NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

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When you step on a thorn,

not a rose thorn but a desert thorn –

two inches long, yellow and petrified –

you do not stop walking.

You limp as little as possible until

the lunch stop when everyone sits and

you can unobtrusively remove it.

When your baby dies

on the back of your moped as you

hurry to the hospital, hours away,

you allow yourself ten minutes of wailing

then you bury it by the road.

The heat demands it.

When your parents put you on a plane

the first time – you cry.  Soon though,

you learn Puulaaku. Bite down on it,

swallow and squeeze it hard in your stomach.

This is honor. This is sanity. This is good.

When you die,

when your belly explodes from everything

you swallowed,

your family will say

“She was a perfect daughter.”

You would do well to learn


-Susan Smith, a Burkina Faso MK

Many crimes against children were committed by NTM (now Ethnos360) personnel in boarding schools around the world.  Most of these crimes were covered up by NTM.

What a crazy society we have built, where the powerful thrive at the expense of the innocent.

Now we are coming into our own power. Not power over but power with.

It’s our world now. Let’s change it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Read the About page for a comprehensive summary of the investigations into NTM (Ethnos360) boarding schools to date.


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  1. Poogymom says:

    New Tribes Mission is dear to my heart. Aritao School in the Philippines, the children, and the teachers there in the late 70’s & early 80’s were so precious. I used to send special things to them for birthday parties and comfort items. The family that was taken hostage, the Burnham’s, had their children there. Some of the families at Aritao were related. There are comments being posted that reflect a lack of knowledge and yet claim MK status. There are political leanings that troll sites looking to stir up strife. This is not a bandwagon to jump on. This has to do with God’s reputation, and His movement in this day and hour. God is exposing sin by shining a light on it. Games are over for the entire Body of Christ…and some of it is disgusting and heinous. For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. Hebrews 4:12,13. Games are over, it is time to get I John 1:9 real…and allow God to cleanse that heart full of compromise. Anger & rage are no substitute for when God heals the broken heart and binds up the wounds. If a post does not leave a trail of the fruit of the Spirit, it cannot be part of what God is doing, or be blessed by Him for His plans and purposes. God IS exposing sin throughout the Body of Christ…but God is NOT pulling a bandwagon for people to jump on.

  2. Along the lines of mission boards turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to problems, and more particularly, covering up issues they couldn’t ignore, I welcome any comments on my blog concerning issues anyone here may want to share about such mission cover ups. We know about the sexual abuse issues, but I’m sure there were other issues, as well. And I know many readers of this blog have similar experiences from other fields, as well. Please feel free to leave comments at:


    The previous link is to a post on my blog that I made a couple days ago, beginning to address Baptist Mid-Missions’ failures at Natore, Bangladesh. There were many. There were sinful acts committed by missionaries at Natore. In some cases, even criminal acts. And yet everytime attempts were made to tell the home office they’d say “I don’t want to hear it” and walk away.

    On issues they couldn’t ignore, they covered it up as best as possible, and then issued gag orders to the remaining missionaries. BMM continues to deny this. But my list of disgraceful acts by BMM missionaries at Natore continues to grow day by day, as I continue to investigate beyond what I already knew from personal experience.

    I greatly welcome anyone’s comments about BMM or ABWE or any other mission agency and such cover ups and gag orders. I am seeking to shed as much light as possible on this issue in an attempt to make the church as a whole face what is really going on, and hopefully bring these mission agencies under control.

    The testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ has been greatly damaged. The cancer is eating away. Invasive surgery to open up the issues and cut them out of the Body is our only option left.

    Thank you,
    your brother in Christ,
    Wes Patterson
    (Biblical Accountability in Missions)

  3. Gene Long says:

    unbelievable :
    To “Another MK”: I am a current NTM missionary. ….

    Unbelievable, won’t you join us in the forums?


  4. unbelievable says:

    To “Another MK”: I am a current NTM missionary. I am so truly sorry that happened to you. I feel that fighting spirit you have when I think of how it could happen to my kids. I would never want it to go unpunished. I know it must taint your image of God. My father was a terrible example of a Christian and was emotionally abusive so it made me sick every time he’d quote from the Bible. Actually, it still does. I start to feel a repulsion when I hear a Scripture or song I remember my father liking. Fortunately, I also had an example of a genuine Christian in my Mother. So I remember that God is high above people who abuse His name. I can read the Bible and get the truth from it nevermind what so-called Christians have done in His name. Jesus Himself said, “not everyone who says to Me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter My kingdom”. It also says in I John, “if anyone says He loves God and yet hates his brother, he is a liar and the truth is not in him”. So we shouldn’t be surprised when impure people mix their sin with their supposed love for God. The Bible says this happens. I encourage you not to let your own spirit be dragged away from God by the example of hypocrites who have really sickened you. If you want to get past that, you might start by asking God Himself for help.

