fenceline. I do this also for the two little dorm girls I know of and the others I don't, who were sexually and physically abused by Gary Earl. I do this for 10yo Lori, whom Gary tried to beat into submission, possibly for unspeakable reasons. I wish I could go back in time and tell her she's brave.

Not gonna die tonight.
We're gonna stand and fight forever.
Don't close your eyes.
We're gonna fight for us together.

It is not easy for me to write my story. I would like you to acknowledge that by taking an action step. After you read my story, you will make a decision: you will believe me or you will not believe me. If you choose not to believe me, you should log onto and request to make a donation to the MK Fund. Your donation will be used to help victims receive therapy. If you do choose to believe me, please write or call New Tribes Mission (see below for numbers & addresses) to request Gary Earl be terminated, which includes removing his name and donation link from Please also request that NTM release a statement to all NTM missionaries and all Earl supporters of why Gary Earl has been removed from New Tribes Mission.

Here is the information you'll need to contact New Tribes Mission:
Phone: 407-323-3430

1000 E. First Street
Sanford, FL 32771

The person in charge of Child Protection is Brian Coombs, Director of Personnel.
Phone: (407)547-2335

Thank you. Sincerely.

Lori McAlister
Numonohi, Papua New Guinea
Class of 1989
Parents' Tribal Location: Kuman Tribe, Chimbu Province, Highlands

Want to know more about me? This is my Instagram, Facebook, my personal (or lifestyle) blog , and my homeschooling blog.


Lyrics from Not Gonna Die by Skillet
Danger is not real quote from After Earth, Will Smith

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:52 pm 
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:::Emailed in 2006 to Scott Ross, New Tribes Mission:::

Mr. Ross ~

In 1981-82, I was 10-11 years old and a resident of the Earl Dorm at the New Tribes Mission base of Numonohi, Papua New Guinea. The Earl dorm parents were Gary and Annie Earl, and the dorm was called the Hibiscus Dorm (located in the far right front corner of the base). It was a small dorm: there were 7 dorm children (ages 8-17) and I think by then there were 4 Earl children (all under age 6).

One evening, I was outside playing on the base's swing sets when one of the little children of my dorm came and told me to go back to the dorm. I went into the dorm and was alone in the house with the dorm dad, Gary Earl.

He said that his daughter, a 1st grader, told him I had not swept the floor that evening, as was my work detail assignment. I said that I did sweep the floor, but I admitted that I had not turned on a light to do it (because I was in a hurry to play!).

He became visibly angry at me and told me to go to his and Annie's bedroom. I cannot, because of the trauma of the event, give you a dialogue of our discussion. I remember his red, angry face, his very loud booming voice, how huge he was, and that he began to spank me with a board -about 2' long, 6" wide, and 3/4-1" thick -on my bottom and upper thighs.

After many strikes with that board, I thought the spanking was done, but he told me to stand up and asked me again if I swept the floor. I said, ''Yes, I did. I won't lie." He said I was lying, yelled at me to lie face down, and hit me over and over again.

Again, I had to stand up, answer if I swept the floor or not, and then lie down again because my answer was not right. I remember asking him at one point, in a respectful manner, if he wanted me to lie to him; is this what he was asking for? He told me he was to break my will. He told me that I was a liar, I could not possibly be a Christian, and did I know where the Bible says that liars go? They go to hell.

Over and over again, up and down, up and down. He screamed so loudly at me that I remember his spit. As time went on, I was too weak to get up and down. He grabbed me to stand me up to yell at me, and then pushed me to lie me back down.

In writing this, I cannot make you understand how long this event took, or how hard his strikes were. I remember looking at the digital clock on their bed's shelf, and thinking, "This can't go on forever. It isn't possible for it to last forever." I remember wanting my Daddy, who had given me a good many spankings but never one with a board, and never one that bruised (I had lived with my parents my first 9 years, in the States at language school).

I remember also that there were two occasions when he had to grab me from the bed and physically hold me in order to stand me up. I'm not sure but those two blackouts may have been times when I fainted. I had a heart murmur as a child, and at the time, I would often faint if crying hard.

