NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

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When you step on a thorn,

not a rose thorn but a desert thorn –

two inches long, yellow and petrified –

you do not stop walking.

You limp as little as possible until

the lunch stop when everyone sits and

you can unobtrusively remove it.

When your baby dies

on the back of your moped as you

hurry to the hospital, hours away,

you allow yourself ten minutes of wailing

then you bury it by the road.

The heat demands it.

When your parents put you on a plane

the first time – you cry.  Soon though,

you learn Puulaaku. Bite down on it,

swallow and squeeze it hard in your stomach.

This is honor. This is sanity. This is good.

When you die,

when your belly explodes from everything

you swallowed,

your family will say

“She was a perfect daughter.”

You would do well to learn


-Susan Smith, a Burkina Faso MK

Many crimes against children were committed by NTM (now Ethnos360) personnel in boarding schools around the world.  Most of these crimes were covered up by NTM.

What a crazy society we have built, where the powerful thrive at the expense of the innocent.

Now we are coming into our own power. Not power over but power with.

It’s our world now. Let’s change it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Read the About page for a comprehensive summary of the investigations into NTM (Ethnos360) boarding schools to date.


425 Responses to NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

  1. MIke says:

    @Stan Henrys
    Missions as well as churches often “hide” their “sins”. What is worse is that they hide illegal actions while calling them mere “sin”. Would a church “turn in” a youth pastor accused of misconduct which could, if brought to trial, be considered child abuse or sexual misconduct with a minor? Some, maybe, most?????? I doubt it. Look at the Catholic Church. Look at the Baptist Churches …. http://stopbaptistpredators.org/index.htm

  2. Blacknwhite says:


    Former NTM missionary to Panama, I REALLY resent what you say, and think people like you need to get off your velvet thrones, put down the toilet plungers you are waving. I had heard what people like you said, and I wanted to know, too, so I PERSONALLY took it upon myself to ask indigenous people if they would like to go back and live like they did fifty years ago (bark clothes, dying of simple colds, lots of mother and child mortality, being taken advantage of by nationals, not having guns to hunt with, etc.) They unequivocably answered with a resounding “no” all the time.
    We really helped the indians with economic, medical, education, health, spiritual, literacy. I taught them how to read and write their OWN LANGUAGES.
    How dare you try to keep people down just for your own ends and judge us who work hard to help them have a healthier and better life all the way around. I wish you could accomplish even a small fraction of what missionaries do. I never gave any indigenous person any sickness, instead we helped them get healthier! You need to get some real facts, sister, and go see for yourself with your own eyes what we do.

  3. More Than Disgusted says:
  4. three willows says:


    The definition of independent is “not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free.” This is not the case for iHart. It is subject to NTM’s authority and it is not autonomous. The investigators (after GRACE) have signed non-disclosure agreements. This is neither free nor autonomous. The current investigations are internal and not independent.

  5. Shary Hauber says:

    To quote Stan Henry “These claims true or not hurt the rest of us. Stop the gossip, if you want a support group, talk privately with each other.”

    I think there is something about truth setting people free. Truth does not hurt those who seek to do right. When someone tells of the abuse they received and exposes who the abuser is to other is saves others from suffering the same abuse. And you Stan say that is hurting others, would you rather they also suffered abuse. There is no gossip going on here other than you saying abusers should not be exposed. I think you need to go and seek some real counsel and find out what abuse is all about. You have exposed yourself as extremely ignorant.

  6. Rachel Brink, LCSW, BCD brinks says:

    @stan Henry’s I wanted to read your comment with an open mind. From what I read, you seem at the least to be rather immature so I wondered if maybe you are a young man with a lack of leadership experience. Then I read this…” If you have been abused, first seek professional Christian counseling. After seeking professional counseling, tell mature members of your family that are safe. Then approach law enforcement before or after talking with the Abuse Prevention staff at NTM. Then if able press charges. Work on heart attitude of forgiveness and through counseling and prayer and confession (I say confession because sometimes those abused somehow enjoyed certain parts and then they feel dirty and worse).” You are asking the victim to go to confession because they must have enjoyed it???? Are you kidding me??? I am appalled as a Christian and as a therapist. Please do not comment on areas that you are not qualified to address. I’m not sure what your profession is, but you are practicing way outside of your knowledge here. You need to be seeking counseling of those that do have the education and training and not taking a defensive posture for that which has no defense. Yes. You all should absolutely stop what you are doing. All 1500 of you. Your mission at this point, imo, is to conduct an investigation into your own organization until everyone involved has been brought to justice.