    I want send out a note of thanks to all of you victims who have been brave enough to talk about the horrors you experienced. I’ve seen a few things in my life that have made me very cautious, even in Christian circles. I won’t be sending my kids away to any dorm. I thank you and the rest of the victims for telling your stories. I believe all of the NTM members have received info about this blog. I trust it has helped us to be acutely aware of the potential for abuse to happen and hopefully has scared everyone enough to never let their guard down.

    Also, one point in NTM’s defense is: when I went through the NTM training two years before the Fanda stuff came out, NTM was up-front about the fact that there has been terrible abuse within NTM. They made it sound like it has happened a LOT. They didn’t hide it. They had a class to inform us about abuse, how to spot signs of it, how to report it, etc. I felt that NTM cared and was trying to prevent it from happening. When the Fanda stuff came out I wasn’t surprised at all because we had been told about it, although no names were mentioned.


  6. another mk says:

    I survived a severe beating and sexual abuse at the hands of “God Loving” f*****s

  7. Gene Long says:

    Son of a Survivor :
    @an MK
    Quick question – where do you find the Bible teaching that “without confession there is no remission of sin?” I am unfamiliar with that passage…

    It sounds like an inaccurate, but not untrue, quote from 1 John 1.9, rephrased to sound like Hebrews 9.22. The word “remission” (KJV) in Hebrews passage is related to the word “forgive” in the passage in 1 John. The principle to which “an MK” referred is certainly applicable.

  8. Son of a Survivor says:

    @an MK

    Quick question – where do you find the Bible teaching that “without confession there is no remission of sin?” I am unfamiliar with that passage…

  9. an MK says:

    It is interesting how quickly everything is turned around and the perpetrators are protected and the concern is how NTM looks after the truth is revealed. We start of telling about abuses and suddenly it is our righteousness which is questioned and everything is twisted around about our sinful nature. We all as Christians live with the gift of Righteousness from cleansing by the Blood of Jesus. Why concern yourself with the image of NTM. and how they are perceived? Pride is the core sin. These perpetrators knew how to work within the system and get away with their behavior. If things were dealt with openly and honestly they would find somewhere else to operate. I think a lot of what my parents did and were involved with. They are not perfect but were always willing to admit their faults and move on. Their witness is why I am not irreparably damaged. @Luther Fransen

  10. an MK says:

    I think that people forget that the scripture teaches. “Without confession there is no remission of sin.” It is a very basic principle of Christianity. Otherwise without openness no change can occur. . If the parties involved had submitted themselves to the legal authorities the example would have prevented anyone else interested in doing things to child. The infallibility of leadership is where the seeds of this destructive behavior lays. @Elijah III

  11. an MK says:

    I was the person who mentioned Oliguti. It interests me that none of the children have asked for compensation which goes to show their attitude of heart. Even the man who was struck 120 times told me he was not interested in money.
    Perpetrators seem to be in a hurry for forgiveness. But when they were beating us excessively the showed no mercy. Just a little ironic.

  12. Tim Maia says:

    Diana :
    If there was real abuse and not just some disgruntled MK with a hate agenda for some reason, they should ask every one of the kids there during those years and find out if these sort of things happened to any of them. If they are found to be true, something should be done. “Surgery” is painful, but it can save your life. To save the reputation of the mission school, real openness, transparency and willingness to pursue allegations is correct.

    Before I respond to your post, and so that I might evaluate the same unencumbered by the emotion I suspect a second reading might prompt, please answer the following simple questions:
    1) Do you have a brother-in-law named “Red”?
    2) Jonestown, Waco, Sanford, Taco Bell—-which one doesn’t fit?
    3) If you’re walking in the light that you have, can you break the law?

  13. Raz says:

    Diana: “IF there was real abuse”? IF there was real abuse???
    Here’s a recent quote about the NTM school in Papua New Guinea:
    “I was present when one child of 8 was hit 120 times. That number of strikes was witnessed by 2 children. Those present in the room were around 11 children and 3 teachers who participated. It took me nearly 40 years to recover. Driving fear into children for control as if an 8 year old was that threatening to their survival is crazy. None of them faced charges.”
    Please consider reading the threads in the Forums connected with this website. There are multiple reports of various kinds of abuse in many NTM schools over a period of decades.
    “If there was real abuse and not just some disgruntled MK with a hate agenda for some reason” sounds like you are questioning the memory, integrity and motivation of the many brave MKs who are finally finding their voice and asking to be heard.
    It is time for we, the parents of MKs, MK school staff, and NTM in general to be held accountable for multiple, inexcusable cases of abuse that have truly, factually occurred around the world.
    Maybe your own children were not wounded.
    But mine were.