As time went on, I remember thinking, "I don't think he will kill me. I hope he doesn't kill me."

I remember running out of tears.

It is around this time of despair that I had the strongest spiritual moment of my life even to this day. I felt strongly that I was in a battle of good vs. evil. He was on the side of evil. I was good. I remember thinking, in my childish mind, “He is a bad man.” And I suddenly felt like God was in the room.

The words of a poem began going through my mind. We had spent just one break in the tribe before this event occurred. In the tribe, my mother stapled poems on the outhouse walls. Without meaning to, I memorized one of the poems, and its words were used, I believe by God, to comfort me that terrible evening. I'm writing this from memory; I've never forgotten the words:

Regardless of the circumstance,
Regardless of the fear,
Regardless of the pain we bear,
Regardless of the tears,
Our God is always in control,
Performing as He should.
And He has promised in His Word,
To work things for our good.
But as a loving Father would,
He sometimes lets us cry,
To cleanse the hurt out of our hearts,
To wash it from our eye.
Yet gently gathers He the tears,
Within His hands to stay,
Until He turns them into pearls,
And gives them back someday.

The words of the poem came to me between blows. I felt no more pain.

At one point during the spanking, Gary Earl yelled at me to move my hand "or else." I did not move it quickly enough, so he hit it. The force was so great that my middle finger swelled and later the fingernail turned black and fell off completely. To this day, over 20 years later, that finger is thicker than its match on the other hand.

He quit hitting me when the others returned to the dorm. He never did accomplish his goal of breaking my will into submission to him.

My 11 or 12-year-old dorm sister found me in the bathroom. She tenderly bathed me since I was too weak to do it myself.

My buttocks and thighs were black and hard, crusty. They were sticky with blood so that my clothes stuck to the wounds. Later, as they healed, I had visible scars.

My greatest humiliation was to come: Annie Earl came to the bathroom door and asked me to come see her when I came out of the bath. Trusting her, I obeyed and followed her into the boys' bedroom, where to my horror, Gary was sitting on one of the boys' beds. He said, "Take your pants down." I cannot tell you how frightening it was to disrobe in front of the man who has just beaten you. I was so afraid of him, that I feared for my life. Because of that, I did what he said. He said, "Turn around and take your panties down, too." I did as he said.

Annie's eyes filled with tears, but she remained silent. Gary said, "I'll tell Miss McNally [teacher] that you will be taking a pillow to school." He then told me to pull up my pants and leave.

For the next several days, I carried a pillow to school. Miss McNally never spoke to me about it or questioned me.

For all of the years since then, until I graduated in 1989, Gary Earl always seemed to have something against me.

He often searched for me around with a flashlight, catching me in dark places. He belittled me, telling me once that I couldn't sing well, and another time that I was not a Christian. He told me I would never be successful. He did not ever strike me again. He did yell at me one time when I sassed Annie. She intervened. In 1988, he kicked my brother, Calvin, and me out of his dorm. There was no explanation given to me. Even if others did not get into trouble, I did from him. This can be verified by many others.

You may be wondering why I never told anyone. For one, even to this day, I am absolutely afraid of that man. He had been a police officer prior to coming to Papua New Guinea, and he liked to tell his police stories. I had no doubt that he could kill me. He was a huge man; bigger than every other man I remember on the Numonohi base.

The only contact I had at the time with my parents was through a one-way radio, where we could speak to them once a week on an assigned day, but they could not answer back. I was afraid to say anything on the radio for fear of Gary Earl's wrath.

Also because of my fear of him, and because of my parent's frequent expression of love for the Earls (they were friends in Camdenton prior to PNG), I never told my parents when I went back to the tribe on break.

In my older years at Numonohi, I thought about my physical abuse daily but I did not tell anyone, again because I was afraid of Gary Earl. I also did not see any adult that I could trust, since Gary Earl was one of the most popular men on base, and one of the most influential.

After I graduated from there, I put Gary Earl and Numonohi and New Tribes Mission -and my friends -out of my mind, to start a new life.