  7. Amanda says:

    @Stan Henrys
    There are several aspects of your comments that concern me. You may not realize it, but you are participating in victim shaming (both of the children and the parents who had them in the schools). You are correct, and independent group was charged with investigating, and what they discovered was horrific cover ups on the part of NTM that spanned many, many years. And even after the report was completed, it was difficult to get NTM to comply with all of the recommendations. I assume you have gone through the NTM child abuse training. Based on your explanation of procedures I am VERY VERY concerned about what is being taught by NTM as the proper response. I am a clinician with significant training in trauma, I am also a Christian. I can assure you that your information about predators (specifically Christian, although I’m
    unsure where you learned that predators were different based on their religious affiliation) is inaccurate. I hope that you are not in a position to deal with any victim of any traumatic experience in any work that you do within or outside of your duties at NTM. If your goal was to “clear the air” for NTM you didn’t succeed. You actually increased the concern for current practices and teaching. You admonished victims for speaking their truth. Shame on you. Before you question my intentions, I’m not affiliated with NTM, nor am I an MK. I am however someone with vast education in the areas that you purport to have wisdom, but in reality don’t. I suggest you contact an organization such as GRACE if you really desire to learn how best to deal with abuse in Christian environments.

  8. Joel says:

    I agree with Bonnie, this is the absolute worse advice to offer to a victim. It sounds like something that would come from an abuser. I don’t know who Stan Henrys, and I’m not implying he is an abuser but this statement disgusts me. “Confession””? really? Just because your body may become physically stimulated in response to being raped does not mean you enjoyed parts of the abuse. Stan Henrys, you are a sicko for even suggesting that, plus that does nothing more than to disrespect the individual who has endured the horrors of abuse. Shaming the victim is not the solution here! This level of ignorance really upsets me.

  9. Raz says:

    @Stan Henrys
    Stan Henrys: Please come to the forums. Your post has been moved there. (In the Miscellaneous section.) I think you will get some responses. Your posts were written in January, but they were just approved today, so this is the first I have seen them. Your comments tell me a lot.

  10. Bonnie says:

    Stan Henrys :

    Also, NTM does not require parents to send their children to boarding schools. There is a high success and dedicated support for homeschooling. This makes it hard for moms on the field to immerse in the culture while raising the little ones, but Dad’s and Mom’s are working it out.

    1: They used to require it. When we were kids. And we were abused at our boarding schools.
    2: Why is your grammar so awful?
    3: Why are you so defensive of an organization who knew (and currently knows) about child abuse, and covered (still covers) it up? What are you hiding? Do you abuse kids? Is your definition of abuse now different from your definition of abuse in the 80’s? Is abuse abuse, or does it depend on the year?

  11. Bonnie says:

    @Stan Henrys
    “If you have been abused, first seek professional Christian counseling. After seeking professional counseling, tell mature members of your family that are safe. Then approach law enforcement before or after talking with the Abuse Prevention staff at NTM. Then if able press charges. Work on heart attitude of forgiveness and through counseling and prayer and confession (I say confession because sometimes those abused somehow enjoyed certain parts and then they feel dirty and worse).”

    That is the absolute worst advice to a victim I have ever heard. Just wow.

  12. VeryConcerned says:

    Judgement Day comes for everyone and theres no hiding from God. So live your lives to the fullest while you still can because the length of your life time is merely a speck in time. I hope everyone guilty of destroying Gods beautiful tomorrow will some day see that God can only forgive so much, or else we would have this kind of behavior happening in Heaven. What do you think God would think of that?? Last time I checked, God wont tolerate such behavior, so why should he forgive all that are guilty for enjoying the temptations of Satan under Gods name?? God still through Adam and Eve out of the Garden even though they said sorry, so what makes these guilty so special?? Especially since the guilty of NTM knew it was wrong AS THEY COMMITTED THE CRIME. At least Adam and Eve can TRUTHFULLY say they didnt know any better, what excuse are the guilty of NTM going have??…. Justice will be served by the hands of God!!

  13. VeryConcerned says:

    I cant believe someone would actually back up NTM!!This is an outrage!! L.E. lives in my front yard, I was there when the news station pulled away from his house!! I’ve never even heard of NTM until a couple days ago when a different neighbor told me to look L.E. up. He admitted to the crime, another missionary got put in cuffs and hauled away not even five minutes of being back in the U.S. for the same actions as L.E. in Brazil. And lets not forget the victims that NTM has already payed off to keep their mouths shut. Why would an organization do such a thing if its got nothing to hide?? And why would their “warnings” to the other missionaries sound more like “hide the evidence” rather than an actual investagation?? It’s all there, documented and clear as crystal. So unless “somebody”(gee, I wonder who) is trying to cover something up to save their own ass, I suggest doing your homework before you make yourself look like a REAL dumbass.

