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When you step on a thorn,

not a rose thorn but a desert thorn –

two inches long, yellow and petrified –

you do not stop walking.

You limp as little as possible until

the lunch stop when everyone sits and

you can unobtrusively remove it.

When your baby dies

on the back of your moped as you

hurry to the hospital, hours away,

you allow yourself ten minutes of wailing

then you bury it by the road.

The heat demands it.

When your parents put you on a plane

the first time – you cry.  Soon though,

you learn Puulaaku. Bite down on it,

swallow and squeeze it hard in your stomach.

This is honor. This is sanity. This is good.

When you die,

when your belly explodes from everything

you swallowed,

your family will say

“She was a perfect daughter.”

You would do well to learn


-Susan Smith, a Burkina Faso MK

Many crimes against children were committed by NTM (now Ethnos360) personnel in boarding schools around the world.  Most of these crimes were covered up by NTM.

What a crazy society we have built, where the powerful thrive at the expense of the innocent.

Now we are coming into our own power. Not power over but power with.

It’s our world now. Let’s change it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Read the About page for a comprehensive summary of the investigations into NTM (Ethnos360) boarding schools to date.


418 Responses to NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

  1. Oh Come ON says:

    NTM may not be able to FORCE someone to leave, but I would hope in that case that they at least made their expectations clear. Since we never got to see the alleged letter of termination they sent, we have no idea what was said. However, doesn’t NTM retain rights to all of the houses that missionaries build? I assume Ron Abram is still living in his house in Chobo?

  2. MK1 says:

    NTM can fire somebody, but cannot physically force a former employee to leave the country. If the person has a legal basis for remaining in the country, the person can stay. If the person has no legal basis for remaining in the country, they may be forced to leave, but by the local authorities, not by NTM.

    NTM needs to think about some sort of policy that would either legally obligate a fired employee to leave the country (i.e, some sort of binding contract) or to induce the fired employee to voluntarily leave (i.e., could require all missionaries to post a $10k bond which would be kept by NTM under certain circumstances). In all reailtiy, I’m not sure that anything could really be done. Would such a contract be enforceable? Would the missionary do what was required to get their money back and then return to the country?

    NTM, I know there are legal restrictions (or legal risks) involved with giving specific information regarding certain individuals. What is not illegally and what does not give rise to legal risk is disclosing whether somebody is or is not currently a member and/or employed by NTM. As with most corporate HR departments in the U.S., you can disclose the whether a person was or was not employed, and the duration of the employment. You can do this without disclosing the reason for non-membership (do not have to disclose whether voluntary or not). The means of disclosure I guess is a different story.

  3. NTM Child says:

    More of the same? Say one thing, do another, hope no one finds out and it is forgotten?

  4. Tim Maia says:

    Ms. Mikitson,
    I applaud your inquiry.
    Here is a quote from the NTM website:

    “September 17, 2010
    Actions have been completed in regard to two additional current or former NTM personnel. 16 of the 20 personnel recommendations have now been addressed.”

    Bill Clinton might ask, at this point, what the definition of the word “addressed” is. If a neighbor rushes over to my house, yelling “fire”, and I send my 6-year-old with a cup of water to see what’s going on, I’ve addressed the issue, but I may have done little to deal effectively with the actual problem.

    I’m suggesting the word, “addressed” gives NTM wiggle room, at least in its own collective mind. I can address a recommendation by considering it, and then promptly ignore it for the rest of my life.

    You may have other material that states specifically that Ron Abram was terminated, but at the end of the day, your eyewitness in Senegal is all that matters.

  5. Outside Insider says:

    In reguards to Ron Abram: I am a member of NTM and have worked on a field where people have been dismissed for immorality and left the field. However shortly afterwards they returned, not under NTM, and continued on like nothing had happened. When asked by the citizens of that country about them I always clearly say that they are not with NTM and that they were involved in immorality and were dismissed. It always has been a problem because the people remember them as NTM and their conduct is attributed to NTM and by way of association to me. And the hard part is that neither I, no matter how I am in disagreement with them being there, nor NTM at that point can ask them to leave as they are working independently. I do not know if this is the case with Ron Abram or not. I do think you have a valid question that needs answered. I do hope that if he is now working independently of NTM that he will see the hinderance he is and will be to the ministry there.

