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Refocusing on Aritao
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Author:  Bemused [ Wed May 09, 2018 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Refocusing on Aritao

Raz wrote:
A very kind friend who knows about my anger and anguish wrote this poem for me and gave me permission to post it here:

Lord let me take up the whip of anger

To cleanse the temple of my mind

So I might feel a little whole again

And Your peace to have and find

In an ideal Untopia there would be no need for anger, alas few of us have reached or discovered the perfect world and so we deal with a range of emotions on a daily basis. While I don't advocate violence with any outburst of anger, I think the occassional outburst of anger probably does more good than harm, by clearing the system and stopping some of the internalising of negative emotions. To be angry about the harm done to those you hold dearest by a predator is perfectly justifiable, even Jesus got angry enough to use a whip to clean out those who had misused His closest relatives house.

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