    P.S. why is it that the ones who sound like their trying to cover their own ass are the ones with names that the devil would choose?? Liars wants to tell lies to cover his trail and scapegoat is using parents as a scapegoat. Why scapegoat?? Are you trying to cover something up?? I also find it rather funny that every link put on this page no longer exists. Why is that?? Who doesnt want the world to know of what goes on at NTM?? And if you ask me, when someone puts another in the perfect situation for such activity and then just turns their back, the person ignoring it is just as guilty as someone putting a hitt out on another. Just because NTM didnt physically do the abuse, it doesnt mean they didnt allow or even encourage such behavior, and who in the history of man would ever admit to such a thing?? NTM sounds like a NAMBLA cover up to me. Shame on every one of you who supports it!!

  14. VeryConcerned says:

    OMG!! I cant BELIEVE this!! Are you telling me that my next door neighbor, L.E., did these things?!?! I saw the report YESTERDAY!! I have a five year old daughter who made friends with him!! WTF DO I DO?!?! He’s been my neighbor(I can literally look into his kitchen from mine, not to mention the elementary school thats a ten minute walk from his house/trailer) for 3 almost 4 years…. First I need to know wtf I should do, then let me know if there’s ANYTHING I can do for any of you to help in any way, shape, or form. I, unfortunely, can kinda understand. I was molested/raped starting at 6. How do you get away from your own dad, especially when your own mother wont believe you and pretends its not happening?? But thats not my point. My point is, we need to talk. I’m scared for my family….

  15. Stan Henrys says:

    And lastly, I do think anyone involved in sexual abuse or covering it up should be held responsible and charges pressed. That is why NTM has had a third party organization do the investigations. Remember that because one guy or girl committed this horrible sin doesn’t mean the other 1499 people have.

  16. Stan Henrys says:

    Also, NTM does not require parents to send their children to boarding schools. There is a high success and dedicated support for homeschooling. This makes it hard for moms on the field to immerse in the culture while raising the little ones, but Dad’s and Mom’s are working it out.

  17. Stan Henrys says:

    @More Than Disgusted

    I think it would be good for you to talk to staff and have an objective conversation with the department that deals with these specific issues. The organization is made of people, make sure you don’t group all NTM into the group of perps. One guy struggles with porn and hurts his wife and family and leaves the field. Does that make all of the organization’s members the same? No.

  18. Stan Henrys says:

    First thing first. Sin is sin. No missions organization condones or supports sexual abuse. To say that is just plain ranting and silly. Sexual sin is bad, sexual sin to children is sick sick sick. I know first hand the training that goes on at NTM. There are child safety reminders in your face everywhere, campus “safe people” to talk to about anything, field safe people, counselors, and 10+ class hours on sexual abuse alone. In this class it’s open forum for questions regarding anything with NTM alleged and actual sexual abuse. There are stringent background checks, 15 page applications just to join NTM, then you candidate for your time in training with a mentor couple week after week so they can see if there are any red flags in your ability to mature spiritually and grow in Christ. There is a dedicated team at NTM Head Quarters that are on staff (supported by their churches to be there, they raise support and forgo the foreign field to serve in this way…$100,000s in support for the staff just for this very reason). This team travels to every field entity PNG, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand, etc. to raise awareness of sexual abuse signs and yellow or red flags. A kids grades drop suddenly, a bruise, even hesitation to talk, it all gets recorded on permanent record so if a child changes behavior in any of the signs that all staff is trained to look for, then personal investigation ensues to adults who interact with that child. Fancy gift of iPod to child from an adult that is not their family? yellow flag, that’s an inapproriate gift in most cases.

    Any person reading this including myself are capable of doing the most horrendous things. I am convinced that no missionary, no dorm parent, coach, or teacher, goes to the field setting out to sexually abuse a little boy or girl.
    “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19. What happens in most cases in Christian’s life is that they have a sinful thought, a temptation. That thought gets entertained (covetousness). Instead of taking that thought captive, they let it take them captive. They start doing things in secret so their deeds won’t be exposed. When they know they should repent to God and confess to a brother or sister that they need help, many times they are too afraid of loosing face or telling their 80+ supporters and home churches that they struggle with pedophilia thoughts and need to get counseling.
    They keep it a secret. They try to push it away, but they let Satan in more and more. They want to do something sinful and instead of just doing it (since they know they won’t get away with it) they manipulate and push and make a poor child think they “need” to undress or perform disgusting acts to keep someone from getting in trouble, or they did something wrong and they don’t want their parents to find out so they are blackmailed. It’s sick.