In 1997, I was in a non-fiction writing class and had to tell a true story about myself. I sat at the computer with a story in mind, but what came out was the one above. 14 pages of it. All in one draft. I feel like this was a "God thing," in which He was helping me heal. The healing was so effective that I was able to forgive Gary Earl and Numonohi. For the first time, I did not think of my abuse daily. It was as if I was freed from it.

I told two of my brothers about it at that time, and that's when I found out that Calvin was outside the bedroom door, crying. He would have only bee 8 or 9 years old. I did not tell my parents, because I did not want to hurt them. I didn't see why they needed to know that by placing me in a boarding school, they had placed me in danger.

In the years since 1997, I have often wanted to do something further with my story, but I have not wanted to contact Gary Earl. He still frightens me. His apology, if he could give it, means nothing to me. Nothing. I don't need it. And I don't want to hear from him in order to receive it.

Why am I now telling my story to you? Because I am now 35 and a mother of four children, ages 10, 8, 6, and 3. It is time for me to admit that my fear of Gary Earl is no longer valid. I am at peace with my abuse, as far as forgiveness (never as far as pain), and I am ready to help others deal with theirs. By writing my story on the [former NCA] message board, others have emailed to tell me that they, too, were abused by different people at Numonohi, and are so relieved to know they are not alone.

I do not know of any good that has come out of my abuse. Let it begin now.

~ Lori McAlister


People to verify:

Calvin McAlister (my 8-9yo brother) remembers crying outside the bedroom door during the beating. Gary Earl and I thought the dorm was empty.

[Name omitted] would remember bathing me and what my skin looked like. She also remembers the nights after, during which she would reach up from her bunk bed and hold my hand as I cried myself to sleep.

[Names omitted] and many more can verify Gary Earl's attitude toward me in the years until I graduated, even though none of them knew about the beating. In 1989, just before I left PNG, Annie Earl found me near the post office and asked to speak alone with me. She said she wanted to apologize for "everything that has happened between you and us." She could verify everything, from the wounds to the later treatment of me, but I don't know if she would.

:::End of Letter:::

Lori McAlister

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:53 pm 
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PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE MY STORY WITH ANYONE, PUBLICLY. Also, feel free to PM me if you want to ask questions, make comments, or need a gal by your side. If you don't want to make an account here, email me at or Facebook message me. - Lori

Lori McAlister

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:07 pm 
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February 2006
Shared my story of abuse with Scott Ross, lawyer of New Tribes Mission My email to Ross includes details of the physical abuse endured by Gary Earl in 1981-2 (unsure of exact date of occurrence). Scott Ross writes back that he received my email.

August 22, 2006
Scott Ross, NTM writes that he is sorry he has taken so long in writing back to me. He says, he would “like to proceed with looking into your incident.”

August 25, 2006
Received an email from Scott Ross, NTM:
“I do want to follow through with your case.  It is very important and as you know, Gary is pretty influential so I want all my i's dotted as I approach him.  There is no question in anyone's mind that this happened we just want to make sure it does not derail in some way.  I plan on going out myself to do so and have already begun to train a limited number of the PNG leadership on how we will go about doing this.  I have limited the circle of "need to know" to just a couple so that we will not have any leaks until I get out there. I will keep you posted on the progress of your case.”

August 27, 2006
I reach out to a few MKs and adults from Numonohi to ask their opinion on Gary Earl's character, and their advice on what I should do with my story. All of them respond with stories of Gary being cruel to others, and they all advise me to let Scott Ross do what he will with the story...EXCEPT for one missionary, who sends a note through his daughter, telling me he thinks I should sit on the story, “knowing that it could harm a whole family and a long-time ministry.” He says he's open to me doing whatever, but asks, “Are you willing to do that to them?” His email effectively silences me.

April 14, 2007
Bing Hare, NTM, writes that he will now communicate with me since “Scott is busy traveling.” Bing writes, “Scott has let me read the letters that have come to him regarding this whole abuse thing.” He doesn't address the situation with Gary Earl directly, but invites me to meet him for a meeting with NTM executives to discuss boarding school abuse in general.