  14. Wow. says:

    Diana :
    Our kids were in NTM mission school in Panama, and looking back now, I really did not think some of the forms of discipline were not appropriate by some of the dorm parents, however, I do believe they were walking in the light they had and doing the best they knew how at the time. Yes, I would send my kids to most NTM boarding schools any day. The only thing is some of the schools let the kids be a little too rowdy, adventurous, and rambunctious sometimes, I thought.

    Your poor, poor children. To have a mother like you. You are blind and arrogant. I had to read your post several times, just to be sure of what I was seeing. Unbelievable.

  15. Diana says:

    If there was real abuse and not just some disgruntled MK with a hate agenda for some reason, they should ask every one of the kids there during those years and find out if these sort of things happened to any of them. If they are found to be true, something should be done. “Surgery” is painful, but it can save your life. To save the reputation of the mission school, real openness, transparency and willingness to pursue allegations is correct.

  16. Diana says:

    Our kids were in NTM mission school in Panama, and looking back now, I really did not think some of the forms of discipline were not appropriate by some of the dorm parents, however, I do believe they were walking in the light they had and doing the best they knew how at the time. Yes, I would send my kids to most NTM boarding schools any day. The only thing is some of the schools let the kids be a little too rowdy, adventurous, and rambunctious sometimes, I thought.

  17. We have read the Grace Report and wish to write an article on it. We would like to interview the 21 MKs who were directly interviewed by Grace and the 12 MKs who responded with written statements. Your name would be needed but kept strictly confidential.

    We plan to begin our article by saying:
    The purpose of this article about the Grace Report is not to question why both sinful and criminal activities occurred at Fanda, but rather to examine the lives of the MKs against whom the acts were committed between their time at Fanda and the present.

    We are authors and have done books in the past for Moody Press, Bethany House, and Harvest House Publishers. Our web site is http://www.pamweb.org where we offer as free ebooks all of our books still in print.

    Please email us at bobgan@cox.net with your phone number or call us at our toll-free ministry phone number, 1-800-216-4696(M-F, 9am-4pm, PST).

    Martin & Deidre Bobgan

  18. Raz says:

    @an MK
    An MK, could you please submit your eye witness story to Pat Hendrix? This is the kind of information she needs. WE EXPECT SOME APPROPRIATE CONSEQUENCES for this horrendous abuse. Finally.
    Pat can be contacted at: pat.mkguardian@gmail.com

  19. an MK says:

    I googled this site as well was an MK at NTM Oliguti. I just stand with our Lord when he said,” Matthew 18:6 (King James Version)

    6But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

  20. an MK says:

    Highlander. Numonohi was one thing but the reign of terror of 1967 at Oliguti was something else. I was present when one child of 8 was hit 120 times. That number of stricks was witnessed by 2 children. Those present in the room were around 11 children and 3 teachers who participated. It took me nearly 40 years to recover. Driving fear into children for control as if an 8 year old was that threatening to their survival is crazy. None of them faced charges.
    Interestingly I have spoken to the person on the receiving end and it affect him less than those of us who had to witness it.

  21. More Than Disgusted says:

    Message for 5/22/2011 Week 4 of present series

    A survivor of child sexual abuse tells his story. A very adamant advocate of the church standing up and taking notice/ doing something about stopping it and helping people heal. The church: a place where it is commonly overlooked and often not even mentioned. He says it’s time to change.

  22. Bonnie says:


    Child Sex Abuse and Coverup Lawsuit Filed Against New Tribes Mission, A Worldwide Organization Based in Orlando Area

    Suit Says that Young Girl was Sexually Abused in Dorm Run by Mission in Philippines

    Attorney to Hold TWO News Conferences to Announce New Suit


    TWO news conferences to announce the filing of a child sexual abuse and coverup lawsuit against NEW TRIBES MISSION, a worldwide missionary organization based in Sanford, Florida


    Conference 1: 11:00am, public sidewalk in front of New Tribes Mission HQ at 1000 E. First St. in SANFORD

    Conference 2: 1:30pm, on the steps of the Orange County Courthouse, 425 N. Orange. Ave., in ORLANDO


    JEFFERY HERMAN, a nationally-recognized attorney for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, announces the filing of a new lawsuit against the Sanford-based NEW TRIBES MISSION (NTM) for the sexual abuse of a young girl in a school dorm owned and operated by the Mission.