    Boarding schools were bad in many ways, no accountability for dorm parents (leadership asking hard questions and parents not involved), parents sacrificing their children to the god of ministry, parents not spending intentional time with their children in person (because on the radio they can’t tell their parents because everyone else is listening), parents aren’t asking “has anyone made you feel uncomfortable or made you do anything you didn’t want to?”

    I will likely homeschool our children for this very reason, parents can do this. I even had a friend fly to Brazil and serve as a nanny so the mom could spend more time learning language and teaching instead of teaching her kids all day. This allowed the parents to be directly involved and still have their children with them.

    INVESTIGATION: NTM has an independent Christian investigation organization that takes on investigating alleged abuse instances. This is so the victim may have justice served, proper evidence for pressing charges, closure (if it is possible through counseling) and counseling. There are also many instances where a child seeks attention and makes up a story. In these cases should a family’s ministry be ruined by one child’s mistake? So the independent from NTM organization deals with all parties involved. During investigation all involved are removed from ministry. If a person is found guilty, then charges are pressed by the family with the evidence and obviously there is absolutely no chance the guilty person ever serves NTM again.

    NTM is an organization that God is using to accomplish great tasks. This side of heaven the leadership and everyone to the last missionary will be flawed sinful saved by grace humans. If your looking for perfection, you won’t find it. If your looking for diligence to care for children then you will find it.

    We must remember that abuse between a perp and a victim is between that perp and the victim. NTM is not law and cannot do much but to prevent and kick out anyone causing these sick acts.
    To make a website and come here and rant doesn’t do anything for anyone, but cause potential supporters to shy away from supporting individual NTM missionaries who have absolutely nothing to do with anyone abused. These claims true or not hurt the rest of us. Stop the gossip, if you want a support group, talk privately with each other.

    If you have been abused, first seek professional Christian counseling. After seeking professional counseling, tell mature members of your family that are safe. Then approach law enforcement before or after talking with the Abuse Prevention staff at NTM. Then if able press charges. Work on heart attitude of forgiveness and through counseling and prayer and confession (I say confession because sometimes those abused somehow enjoyed certain parts and then they feel dirty and worse).

    You cannot hold an organization responsible for one person’s actions. If NTM knew these things would happen many of the schools that are shut down, would have been shut down earlier. Remember, back in the 80’s things were still communicated by snail mail. It is unreasonable to ask a short staffed organization to investigate things that allegedly happened to people not with NTM by people no longer with NTM. I cannot imagine what you have gone through or are going through, but ranting on a website bashing the previous generation of missionaries in a way that defaces the current generations of missionaries is divisive and destructive. We are to build one another up. Seek professional help from someone you trust. Genesis Institute has helped many of my friends.

    Again, NTM is not law enforcement. To call an organization of over taxed understaffed missionaries and expect them to drop their supporting duties to current missionaries they are serving, to pursue and investigate (they themselves not having training on investigation or abuse or maybe the ability to not be biased (because the truth is not biased toward perp or victim) is irrational.

    NTM has over 1500 staff. Each staff is supported by churches and individuals to do a specific task. If it’s not sexual abuse prevention and investigation, this person is not doing what they are called to do if they take it as a personal mission to see something go somewhere. They must pass it on to the staff that handles it and it’s all they can do.

    Put yourself in the staff’s shoes. Say your working for Joe’s Donut’s company. A lady at the age of 40 calls you and says that when she was 9 she was abused by Joe’s Donut’s assistant manager while her mom worked there. You are on the clock and feel bad for this lady, but you don’t know her, the alleged perpetrator, or anyone who was staff 31 years ago. Out of the 1500 staff of Joe’s Donut’s international the lady says she was abused in Thailand. The best you can do is put her in contact with someone who could help her more than you, ultimately though it is the victim’s responsibility to pursue justice. For her to hold you accountable to see it through is not right. And if she doesn’t get the answer she wants, she’s going to go online and leave negative reviews, feedback, and media slander a company? Did the company abuse her? No. A sick individual did.

    The only justification for a website like this (if it’s only purpose is to bring down NTM through embittered hearts that are ranting instead of seeking true investigation and pressing charges) is to unite people that have struggled with abuse. Coming together to seek justice. Then after justice is served to the perp, take the files and people and interviews to NTM and tell them ways they could prevent these things from happening. If your abused, take mature responsibility to investigate, not just hate.