July 18, 2007

Bing Hare, NTM, writes: “I’m sorry to bring this up again, but ever since the incident with Gary Earl came to his attention, Scott has planned to talk with him. He felt better talking to him than writing but hasn’t been in PNG since this came up. Well, Gary came to the States this summer and Scott is going to be talking with him. Even though Scott doesn’t plan to use names of witnesses, he thought it might be good to just say, “someone saw this, or heard this” etc. Whether he has some witnesses or not, he does plan on approaching Gary with this fairly soon. Lori, I feel so bad this has dragged out so long but we do feel we need to talk with Gary. We are not asking him to contact you to ask forgiveness, in fact, I’m quite sure Scott will ask him not to write. If he does admit that he was wrong and wants to write a letter asking forgiveness, we would have him send it to Scott. What do you think?”

August 20, 2007
Bing Hare, NTM writes, ”The reason Scott is pursuing this incident even though it happened many years ago and you would prefer not to have it even brought up again. After Scott started working on some abuse cases years ago, he and others worked at revising a Policy Manual for Abuse Cases. This manual was the joint work of all of the members of the Executive Committee as well as the Child Protection Committee members. I copied the following from this manual:
"Because of the value we place on our children, and the importance we place on the care and protection of our children, the Mission will pursue and investigate all allegations, even if the victim does not personally want the allegations investigated."

This is a difficult area. Some believe that if the victim does not want to push for an investigation regarding an abusive action against them, that the mission should not pursue the claim. In effect, if a victim does not want the claim pursued, then the abuser would continue to have access to other children and possibly commit more abuse. Again, the concern comes back to whether the mission would allow a possible abuser to remain in the mission and have access to other children because a victim does not want the claim pursued. We often find that the victim is willing to testify but does not want to be perceived as the one pushing the claim. Therefore, NTM has taken the position that it will pursue an allegation, even if the victim is hesitant to pursue the claim independently. Failing to pursue a claim may also leave additional victims unfound and untreated.

The offender will not be given an opportunity to face the accusers within the NTM abuse procedure.  Should the matter go beyond NTM to outside authorities, then that system will govern the issue of access to victims. However, NTM will pursue all allegations of abuse, no matter how old, and the Mission policy of dismissal will be invoked if the allegations are confirmed, regardless of US statute of limitation.

You may well wonder if this is such a priority, why has it taken so long… I am very sure that if this were a case of someone who was still in a dorm and a potential danger to kids, that this matter would have been pursued immediately.

January 4, 2008
Bing Hare, NTM writes, “ I haven’t written in a long time but we have thought of you and hope all is going well with your family...Lori, I think my last letter to you was regarding our policy of investigating all claims of abuse, even when the victim did not want us to. I hope that letter did not come across sounding strong or arrogant. I certainly did not mean it that way. I just wanted you to understand why we felt we needed to talk with Gary even when you didn’t want us to.

I also apologize for the long time lapse from the time Scott first contacted you until now.

Scott did talk by phone with Gary and had some contact by e-mail. I also contacted Gary and received a letter from him, expressing his deep sorrow and sadness for what he did to you. He seems very sincere and heartbroken. I know you said that you did not want to receive a letter from him but should you change your mind, just let me know and I will be happy to forward it to you.”

I did not request the letter at this time.

October 30, 2010:
Lori writes: "Hello, Bing - It's been almost three years since we've been in contact. I'm finally curious about that letter you mentioned (below) from Gary. Do you still have it?
Also -- are you still working on the Child Protection Committee?"

October 31, 2010:
Bing Hare, NTM writes: "Hi Lori, A copy of Gary’s letter is in his file in Sanford. If you would like a copy I can ask Tibby Westcott to send it to you. She is the Child Protection Committee coordinator and lives in Sanford. The letter is an apology to you but is addressed to me as we asked him not to contact you.
Yes, I am still part of the Child Protection Committee but since the GRACE report came out it is looking and functioning differently than in the past."

I did not pursue this further. ~ L

This ends my communication with Scott Ross and Bing Hare.

