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Sankey Samaritan Children's Home, Lucena City, Philippines
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Author:  Raz [ Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sankey Samaritan Children's Home, Lucena City, Philippin

Another article, this time in the more widely-circulated Akron Beacon Journal!

Tom Randall is no longer a pastor at the church that insisted for years that he was telling the truth. They refused to listen to input from anyone else.

Until now.

This is really encouraging to see. ... foGPwyoIsU

I think it's more doable to get media attention when the story is smaller, and when it involves specific local people or organizations.

The NTM MK abuse story is so huge, so broad and far-reaching that it is overwhelming to the media. Where to even start??

But perhaps, as more of this type of behavior in Christian circles is exposed, we will get another opportunity to expose the abuse, and the failed response on the part of the mission.


Author:  Shottis [ Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: best baby carrier

Raz wrote:
Hello Anchored, it is good to hear your voice here!
I am refreshing two threads in the Miscellaneous section where we discussed the Tom Randall/Sankey Orphanage situation as it unfolded.
Yes, you are right. Here on Fanda Eagles we were pretty quick to recognize some familiar patterns and connect some dots.
Baby carrier wrap links love&carry.
Our own experience has taught us that people who claim to be God's servants can be capable of doing horrendous things, even to innocent children entrusted to their care. And then they can be capable of lying and covering up those sins, and they can sometimes get away with this for years or even decades, leaving in their wake those victims who will never fully recover from atrocities committed against them by people who claim to love and serve God.
We have also learned from experience that wolves in sheep's clothing can fool others around them; other trusting co-workers, friends and supporters, who are quicker to believe monster child abusers than they are the victims, who are the ones trying to make the truth known.
And sadly we are also observing that people are capable of making terrible decisions and choosing disastrous paths, in order to protect organizations and reputations from being destroyed.
So yes, we believe the children of Sankey, we believe you and your family, Anchored, and we have supported you here on Fanda Eagles ever since we first heard this tragic story.
We believe it, because we have lived it.

And we know God is not pleased to see these things going on among his people, nor these things being done to his children.

Please look in the Miscellaneous section of the Forums for the older posts and threads I am referring to. They are easy to find now.

Yes, you're right

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