  19. More Than Disgusted says:

    @Cindy Stoveken
    Cindy, my heart breaks for you! Who knew when we all left training that some of our children would have to go thru these things. And we could not get help when we knew about it! Far too many children, far too many, had these experiences. And someone dares to say these never happened? They were made up? Who would even want to make up these horrible things? All the irregularities we saw are now making sense! It was a culture of control. Those who led knew secrets they had to keep. It went on for years—and the secrets are dark and deep. Now, finally, some are coming to light. To our horror. And where is the contrite and repentant heart on the part of ntm that we were taught about? Where?

  20. Cindy Stoveken says:

    Being a parent of a child who was emotionally and physically abused at Fanda as well as my own sexual abuse my heart is grieved over what Liars had to say. Often people who have not been abused can not even begin to understand how abuse affects a person’s life. I constantly struggle with my own self worth. Once while walking past the little dorm I heard the dorm mom berating a child for wetting the bed. My own child had an issue with this. I made it clear to the dorm parent she was NEVER to berate our child for having these accidents. My child walked around for days or even weeks on the side of their foot. I was told that NOT ONE ADULT ever questioned her about her foot. She also had sand worms completely wrapped around her fingers and toes. When I questioned her dorm mom, her response was well I gave her the medicine and told her to apply it. What idiot expects a 7 year old to care for their medical needs. In regards to the teachers being great I had one tell me they had to reduce my son to tears before he was able to apply their teaching to his own understanding. Another teacher told me she did not like girls. That teacher misused her position and had a close friend on the school committee spank my child. She was totally clueless as to why she was being spanked. On top of that the field committee was putting them in the dorm our child was to be in. There was NO WAY we would allow them to care for our children. We asked the field committee to allow us to live at the school. Their response was that they couldn’t promise us this would happen. Therefore, for the sake of our children who God gave to us and expected us to care for we left the field. I feel sorry for you Liars and yet thankful you never had to go through these hard times.

  21. scapegoat says:

    Why is there no objectivity here? No perspective?

    People either seem to jump on the bandwagon and bash NTM or fail to acknowledge any wrong doing at all.

    I loved my time as an MK, absolutely the best years of my life. I was never abused but my heart goes out to those people that suffered at the hands of abusers.

    Just so we’re straight, abuse on any form is far from OK. But ask yourself if NTM as an organisation condoned or encouraged any of this? Do you really believe that people who gave up everything to serve the Lord somehow wanted abuse to go unseen?

    NTM is guilty of many things – ignorance, pride but they are not guilty of abuse. What they should be doing is offering full and unreserved apologies to anyone affected and doing everything in their power to change rules and procedures to eliminate this from ever happening again.

    You know an other thing? At no point have I seen any finger pointing at the parents. They are the ones that chose to accept the terms of NTM. Where are they in all this? They were happy to send their kids off to boarding school knowing full well how they would be handled it. If I thought for one second my family was suffering abuse of any kind I would be on the first place home.

    Unfortunately, bad things happen to people. Its called sin. No one is perfect, no one. You will find people that abuse people in every single walk of life. Christian or not, people will follow their own dark desires of their heart and justify it to themselves.

    NTM doesn’t abuse people, people do.

  22. Enough Is Enough says:

    I read and read and read, and all I see is that NTM gives a lot of lip service but nothing ever changes. Constantly hiding abusers. Making excuses. Having information for years and doing nothing. Until members of NTM themselves who perhaps are truly doing good for The Lord stand up and say that they aren’t going to stand for this type of behavior any longer, it will simply continue. It is shameful that members continue to make excuses and say that this type of behavior was all in the past. Has history taught NTM nothing?? Abuse prevails, story upon story continued to be revealed and yet members turn a blind eye and continue to promote. Stop going to College fairs, stop pouring money into media. Clean house. Get rid of the filth and stop making excuses. Until churches and individuals pull their support stating that they will not abide by this type of ungodliness, it will continue. No more. It must end. The Franks, the Les’s, the Gary’s, who are all soooo sorry. And nothing. No punishment. No consequences. Enough is enough members of NTM, get off your cowardly rumps and as you all so proudly boast, for others to do, take a step of faith that God will go before you and demand that your mission get it’s act together. Or walk. Leave. Join a mission that has a good reputation. If you can find one. Or better yet, how about you who are decent, start a new mission. With standards. One that doesn’t see children as an after-thought. For all of you NTM MK’s who have suffered , continue to suffer at the hands of these foolish and evil people, you are not alone. So many of us who read your words are praying for you, fighting for you and are proud of you. Stay strong. You are brave. You are important. You are somebody and your value is infinite!