    According to the lawsuit, the girl, whose parents were missionaries in the organization, was repeatedly sexually abused by the man who ran the dorm she lived in as a youngster, LESLIE EMORY. The abuse is alleged to have occurred in ARITAO, Philippines, between 1984 and 1993, beginning when the child was only 9 years old.

    The lawsuit also says that when confronted by NTM leaders with allegations that he molested children in his care, EMORY confessed to molesting at least 23 children. He has never faced criminal charges.

    In August, 2010, NTM released a report concluding that dozens of children were sexually, physically, and emotionally abused in a dormitory in Africa.

    Jane Doe No. 7 v. New Tribes Mission, Inc. was filed early Monday morning in Seminole County Circuit Court. Copies of the Complaint, as well as a written statement from the Plaintiff, will be available at the news conferences.

    CONTACT: JEFF HERMAN 305 409 7371 cell, jherman@hermanlaw.com; or JESSICA ARBOUR 305 931 2200 , jarbour@hermanlaw.com

    Jessica D. Arbour, Esq.

    Herman, Mermelstein & Horowitz, P.A.

    18205 Biscayne Blvd.

    Suite 2218

    Miami, FL 33160

    (305) 931-2200


  23. Elijah III says:

    Several decades ago while at NTBI we were taught the valuable biblical principle of headship. It basically states that when seeds of good or bad are sown by the leader(s) (head) of a kingdom, country, or group of people (mankind, church, etc.,…) and even individuals, the consequences of those actions, are harvested sometimes in this life and sometimes in eternity!

    The classic example in Scripture of this, of course, is that of Adam and Christ: Romans 5:15 “…For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!”

    We even have the account of King David in 2 Samuel 24 disobeying the Lord and the whole nation of Israel suffering for that sin!

    After the reign of David and Solomon and the subsequent kings of Judah and Israel, it was one sad story after another of the kings disobeying the commandments of the Lord and the terrifying consequences of those sins coming on the whole nation of Israel.

    In Revelation chapters two and three, we see words from the Lord Jesus Himself to each of the “angels” (leaders) of the seven churches in Asia Minor indicating that the governing body of each church was responsible for the good and “bad” that took place in those churches.

    It is no different with the case at hand: Somewhere in the annals of NTM it WILL be found that there was a practice of pedophilia by leadership that was concealed, kept in the dark and in secret for many years and was NOT dealt with correctly and appropriately according to biblical principles (confessed, punished according to the law and church principles, etc…). It is impossible to have eight or more schools from the same organization worldwide plagued with this “curse” in epidemic proportions and say that it is not stem from a “headship” (leadership) factor. The Word of God is Alive and Powerful and will NOT lie!

  24. Bonnie says:

    From GRACE:

    “I wanted to write because on a number of occasions I have been told that there are many NTM MK’s who have an understanding that GRACE declined an offer to investigate the other NTM missionary boarding schools. Though I am unsure as to the source of this understanding, it is completely without merit. In fact, GRACE communicated with NTM its willingness to coordinate those investigations since we already had a working relationship with NTM and a bond of trust with the MKs. Our offer was declined. I can only speculate as to why NTM has chosen a different route, but we want to make sure you all understand that our lack of involvement is not of our own choosing. We would greatly appreciate if you could communicate this truth to the other MKs. Please know that GRACE continues to be available to serve you all in whatever capacity needed…we are honored to do so.
    Continuing to pray…

  25. More Than Disgusted says:

    Thank you, Bonnie! That is more info than we have seen for ages.
    Will keep all of this in prayer: To be done thoroughly and in a timely manner.

  26. Bonnie says:

    @More Than Disgusted
    Here is what Tibby Westcott told me about PH:
    “Ms. Hendrix is part of the Presbyterian Church and was heavily involved in the PC USA’s big abuse investigations. Because of this she’s highly qualified to coordinate the historic abuse investigations. She will work with a recommendations panel made up of non-NTM, professional people – several are being asked by Ms. Hendrix to be part of this panel right now. This panel, with her, will appoint the investigators who apparently will be formed into teams of three and given the documentation etc. to investigate all the other schools/fields where historic abuse issues occurred. I understand that Vianopolis may be the first school to be investigated but the order of these is Ms. Hendrix’s decision.”

  27. outside insider says:

    Pat Hendrix worked on the PCA (USA)abuse investigation.