Lori McAlister

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 Post subject: 2013: Pii Contacts Me
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:19 pm 
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June 20, 2013
My brother emails, “I got an email from an investigator wanting do research about PNG. I am gonna talk to him Monday. Have you talked to him?”

June 24, 2013
My brother emails, “I just got done talking to those guys. They were hired by NTM to get to the bottom of everything. Scott Ross was the one who had the idea of hiring a third party. This guy said that the current NTM leadership has a desire to get everything out in the open and deal with those responsible.
They asked me if I had witnessed abuse so I told them about when I heard the thing with you and Gary Earl.”

July 12, 2013 and July 16, 2013
Pii emails, requesting I contact them regarding “Our firm has been appointed to do some research in to the NTM School in Papua New Guinea.”

July 17, 2013
Lori writes to Pii, “It makes me wary that you will "soon be wrapping  up the investigation" but I've spoken to many MKs who don't even know about this investigation or Pii. I gave my information to Scott Ross years ago, and it hasn't changed.  Do you have access to that?”

July 17, 2013

Pii writes, “Thank you for continuing to email us on this difficult subject. To further explain our request to speak with you...
1. Yes, we do have the materials generated years ago.
2. The scope of this work is specific to allegations against a single alleged perpetrator. It does not at all cover an investigation of the entire NTM/PNG time frame, which has not yet begun. So, it is true we will be "wrapping up the investigation" of the limited assignment. A lot of the work of the investigation is already complete and we were just hoping to have your spoken insights as a valuable part of the process.”

July – August 2013
Pii continues to email me, and I allow them to send questions, but after receipt of the questions, I felt that Pii was insensitive in how they asked for information from me. And since I only knew of my story with Gary Earl, and since I did not request they reopen my “case,” and since I had previously been disappointed by NTM's lack of action, I did not respond to Pii.

I am also wary of Pii because they were hired by Scott Ross and are located in his geographical area. Scott Ross, in my previous experience, collected information only to protect New Tribes Mission. I didn't feel like Pii would produce a report like GRACE did for the Fanda Eagles.

December 13, 2013
Pii sends me the Statement of Findings. [See next post for this document]

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:27 pm 
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Gary Earl Case

TO: Lori McAllister [their misspelling]

DATE: 11/18/2013

FROM: Robert Davis

RE: Investigation of allegations of conduct in violation of the Child Safety Protection Network definitions of child abuse and physical abuse and NTM USA policies that existed at the time of the alleged actions.

A. Background of Investigative Team

Professional Investigators International (Pii) was formed to provide to the mission community, NGO’s and related agencies a professional and multidisciplinary investigative team to conduct comprehensive employee misconduct investigations. The team consists of those trained in investigative interview techniques, communications, child abuse investigation, deception detection, psychology, and more. Team member backgrounds include FBI, local law enforcement, counseling, ministry, business, educators, and more.

B. Description and scope of the investigation

The investigation was executed in the following manner:

1. Records were obtained and reviewed. The work that was done by the IHART investigators in the preliminary investigation was shared with Pii, including notes and audio files from interviews conducted. Prior to IHART’s preliminary investigation, NTM provided them with documentation on the investigation they had previously conducted into allegations made against Earl by E114. Records were delivered to Pii electronically by email and also some hard copy documentation by mail from the IHART coordinator.

2. An interview was requested, scheduled, and conducted with the identified victim / survivor. E114 gave a written statement giving detail of physical abuse suffered at the hands of Gary Earl while living in the Earl dorm.

3. A historical investigation was to be conducted by a study of the interview notes and other documents received by IHART and NTM. In reviewing these documents, data was gathered and compared with information gained from the victim interview in order to prepare for the remainder of the interviews.

4. Interviews of additional witnesses were requested. Pii identified several witnesses who would need to be interviewed in connection with victim /survivor’s alleged abuse. Interviews with 15 collateral witnesses were conducted regarding the alleged abuse, as well as the potential perpetrator.

5. An interview of the alleged perpetrator was requested. The alleged perpetrator agreed to meet with Pii staff to be interviewed regarding the abuse allegations. The alleged perpetrator’s wife also agreed to interview. Pii staff met with Gary and E101B in Santa Barbara, California. A subsequent interview with Gary and E101B was conducted by telephone a few weeks later as more information was gathered and more questions raised.