  23. pam says:

    I am sick reading about the abuse at boarding schools! My husband and I and two boys were students at Waukesha years ago. What made me upset especially at “boot camp” was the favoritism of students . none of the staff seemed to care to get to know us and the brown nosers went on to crash and burn either on the field or before they left . the staffs children were abusive and my husband was sorely taken advantage of because of many skills he had. One being a body mechanic. Everyone coming through there had free body work done because it was expected of him because he was their servant. Staff had no trouble telling people about their badattitudes,when ttheirs was arrogant. I could go on, but I know that this is about abuse, but this is the first time I have ever had to voice the hurt ntm had on my fa.oily. we were asked to leave because they could t figure out what was wrong with us.! We love the lord and wanted to serve. We were asked by Stuart briscos church to work in east Africa and we said no because we believed so much in ntm. These revelations let me know that I’m glade we didn’t subject our boys to possible abuse.

  24. Glad to see blogs like this speaking out and providing some accountability to churches and missionary organizations.

    I am a pastor’s kid who was physically abused by my Calvary Chapel pastor step-dad.

    My brother Paul, his blood son, says this pastor molested him in addition to the physical child abuse.

    This stuff happens. It happens in secret behind the scenes and many won’t see it b/c abusers don’t invite people into the rooms while they are abusing children.

    I encourage victims to speak out and hold the leaders of these organizations accountability. It can be very healthy to confront the abuse you’ve suffered and to try and raise awareness to the issue to help other kids avoid such a fate.

    Thank you to the folks who started this blog. It is a growing trend and good to see!

  25. Lucky Escape says:

    @Completely Believable

    We recently considered and investigated joining NTM, but while we were waiting for replies we did some research and were horrified to find out what was being covered up. We approached several reps about the historic abuse. One was honest and replied with integrity, the others didn’t want to discuss the matter.
    Thank you for your honesty, it has confirmed that we made the right decision to find another place to serve.

  26. Beverly Shellrude Thompson says:

    Completely believable, spiritual and emotional abuse can be as soul-altering and scarring as sexual abuse (there should not be a hierarchy of abuse, in my opinion – and I have endured pretty much every kind of abuse). I suspect you will find good companionship on the Fanda Forums.

  27. Completely Believable says:

    I just happened upon this site when looking for an address. There has never been an opportunity to express my hurt at the hands of NTM, until now. I was not sexually abused, but most definitely spiritually and emotionally abused. My husband and I went through training with NTM, served one year stateside, then left. During training, my infant son was held down in his crib in the nursery, being “taught” to be quiet. I was told repeatedly that I just needed to spank more and harder! I was young, naive, and timid. I did not know then that my son was autistic. I’m certain the abuse at NTM made him worse. We thought we had to endure the sick mind games in order to be missionaries! Oh! How I wish we had packed up and left after the first sickening incident! There were rumors that the board knew of the abuses, but there was no intervention, no help, no hope. We left many years ago, but whenever I think of NTM, I have a sick feeling in my stomach. Unfortunately, the report of sexual abuse is no surprise. My son is grown and doing fine, by God’s grace. I pray for those of you who suffered this heinous sexual abuse that God will heal you completely, that you will find the peace that passes understanding, the peace found in Christ alone. I ask God for a heart to pray for the abusers as well. Honestly, I am not there yet! But I know God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. There are many blessed, godly, appropriate, effective missions agencies translating the scriptures and reaching the lost, doing God’s work God’s way. I’m not sure NTM should continue.

  28. sheri says:


    @Bonnie – I don’t know you, but these kind of charges must be super hard no matter how healed you are now. Hugs of support for you and kudos for your courage.

    I have read a whole lot of this site and the GRACE report and I believe the voices on this site. Even if I did not believe you, the caustic nature of ‘Liars’ attack is enough reason to dismiss his/her words. Not simply because they are so mean, but because that level of intensity shows that Liar, most probably, actually has something else feeding their rage, other than belief that you all are lying.

    I hope this encourages you at least somewhat, against the blows that (I think) these words would cause me if I were in your shoes.

  29. More Than Disgusted says:

    Many of the abused at Fanda did not know there were other victims until this website brought them together.
    Others at Fanda could have had a wonderful experience and did not know about any of this.
    You have ignored the documentation here.
    You can’t evaluate (notice I am not saying “judge”) based on your own subjective experience alone.
    There are facts here. And a report based on an investigation done by professionals.
    I am more than disgusted with what you had to say.