  28. Bonnie says:

    @More Than Disgusted
    I wish I could answer your questions, MTD. All the info I know is what was in their update. I’m sorry…

  29. More Than Disgusted says:

    Bonnie, what are her credentials? Is this a Christian or a secular org? Have any MKs had any input?

  30. Bonnie says:

    Latest update from NTM:

    Below is the latest information from NTM regarding future investigations. This information will be posted publically soon.

    “Plans to launch independent investigations of past child abuse within NTM are moving forward this week.

    Representatives of New Tribes Mission continue meeting today with the new independent coordinator who will administer the entire investigative process. The coordinator is Pat Hendrix, an experienced child sexual abuse investigator who has served as an ombudsperson and facilitator in previous investigations.

    The primary purpose of the meeting is to ensure that Ms. Hendrix has a framework that allows her to operate completely independently of New Tribes Mission.”

    If you know a survivor of NTM abuse or parents of survivors who may be interested in receiving these updates, please ask them to contact me and I will add their address to this list.


    Andy Kline

  31. Mummyman says:

    To anyone that was asking about Ron Abram. He is currently stateside, as I have seen him at my church for several Sundays now. He is no longer with the mission.

  32. More Than Disgusted says:

    Congratulations, Fanda Eagles, on over 500,000 hits!
    I am not disgusted about that.
    But wish it were many more.
    AND with much more interaction/ participation from NTM.

  33. Reading this blog, I want to say that I am an outsider, adopted by two tribes,mentored by several more.I came from the upper middle-class and another race and culture. I work in human rights issues.I have blogged extensively on pedophile “missions” and genocide. Although my family has a long line of preachers,I no longer support “missions” much due to widespread racism and abuse.Tribal people are targeted and frequently their entire culture is disrespected by colonial missionaries.
    There is no reason, NO REASON , to build schools away from villages,where kin can check on their kids.Once you remove children to boarding schools, away from protective Elders, you open the door to abuse. This practice is called forced assimilation, and the real issue is to remove the kid from all traces of “bad” tribal life.
    Additionally some missions demand “custody” be given to them in order for parents who are desperate,to get their kids an education.The kids are then described as “orphans”to raise funds by manipulative missions.
    True selfless service would be simply teaching kids within their environment about Christ.
    To insist that tribes worship exactly as Euros worship is false, as we have synergistic mixed our own Euro pagan and folkloric customs in.
    Just like Scots wear kilts and Irish like Irish dancing, tribal people like their own food,dress,dance.Many missions force western customs and consumerism on tribal people in the guise of religion.This is all about culture and not about Christ.
    Most disgusting of all, is the rampant pedophilia and the cover ups.No one seems to want to protect the children.
    In Canada the government apologized for over 500 years of abuse,which the Church was heavily involved in.Still today Church goers deny that it ever happened.Most tribal elders,especially males, do not want to revisit the abuse, or go public, as it is way too painful and shameful.
    A few have come forward.Some tribal Elders are beginning to seek healing from Residential Abuse.Residential abuse is Boarding School Abuse.It happens everywhere there are boarding schools. Missionaries:Stick with Christ,not culture.Teach children without demanding custody. Stop removal from villages(NO more boarding schools)and learn work with the villages. Screen for pedophiles.It is amazing how few missions screen for pedophiles in this day and age, and how few use professionals on their staffs.
    For the victims, my heart goes out to you. I know for some that “healing” is not a real option, as the best you can do is learn to live with the terrible memories and cope with the flashbacks.
    However, some tribal healing circles are forming in the U.S.They are at http://www.journeyforforgiveness.org, http://www.whitebison.org. They have been through this and are developing ways to help.
    When I see what some are doing (many)in Christ’s name it makes me very angry.They destroy the name of Christ in many communities with racism and pedophilia.It is shameful.Abuse of children is like a cancer that will spread and destroy a village and a mission.

  34. Raz says:

    Dear fellow MKs:

    The most active participants on the Fanda Eagles Forums have not been actual survivors of sexual abuse in NTM schools. Some of us adult MKs are survivors of physical and/or emotional abuse. All of us, in my opinion, are survivors of spiritual abuse within NTM. Some of us are here because members of our family were abused. Each of us cares passionately about shining the light of truth so that survivors can see their way along the lengthy and treacherous road of recovery, toward redemption and healing.