  6. Elijah III says:

    Shame on you NTM! The people who should be there in Chobo you run off and the ones who need to leave you don’t have the backbone to do anything about! That is right! We are talking about the Rancans…

    When we discovered at the time they were told by the Senegal field committee that they needed to leave the Budik village and work someplace else because that ministry was in Phase-out, we wrote you guys on the EC and pleaded on their behalf. It was obvious that this was NOT the real reason why they were being asked to leave. We received a reply from Danny Germann saying in effect that it was best for work’s sake that it be that way… We even replied to Danny and commented how sad it was that missionaries were being sacrificed for “the work’s sake.” Ever since that time it has been our firm conviction that whoever made and upheld that decision are traitors to the Kingdom of God and to New Tribes Mission!

    Do you know why we know that it was a disgraceful and deplorable decision to force the Rancans leave Senegal? Because the main person who was responsible for their leaving the field sowed for many years evil seeds of merciless and hardened indifference not only towards them but also towards innocent children who were molested over and over again, without receiving one ounce of mercy, love or justice! And now that same person doesn’t even have the moral character and decency to respect your decision to leave Senegal! Why aren’t you doing anything about it? Need a contingency plan? We just got a brain storm…buy Ron a one way ticket from Senegal to the US!

  7. Diane Mikitson says:

    Attention – NEW TRIBES MISSION.
    We just got a phone call from our Budik son, Pascal Keita. He tells us that Ron Abram is still in Chobo, the Budik village in Senegal. This is very disturbing!
    The GRACE report came out August 23, 2010 and today is December 16, 2010, almost 4 months since the report. You stated that he was terminated. What exactly did that mean?
    I thought that would have meant he was sent home from the field? This is almost 4 months later. Please clarify, NEW TRIBES MISSION.

    Are you taking this seriously?

  8. Jackie Tiner says:

    I have just read the GRACE report, and my heart is broken for you all, and what happened to you. I’m so angry too – but mostly broken-hearted and deeply grieved. I am so sorry this happened to you. “It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.” That’s what Jesus said. You dear ones who were hurt – they will answer to God for their actions.


    May God`s mercy and grace exceed the abundance on our tables tomorrow.
    God bless you my fellow survivors.

  10. Christiana says:

    I just found this site by googling about New Tribes because I am having a difficulty with a new friend that used to be with NT – I am a PK and was abused by my father and my mother perpetually in “De Nile” – it was also a case of putting it as more God’s responsibility – that it was God’s will and etc, I have been continually hurt over the years, that even when it was supposedly “handled” at the first over 25 years ago with counseling etc. it was not really repented but just shoved under the rug of it’s over and long ago etc. Then when my father was dying and at the end of his life a few years ago, he had been being meand and nasty again the years preceding as well – the Pastors of their church were finally informed and they did the same thing – couldn’t really believe that these “good” members who have done so much “good” were really at fault and once again made us “kids” ( all in our 50’s) feel as if we were the true naughty ones – its been a long road and the only thing that I can understand in all of this is that God will put it to right someday and Christ said that a man’s worse enemies comes from His own household – someone thought of as a friend – betrayal – just as He was betrayed – “if they hated Me they will hate you also” – we abused children are sharers in the suffering and betrayal of the Lord in some unique way that God hasn’t explained nor ended – No one who purposely goes against the Lord to do evil will get away with anything – God reads and knows all hearts and will bring justice for His elect someday – in the meantime – we must be constantly vigilent to live as carefully and “goodly” as we expect from others and guard the little ones for the Lord says that “little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong” -“Kiss the Son, lest He become angry and you perish in the way, for His wrath may soon be kindled, how blessed are those who take refuge in Him” Psalm 2:12, the John 3:16 of the O.T. The Lord bless you and give you all His peace, who have been used and abused at the hands of a wrong theology and of much sinful hearts! Trust in Him and do good always.