  30. Shary Hauber says:

    I have never had any trouble believing all who have written their stories of abuse here. I am proud of the ones who started fandaeagles, they were and are very brave. I am of an older generation than these wonderful girls but I went to Mamou in the Guinea. Abuse was there all kinds sexual, physical, emotional, and then the spiritual abuse that threatened us with hell if we told. Liars you are the one with a problem. Have you been abused and are afraid to tell, if you tell you will find many who will support you. Abuse of children is so wide spread just look it up on the internet and you will see hundreds of stories of abuse. Fanda Eagles are telling the truth accept it.

    Thanks again for starting this site it has helped many people.

  31. Raz says:

    @Liars Liars, I do not understand. You profess to feel compassion for those from other dorms and other countries who were hurt by abuse. And yet you attack people from your own school so viciously and personally. There is no doubt whatsoever about the fact that there was abuse at Fanda. This has been established by GRACE in its investigation, and the facts of the abuse have never at any time been disputed by New Tribes Mission or its leaders. I am amazed that the administrators of this website even cleared your comments to be published, as your words are very hurtful, ugly, and completely without merit. As a mother whose children were abused in another NTM dorm in another country, I cannot accept your professed compassion, because you show no compassion whatsoever to people who were terribly wounded in your own MK school.

  32. Diane Mikitson says:

    Dear Liar,
    You sincerely have problems that are obvious.
    I’d be outraged at you if you weren’t so pathetic and complicit in inflicting pain on victims.
    Read the documentation.
    One of the perpetrators CONFESSED.
    You are so out of place to address the victims like you did.
    Start by asking yourself why you insist on calling 23 known victims liars.
    Again, the abuse was evident at Fanda.
    A known perpetrator CONFESSED!
    We look forward to your repentant apology!

  33. Lita says:


    I didn’t see these comments from “Liars” till today. I tend to hang out in the Forum section.

    Dear “Liars” I am sorry to read your comments. I am sorry you feel this way. I question your motives “Liars” in accusing victims at Fanda of lying. Have you read the lengthy report from Grace? Do you know that statistics say that less than one percent of people who report abuse are falsely making accusations? Do you think that many of these Fanda adult MK’s who now have children of their own have nothing better to do in life than make up lies about Fanda? Have you read the documents this blog mentioned when it first began? Notes between the executive committee and Senegal field committe?

    Your comments are offensive to me. I know many of these Fanda MK’s and have the utmost respect for them having the courage to speak out and having enough sense of duty to try to prevent others from being abused. I am grateful for them starting this blog. I think the very fact that they posted your comments on here shows they have nothing to hide and are not lying.

  34. pixiechic007 says:

    To ALL attacking the girls and calling them liars
    I am so sad to see all the hate aimed towards the victims here. You break my heart. You really are holding up the American culture of blaming the victim! You should all be ashamed.
    Maybe you went there and the years you went there were good/ maybe the ugly truth is too horrible for you to swallow.
    I have personally seen the struggles that my friend has had as an adult coming to terms with what had happened to her there.
    To those judging and calling them LIARS- maybe you should take a look at yourself. It seems like you have lost any ‘Christian values’ that you got from there. Last time I knew, it was not your place to judge.

  35. Liars says:

    I am sorry to the many many of you from other dorms and other countries that have been hurt. It is so sad to hear. But what is worse is the ones from Fonda saying that in the little dorm they were sexually abused. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!??!? I need to stop reading your crap but I can’t. Its so sick and you must think you are so great getting all this attention. But what about the people you are accusing.? IT said my comments are “awaiting moderation”. Whatever that means. Well, my comments probably won’t be allowed on here cause for once someone is standing up for the accused. Please GET HELP, before more people get hurt by your ugly lies.

  36. Liars says:

    if This Had Been really happening You Would have seen it Kim. don’t let these people convince you. the fanda mks saying this are lying. I don’t know why anyone would make all this up but I was there and we would have known! ! if@Kim

  37. Liars says:

    I don’t Know Of anything Either And all these People saying they were abused Sexually just to get some attention make me real sick.

  38. Liars says:

    I can’t speak for the other places other than Senegal. Some of you may be telling the truth. But us Eagles had it good and anyone talking about sexual abuse like this is very sick themselves. Its sad you have nothing better to do than make up stuff about great people like we had giving us an education.

  39. Liars says:

    THERE WAS NO “ABANDONING” that school put Me In a position to skip a grade once back in the states. did you really want to live in the jungles with all the social issues with the natives. If they had done that everyone would be yelling about that. Be grateful. you had people invested in your care. Its time someone started standing up against these lies! all I have read makes things look all bad and about 99%of it is lies.
    @Vicky Tullman

  40. Liars says:

    and the Teachers were GREAT.