    Survivors, we need your voices! Whether you speak up on this web site, communicate directly with the CPC or NTM, or prepare to participate in the investigations that will hopefully begin to take place this year, I am asking you, please tell your stories. I’m not sure how to interpret the lack of posts from MKs who suffered at the hands of NTM caretakers and other school staff in places other than Fanda. We have pushed long and hard to prod NTM into investigating the abuses that many of us know you suffered. I pray this effort does not fizzle. We need you to corroborate our reports.

    As an NTM MK myself, and the mother of two daughters who were molested by a dorm parent who was a trusted co-worker and friend, I want you to know my heart aches for every MK who has been collateral damage – a casualty of friendly fire – in the battle for tribal souls. It is not fair, it is not right, and it never should have happened.

    We seek justice. We seek for your stories to be heard and believed, and for all possible means to hold your abusers accountable.

    We love you, and we need you. Please be courageous and don’t hide in the shadows any longer.

    No more secrets.

  35. jdg says:

    Dear NTM leadership,

    You guys do know you’re going to hell, right? I’m assuming at this point such banal considerations are outside of your concern, if in fact you ever truly believed. I mean it stands to reason that you couldn’t *possibly* be legitimately concerned about the spread of, or otherwise propagation of the *true* gospel, so you’re just in this to line your pockets or egos (or etc) in this life.

    Which is fair. I mean, none of us can guarantee that, at the end, there is a long tunnel with a white light at the end and a God waiting there ready to judge us for our deeds. And, in view of that, fleecing little old ladies of their hard-earned, and allowing rampant abuses to occur under your watch, not just allowing, mind you, but actually fostering the situation such that they are nearly guaranteed to repeat–these aren’t the biggest deals in the world. Make what you can, while you can, right? It’s not an injudicious plan if your bet is correct that earthly actions have no eternal resonance. Nor is it entirely historically original, even, or least of all, in the narrow area of “Those In Religious Authority Perpetrating Abuses.”

    But by God– I hope your’re right, because otherwise–sheesh. Right? By some accounts, God’s temporary representative on earth– His self-styled Son (you have to have at least heard of this), was utterly and illusion-shatteringly blunt about what awaits those who, in His name, mistreat the young, or the needy, or the helpless. If that account of things is correct, there isn’t a being in the cosmos who would trade places with you when those accounts are tallied.

    But frankly, I wouldn’t let the paltry considerations of something like, “what if the return of Christ as predicted, literally, by Himself, plays out the way He said it would,” slow down your “missional efforts.” The gospel must be spread! But be mindful of the disparity we see from the outside: the truly mind-bending contradiction that this gospel, which spread through the entire world like a freight train against the best efforts of *emperors*, is, in your proven view, somehow going to be hampered if you were to slow down, take a breath, and make sure that at least the little girls of your gospel-spreaders were protected from *your own employees*–well, from the outside, we are simply left to believe that you either have no reverence for the power of that gospel, your confidence in your ability to spread it, or you don’t think that such a twisted, “any means necessary” approach is going to be accounted for at the end of that tunnel I mentioned.

    Or maybe you just don’t give a shit about little girls.

    In any case, I hope you all bet right.

  36. Shary Hauber says:

    Luther your use of your own personal condition to try to manipulate these MKs makes me very angry. They have had enough of this kind of spiritual abuse. If you really care about them then pray for them and keep your abusive comments to yourself. You are not their judge about how spiritual they are. Have you written this same kind of letter to NTM about how they have not cared for children as Christ would have wanted them to do, have you told them it is wrong to cover up sin, and lie to MKs. They are not spreading venom they are spreading the truth and the truth will set them free.

  37. Luther, you asked if the MK’s and their families speaking out are righteous. Yes, they are righteous. They are speaking truth to everyone and anyone who will listen, and we learned from early childhood that, “the truth shall make you free”. Truth is what will allows other victims who have been alone with their secrets for a lifetime to move forward in their healing.

    When the MK’s and their families speak their truth it causes the church and missions to be faced with the dreadful distortions in some of their policies, theology and practices. Reforming those policies, theology and practices then becomes a possibility, which will protect today’s children.

    Your prayer for them from Philippians 1:9-11 is already their reality. They have knowledge and depth of insight, and they have discerned what is best for them and for the communities they grew up in. They are both brave and righteous.


  38. jdg says:

    @Luther Fransen
    LF, let me preface that I dearly pray that the L is with you in these next few months…best of luck. It seems as though you are finding the most peaceful of routes through this that you can…

    That said, let me add my voice if I may. I would never presume to tell you or even suggest what attitude you should have through this process. It’s just utterly foreign to me, and aside from vague encouragement, I’m just not qualified to discuss it and would consider myself presumptuous to even try to influence your outlook.