  11. Sherri Vanagas says:

    Kari, Joie, Diane and John, (And other survivors)

    There are no adequate words to type, but we all wanted to let you know that we are truly sorry for the pain that you have suffered and continue to feel. We are also very sorry that there will really be no justice for you on this earth. Clarence Darrow, famous lawyer, said, “There is no such thing as justice–in or out of court.” However, we serve a loving and just God who will right all wrongs some day.
    Some tears will not be completely wiped away until we see Jesus face to face. We do not understand why God would allow this to happen to any of you but we do believe He is good and does good (Psalm 119:68) We are thankful that we have a God who heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3)

    We are praying for you all and that your souls would find rest in God alone because hope comes from Him!

    the cousins

  12. Tim Maia says:

    jdg: I do believe you represent NTM and I do believe you are sincere in describing victims of sexual child abuse as insurgents. I do believe you are sincere when describing NTM’s perspective, that they are at war with victims of sexual child abuse. Furthermore, your post is a freudian window into the tortured mind of a triber, who one hand sees the violence and cover-up, but on the other hand cheers for survival of the cult. There are two couples listed on ntm.org that have the initials jdg. Which of the two should I exclude?

  13. Kari says:

    @ 🙂

    I wonder if it would be fair to put yourselves in our shoes and consider this scenario. Beyond the abuse that happened as children, the coverup and relocation of the abusers, and the abused being ignored by the mission, consider the present. In the last two years the response from the church and from other missions has been overwhelmingly negative to disclosures of child abuse by someone in their congregation. I could show you letter after letter that I’ve been cc’ed on saying, we don’t agree with the GRACE report, so and so abuser is an upstanding member of our body, etc. If that is unfathomable to you, it is to me also. If you read GRACE’s facebook page and blog, you will see that they too speak about the overwhelmingly poor response of the church when it comes to child abuse. GRACE was formed over the need to educate churches on how to have better responses to child sexual abuse. Churches.

    So why is this? Can you wrap your head around trying to imagine why the church repeatedly protects the pedophile and silences the child? How do we make sense of this? Genuinely curious and wanting to hear responses. After your 200th letter from a church leader (to date, 100% male) who is angry at the ‘gossip’ that someone in his congregation is a child molester, even after reading the GRACE report, what do you start to think? How does your mind wrap around such information. How does one justify this? Am I assuming we’ll come to the conclusion that all men have the same propensities? I certainly hope not, help me to understand their silence and condemnation.

    Let’s continue this discussion on the forums under miscellaneous.

  14. jdg says:

    @Tim Maia
    Counter-insurgency 101: The best technique is to WAIT. In the face any insurgency or revolution, simply hold out. When they become frustrated at not achieving the immediate success they crave, the revolutionaries will inevitably eat each other. This will typically come in the form of some kind of cockfight as they scrap about “who’s more committed” or “who’s ideology is more pure.”
    That’s what’s happening here. I am, ostensibly, on your side. But what I just described is of course going to happen here. Kari took the first step below. You took the second.

    So, on behalf of NTM, I want to thank you.

  15. Tim Maia says:

    Ireland and jdg:

    If silent tribers were inserted into the story of the Good Samaritan, they would have passed by on the other side. If the parents and close relatives were inserted into the story of the Good Samaritan, they would hide in the bushes hoping their child, lying in road, didn’t cry out too much so as to disturb the Pharisee passing by on the other side. Based on your comments, I assume you would reprimand the child lying in the road, telling her to shut up so as not to make life uncomfortable for the Pharisee and the parents hiding in the bushes.