    Liars :
    Bonnie or whoever started this, you are a liar and now have all these people upset because you are mentally deranged. I was there too and we all had lots of fun. The kids had plenty of time with their parents, going home every five to six weeks. Duh, we had to go to school somewhere.You definitely need help but not for what you are claiming. Man, you sure have gone a long way to get attention. Please get help and recant your lies. You make me sick.

  41. George Whyte says:

    I agree with Vicky posted 5 May 17.41. As a christian, not just one who professes but seeks with Gods help to live accordingly, i would like to ask, where in the Bible is there the justification for leaving children in the care of others while parents go out at what they say is the Lord calling, surely this is against Scripture.However it is with great sorrow that i read some of the abuse reports, my heart goes out to all those who have suffered, they can forgive but they will never forget. This is the lowest form of humanity especially when it is brought under the umbrella of professing christians. What makes it worse is that there were those who knew about it in high places and did nothing, shame on them, how can they ever mention the Lords name again, who will believe them, they have betrayed the trust of all those innocent victims. May god bless all those who have suffered at their hands.

  42. Keso says:

    Why do you want to go and disturb tribes people? What have they done you?
    NTM almost wiped out four Amazon tribes with the diseases they brought.
    Is that Gods work? Genocide? Google the Zo’e, the Ayoreo, the Yuqu and the Nukak if you don’t believe me. Host countries should stop these “missionaries” at their borders. Despite their intentions they are not doing Gods work.

  43. Vicky Tullman says:

    Any mission that would require or ask a parent to “sub” out parenting vis a vis a boarding school that makes it convenient to abandon the children God gave you is inherently wrong. And until this basic premise is acknowledged there will NEVER be healing. @Wiki Kid

  44. DisorganizedReligion says:

    Having experienced similar at Oliguti, (thankfully not as severe) it could be that some people would just rather not discuss painful details of their feelings, partly to spare the listeners, and partly out of privacy. I know I did that when I was asked about it many years later by a very well-meaning friend. My parents moved on thankfully after they themselves were lied about. On the positive side, I learned valuable life lessons early about religious people who claim vehemently they have a spiritual relationship with a loving God…

    an MK :
    Highlander. Numonohi was one thing but the reign of terror of 1967 at Oliguti was something else. I was present when one child of 8 was hit 120 times. That number of stricks was witnessed by 2 children. Those present in the room were around 11 children and 3 teachers who participated. It took me nearly 40 years to recover. Driving fear into children for control as if an 8 year old was that threatening to their survival is crazy. None of them faced charges.
    Interestingly I have spoken to the person on the receiving end and it affect him less than those of us who had to witness it.

    @an MK

  45. Al says:

    It is sad that so many were crushed and ruined by the abuse. However, if it was not dealt with by the leadership of NTM, then the victims will have experienced rape twice.

  46. Abused Widow says:

    I think one of the most difficult parts of the past 6 months, for me, has been watching fellow New Tribers deny and wash away all of my Husband’s abuse of the children. By definition, New Tribes Mission is a cult- nothing more. We are healing, but the anger remains.

  47. More Than Disgusted says:

    @Abused Widow

    Dear Abused Widow,
    My heart goes out to you!
    NTM should do everything in their power to help you and your children.
    Some of us are committed not to rest until we see justice end this mess.
    You have so much courage to post here.
    Thank you.

  48. Joy says:

    Shalom !

    I was shocked to read this web-page while interested in serving missions in jungle. This relate to the theology that institutionalized and organized religion are promoting!!!

    True Jesus YaHshua, YHWH is calling : “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues…. Rev. 18:4

    Here is a link about what you have experienced in false religions !!!
    I can pray that true Jesus open your eyes, have compassions, and move on with HIM in peace! I have no words when I read what you went trough, it is demonic!!! True Jesus Love you and want you to trust HIM and HIM alone!

  49. Raz says:

    Abused Widow, it is heartwrenching to hear of the ripple effect that sexual abuse has had on your family. Words fail me in any attempt to express to you how devastated I am to hear of the incredible destructiveness brought about by this man, who, as you say, is still walking free. Should anyone wonder who we are referring to, I will repost this link to an interview in which this monster openly confesses, at least in part, and then claims he has been pedophilia-free since 1993. If he thinks he has any of us fooled, he is sorely mistaken. http://www.fox43tv.com/dpps/news/local/former-missionary-admits-sexual-abuse_3825647

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