    If I may, I would like to gently suggest a parallel between the onset of a terminal disease and the crimes–physical, emotional, mental–perpetrated against innocent children described here. Even from the emotionally ravaging experience you describe, there is still something just *so* different about the experiences we encounter here that I’ve always been struck by the foreignness of it. To wit, I would walk so carefully before I reminded anyone of how to respond and in what spirit.

  39. mk Sheri says:

    Is anything happening? I see periodic Fanda updates on the NTM site where they basically say that they are doing something. Are they really? What? Does GRACE know if and what? Has anyone here communicated with GRACE and asked this question? At this point it feels like with my computer when it is frozen although the little hourglass is still active.

  40. down and out says:

    Luther…sorry to hear of your fight with cancer. I have four family members currently involved with that particular battle. I appreciate your support for the outreach of the gospel. It does sadden me that you perceive us all as waywardly sneering at this very gospel. I guess in a sense, you may have correctly diagnosed a few of us, but in their defense, may I say, it is extremely difficult to accept the message when the messengers crossed the line so very far in abusing the trust placed in them. I fear you are putting the cart before the horse here. Healing can’t be accomplished for anyone else’s convenience. It is a sometimes ugly proposition and has stages that may look very much as what lyou’ve described but looks can be deceiving. I myself had to work through the fact that people’s hypocracy does not cancel out God’s truth. I must admit that when I read what you wrote I was upset and dismayed. I don’t get the sense that you fully appreciate, for example how beatings damage the soul of a child. How a young girl is so foully betrayed and damaged by a dorm father intent on satisfying his lust over the clear cut responsibility to protect and nurture her. I suppose that concepts of abandonment and the relegation to being a hindrance to the work also cut to the spiritual bone of a child. May I ask…are you perhaps placing a “God” status on NTM. If you are…do you remember the first comandment? Thou shalt have no other gods before me? The kinds of things you suggest are deeply damaging to us. Do you know how many of us feel we are betrayers of the cause…just for honestly telling what happened to us? I’m not angry with you, but I am somewhat confused and hurt that you would judge us…especially given your own circumstances. When you recount the effects of cancer on you…are you simply telling the story…or are you sneering at the gospel? We are all afflicted with a spiritual cancer. We are trying to survive. If you consider us somehow enemies….would you pray for us? I know some of us are now praying for you.

  41. Tim Maia says:

    @Luther Fransen
    Actions have consequences. In some parts of the world, it’s OK to spit chewing gum out onto the street. Not in Singapore. In Germany, during the 1930’s and up until early May of 1945, it was OK to butcher Jews. Not today. Sexual child abuse is one of the most heinous of crimes. Countries like the United States, Brazil, Senegal, etc., don’t look kindly on child abuse. They punish child abusers. In this matter, not only was there child abuse, but we have proof on this website that the abuse was compounded by a systematic coverup.
    I appreciate your concern for our spiritual well-being. Like Paul, we are torn between the two: we desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far (Phil. 1:23) But while God gives us breath, we will not stand idly by, nor will we remain silent. We strive so that those who have been abused might find comfort, protection, respect and a degree of peace. We also fight to make sure children all over the world are protected from predators. When a few people stand up and stand strong, others take courage and fight back against abuse.
    Before describing our work as venomous or abusive, I would respectfully ask that you outline the actions you have taken to address this matter. It’s always easier to confront the kids. We usually shut up and fall in line. If you disagree with the adults (field committee), you are told to shape up or ship out. Now that you have sought to correct us, let’s see equal courage in confronting New Tribes Mission.

  42. We have been supporters of a NTM missionary couple in Senegal for over 20 years who served near Fanda. They chose to home school their daughter instead of sending her to Fanda. Our son actually visited Fanda, probably around 1996. I am greatly concerned about the venom that is saturating these posts against NTM and individual perpetrators of abuse. Personal abuse and damaging NTM pressure to enroll students in Fanda is not in question. My concern is the spiritual well being of you all, who were genuinely abused and perceived to be abused.

    As one who is has terminal cancer, I am aware more keenly that I am particularly being watched by those around me and the angels to see how I respond to my incurable condition where cancer will end my life prematurely. Likewise, you all are being watched by many more people than you are aware of, like myself, and more importantly your parents who placed you in your situation. You may be RIGHT in your attacks against NTM, the abusers and your parents, but are you RIGHTEOUS? Are you not launching your own form of abuse to perpetuate what you experienced?