6. Child Safety Protection Guidelines were used as a minimum standard for the investigation. These guidelines were applied to the historical component of this investigation including the field interviews done by IHART which were not within our control.

7. NTM provided additional names of those in contact with Gary Earl in PNG and several interviews were conducted as interviewees responded to the request to do so.

8. In light of information gained from the testimony of E120 and E122, additional research was completed which was also weighed on the scale of the Standards of Evidence.

C. Identify the number and types of people interviewed

Interviews were conducted of 26 individuals representing: alleged victim and offender, and collateral witnesses that were believed to have had the opportunity
to observe, field and executive leadership, and credible qualified professionals.

D. Identify the types of offenses perpetrated:

The allegations made against the alleged offender included: Physical and sexual abuse against minor children under his care as a dorm parent.

E. Primary Findings

1. Affirmed: Based on all of the evidence considered by Professional Investigators International, including the credibility of the witnesses interviewed, it was determined that there was Clear and Convincing Evidence to find that Gary Earl engaged in physical misconduct. There is Clear and Convincing Evidence that Gary Earl engaged in misconduct in violation of applicable NTM-USA policy.

_______________________________________( / / )
Process Coordinator

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:31 pm 
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December 13, 2013
Pii sends me the Statement of Findings. [above]

Lori responds with, “Does this mean there were others he abused?”

Pii answers, “Yes, you are correct.  You were not the only one.”

December 14, 2013
Lori writes to Pii: Are you familiar with the GRACE report on the Senegal abuse? If so, I'm wondering if you or NTM will be sharing a more detailed report, like the GRACE report was? Will a more detailed report be released?

December 17, 2013
Pii: I am sorry for the slow reply on your last question.  I am in touch with NTM regarding your question about the report and I expect to hear back from them today.  I will touch base with you as soon as I hear from them.

January 9, 2014
Pii writes, “A couple weeks ago you had asked me about the full report for the Gary Earl investigation.  It took a little while, but this morning I received NTM's official policy statement.  It is as follows...

When the process of independent inquiries was launched, it was determined that the privacy of those impacted by abuse was of utmost importance.  Therefore, those who came forward to tell their stories were given assurances of confidentiality.  With this in mind, full reports will not be publicly released by NTM USA.

Lori replies with, “I wasn't asking for individual's names, of course! (I know this isn't your doing....thanks for trying to help).”

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:37 pm 
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I couldn't get the Pii Report, or Statement of Findings, off my mind. Especially bothering me was that the report implied there was another victim, and there was sexual abuse. I needed to know what New Tribes Mission did with the Statement of Findings from Pii.

March 7, 2014

Lori writes to Pii: “Please tell NTM that I'm requesting they contact me immediately about the report you sent me in December.. It has been three months, and yet I have not received one word from NTM about what they will do or have done with the information they have received. 

I have not been antagonistic to NTM and do not wish to bring the organization down (my parents are still in it, and have been my entire life), but I do wish for communication.  Thanks!”

Pii writes back that NTM wants me to contact them.

March 9, 2014

Brian Coombs, NTM writes,

“I am very sorry that you were not communicated with on this.  

I am traveling through the desert in Arizona Saturday/Sunday.  I would be able to talk via phone Sunday late afternoon.  If you would rather me communicate by email, I can have this to you by Wednesday.  (The delay is only because of my location and not having access to a secure connection).  I will share with you what has been done.

Please let me know how you want to proceed with the communication.  Thank you for letting us know you had not heard and again, I am very sorry for this.  We are addressing what happened with Pii and ourselves, so that something like this does not happen again.

Lori, I am sorry that this happened”

March 12, 2014

The NTM Director of Personnel, Brian Coombs and I exchange personal information.

Brian Coombs writes, “I just took on this role as of January 1st [2014].  I am over all US Personnel, this includes member care, membership, disciplinary action, retirement, application to NTM training, ministry assignments, etc.  I also work in/with Department of Child Protection, as this is also under Personnel.  My role really reflects that of an HR Director.  

