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Author:  Scatterbrained [ Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  UNDER A BRIDGE

The truth is I came just a few days away from being under a bridge...I probably wouldn't have stayed there much because I like the deep woods better...reluctantly I was recused by my family of child abuse deniers. I made the mistake of hanging around family even though they blamed me for being sickly....not eating properly....not being sticktuitive when it comes to jobs...just generally irresponsible.!! My family does not want the financial responsibility of anyone not they continue to abuse me verbally and sail me down the brother in law sees child abuse symtoms in my brothers and sisters but won't say much as to not rock the boat.!!
Child abuse can lead to phobias...disenchantment of law and order...perfectionism...control freak issues...disgust for religious people even Christianity Christians...pessimism. many others.
Deniers of child abuse are the abusers of child abuse victims having unrealistic expectation of the abused.!!

Author:  Raz [ Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: UNDER A BRIDGE

I am glad you pulled yourself away from being under a bridge and are doing better now, Scatterbrained.

In the years of being a support and an advocate for MK abuse survivors, especially those from NTM background, I have seen over and over the damaging effects that all the childhood trauma has on so, so many people who are now adults. Mental health issues, financial struggles, relationship failures ... patterns repeated over and over. And you're right, families are often not willing to stay connected and be the support that struggling MKs need.

So much pain. Way too much pain. And the pain is exacerbated by Ethnos360's unwillingness to acknowledge the ways in which their mission contributed to all this failure and dysfunctionality.

"Failure to thrive". That's used for infants who are malnourished and dying ... but I think it could be applied to thousands of adult MKs who experienced deep and lasting trauma as children.

Jesus weeps.

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