    Being terminal, I have revisited several times my experience of salvation paid by the blood of Jesus. I am humbled and repulsed by my own personal sins which were placed on Jesus. If you all sneer at the mention of salvation in Jesus and fail to pause in repentive reflection and gratitude, then we have located a problem more severe than Fanda.

    So I offer the following prayer for you all:

    And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.
    (Philippians 1:9-11 NIV)

    Lu Fransen

  43. Kim says:

    I was told to look at this site today, and it has taken me all day to take this in. I feel like my heart has been ripped out today and broken into pieces.
    I taught at Fanda from 1986-88, (Kim Hetherington) when all of this was going on around me. I am in shock. I became a teacher because, as a survivor of incest, I wanted to make a difference to anyone struggling with deep secrets. But I was too naive then to see the need. I am shocked, but then again some of the things I was confused about at Fanda now make sense.
    I can only say to those of you that were at the school at that time, and beyond, how very sorry I am. I so wish that I had known – to reach out and to share then about how to survive abuse and still feel like you had a valuable life ahead.
    I am amazed by what has been shared here. It sounds like there are some true heros among you – and I can see already how you are helping each other. My prayers are with you all.

  44. More Than Disgusted says:

    How can this be?
    Posting with disgust and more than that!
    Tired of secretiveness/ lack of updates/ lack of proposed openness.
    How can this be?
    Get real, NTM! Stop saying you are what you are not. Stop the silence. Stop the abuse of people that is going on right now. Do you even know what your left hand is doing?

  45. fanda mk says:

    “Typically, NTM allows a 90 day transition from active membership to retirement.”

    Why would this be treated the same as a normal retirement? In what foggy, legalistic fear-addled mind can this be perceived at a “typical” situation?!? The documents on this blog alone prove that Ron Abram was responsible for brushing aside case after case of abuse on the Senegal field, and then participating in the conscious cover-up of those cases. The very tribespeople he has worked with for 30 years have requested that he leave their village, and yet he is still there 4 months after being ‘terminated’? Unbelievable!

    Am I the only one who understood “terminated from active membership” as meaning an immediate change in status – has Ron Abram still been fulfilling official duties within NTM since his “termination?” The thought just makes me shake my head in disbelief. Why does New Tribes Mission seem so dead set on showing themselves to be a callous, ineffective behemoth of an organization? Wouldn’t it have been smarter to get him out of the country of Senegal as soon as possible? Do the people running this mission even have high school diplomas or basic business skills, let alone the integrity necessary to be associated with a religious institution?

  46. GPA says:

    I am sitting here reading these posts and am having mixed feelings of both hurt and anger. I am a grown man and to this day bear the scars and even tender wounds of abuse from my boarding school days. I am an MK from a different mission group and went to a different boarding school ….. so this sadistic behaviour of preying on the innocent is prevalent and not unique to NTM. I seeth inside with anger. All kids want is to be loved , to be hugged and given a chance to be normal ….. not to be preyed upon.

  47. Raz says:

    I checked the NTM website and Ron Abram’s name does not show up under “Find a missionary”. Perhaps he is terminated from NTM but is refusing to leave “HIS work” (emphasis intended).

  48. Peter Gilliland says:

    Re. people remaining in-country after being terminated by a mission board: In most African countries, entry visas are usually granted on the basis of employment or connection with a particular group. If the government is notified that their employment with that group has been terminated, their residence visa is likely to be revoked. If NTM has terminated an individual’s employment, then NTM — for several reasons — needs to let the national government AND the local church organization know about it, as well as reasons for the change. Supporting churches also need to be notified (and such notification can even be given in the US without infringing on “libel” liability).

  49. Shary Hauber says:

    Growing up in Mali next to Senegal under the French you needed to be connected with an organization to live there. I don’t know that that is certain any more. But NTM could refuse to transfer any support sent to them if they are no long associated with the mission. It sure does look like another cover up but what are we to expect after years of not telling the truth and protecting pedophiles. NTM could at the very least make a statement that so and so is no longer part of NTM. Did NTM inform the church that Ron Abrams was an abuser? They should also inform the local authorities of what he has done. Maybe someone should take him to court in Senegal.

  50. MK1 says:

    Indeed, I would expect that NTM would make their expectations clear. Trust me, I want these people GONE. I’m just stating the facts here as we cannot expect NTM to do that which is either impossible or illegal.

    Regards houses of missionaries, I have no idea who retains the rights. On the field on which I grew up, NTM had no rights in any housing. I’m sure the question is a legal one – who holds legal title. To the extent NTM holds legal title to a house build with funds supplied by an individual missionary, the missionary may be able to seek judicial relief on the recovery theory of “unjust enrichment”.

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