I understand the difficulty in trusting the latest name.  I hope to earn your trust in the future.  I do not plan on going anywhere any time soon.  Please feel free to contact me on this or other items you have questions or concerns about.  I will do my best to provide you answers.”

Lori responds: “My parents are still NTM missionaries (McAlisters), and have been all of my life. We went to PNG in 1981, and I graduated in 1989. (I have three brothers).  My parents have been in NTM all of my life; I was born in Camdenton, when they were on staff. 

Just mentioning all of this because I really don't wish to bring NTM down. I wouldn't want to diminish what my parents have spent their entire lives doing. And my entire childhood. 

In the past, I haven't wished for anything to come of my story of Gary Earl.  I told Scott Ross about it several years ago, and said I'm fine with it being just something in the files. My purpose for sharing it was only to add to anything others may share on him. 

When Pii contacted me last Summer, I wasn't interested in talking to them or having any communication. I didn't feel they were sensitive enough or professional enough (I'd be happy to talk to you more about this, for the sake of future victims). But more than anything, I didn't understand why, several years later, I was being asked about my story just because Earl was in America for his wife's cancer treatments (this is what they told all of is as their reason for returning).  The timing seemed insensitive, and I told my husband that I don't want to make the Earls suffer while in the tragedy of Annie's cancer. 

When the report came out, though, I was floored. I wrote PII and said, "I'm not the only one???!" And they said "You're not the only one."  And I saw that there was sexual abuse as well as my physical abuse. I've tried to let it go over the past few months, but the urgency I feel is not going away; we really do need to let people know about him and children need to be safe from him."

Lori McAlister

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March 12, 2014 New Tribes Mission Sends Me the Notice of Action...

March 12, 2014 - Notice of Action from New Tribes Mission re. Gary Earl


Thanks for your patience with me in getting this letter to you. Again, I am very sorry that our communication with you did not happen before now. In most situations, those being interviewed are not known to us. This means that normally all communication is done through the teams doing the inquiry. I assumed incorrectly that this was the case with communicating NTM USA’s actions to you. I accept responsibility for this not happening. I should have checked with Pii. I am sorry for this.

As a result of the findings of Pii NTM USA has done the following:

-Gary was required to retire.
-Gary was to stop all active service with NTM immediately. Sometimes when a member of NTM retires they continue to serve or volunteer. This is not an option for Gary.
-Gary is not to represent NTM in any formal or informal way.
-Gary’s sending church has been communicated with regarding the outcome by me personally, both written and verbal. This communication is ongoing.
-At the time that we spoke to Gary regarding these parameters for retirement, should he have decided to move into the NTM Homes he would have been required to pay $2500.00 to the MK Fund in addition to the other fees that are required to do so.
-Gary is still subject to the outcome and recommendations of the Papua New Guinea review should new information be found.

I have just become aware that Gary is still listed as active on our web site, I am looking into this issue.

I am terribly sorry for the way that this has been communicated with you. I take responsibility for this.

Thanks again Lori for being patient with me while I am traveling. I am working through some additional action steps that I believe we will be taking over the next few days. When I have these solidified and in place, I will communicate back to you. Please let me know any additional questions or concerns that you have and I will address them as best as I can.

Brian Coombs
Director of Personnel

Lori McAlister

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:43 pm 
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March 12, 2014

Lori writes, “Thank you, Brian - Do you get the Earls' prayer letter? If not, I'll forward the January 2014 letter to you. It doesn't match up with the actions taken.  I know it was Gary writing the letter, but he mentions NTM and wrote it from an NTM email address, so it sounds like NTM is good with his future plans, which includes further support through NTM and working with children through a new ministry. Honestly, it reads like normal retirement prayer letter. I'm very interested in the action steps you're working on, so please do keep me informed."

March 12, 2014

Brian Coombs, NTM responds: “Yes, I am aware that is the way it sounds.  This is what I am working through.  I will let you know how I handle this.  It will be next week before I have this for you.”

[See mentioned prayer letter in next thread]

Lori McAlister

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