  16. Elijah III says:

    Child sexual abuse as hideous, ugly and distressing as it is reflects a much deeper root problem and paradox in the life of individuals, organizations, communities and nations than readily meet the eye. Take for instance the nation of Israel, who in 2 Kings 17… secretly did things against the LORD their God that were not right…and sinned against the LORD their God…and did wicked things that provoked the LORD to anger… In the long list of sins mentioned in that chapter, one of the last ones listed in verse 18 was that JEHOVAH …removed them from his presence because they sacrificed their sons and daughters in the fire… The parallel to this Old Testament account and what has happened in our modern approach to missions and more specifically in NTM is very striking! What are we trying to say is this:
    1. As was the downward trend with the Israelites in the days of old, so there have been secret sins committed by NTM International against the LORD their God that were not right… Things like cover-up, double standards, spiritual and emotional abuse, repression of truth, etc, etc… Just look at what Paul says about this in Romans 1:18 (Amplified Bible) For God’s [holy] wrath and indignation are revealed from heaven against ALL ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who in their wickedness repress and hinder the truth and make it inoperative. We tend to think of this passage only for the heathen… but that is NOT what it is saying! It says MEN…whether Israelites or New Tribers… Sin needs to be dealt with and “nipped in the bud” or it will take one on a spiral out-of –control journey that only evokes the wrath of God!
    2. When unresolved, these wicked acts even if done in the name of Christ and missions, lead only to more repulsive and despicable acts like throwing innocent children to be “sacrificed” in the fires of sexual, physical, spiritual and emotional abuse in the unnatural setting of boarding schools. You don’t have to read far to see that the first degree “burns” from these experiences in many are still “raw” and very painful… This will cause God to remove His presence from the “mission” or project He initially blessed so powerfully and so wonderfully!
    3. NTM you have begun a much needed purification process, but please, please, please don’t forget the first sins that were committed against countless of your own missionaries that no doubt allowed for the environment that brought about the latter. Let the purging and cleansing go deep—in all areas that need healing and sanctification!! If you can’t remember some of the hurts and offences you inflicted on many in the past… I’m sure there are many ex-NTMers who can…

  17. Kari says:

    these are my feelings, and i’m comfortable expressing them. i want to say to my own dad, thank you for speaking. it means the world to me. i long for all of us daughters and sons to know our dads protection. our longings should be compared to eden, and not to hell. and so we dare to long for a champion rather than a father who would deign not to condemn us. dads, what is keeping you from being a champion?

    i appeal to man’s inherent nobility. radical, i know.

  18. jdg says:

    I’ll bite. The original perpetrators of these crimes, and those in the chain of command directly able to stop them/enforce them who didn’t for the reasons they described to you (“not abuse at the time”) or otherwise, are worthless pieces of trash worthy of our contempt and little else.

    An onlooker today who sees this issue and moves on, for any reason, without doing anything about it, is quite possibly guilty of some kind of moral crime. But it is a crime of omission. And although it is reprehensible and maddening, it is not the same. You’re doing your credibility a disservice by going there.

    Far better to word it thusly: “if you are a father, and have read these words, and have yet to act, or ask yourself, what can i do about this–please consider the possibility that your silence may lend tacit approval to these acts.” something like that.

    you’ve worked way too hard, and gotten way too much accomplished, and have the admiration of way too many people, to lash out like this.

  19. HD says:


    Hey Jerry

    I agree that too quickly is not good. To quickly will mean we just end with a process that is not well thought out. Thus we will end up with gaps in new policies, procedures, etc. I’m just trying to fine the balance between slow and not too fast. As I said before these problems did not occurr overnight and we can’t fix them overnight. I guess the most important thing now is continued progess with resolving the problems of the past. However, I believe the FANDA Eagles want to know that current children in NTM are protected. In that regard, I would say they are better protected today but it needs to be made even better.

  20. Kari says:

    I’ve had twenty years to ponder the silence of men in missions and the church on this topic, and the response of men who took the reports of my abuse. You can see in the documentation on this blog that twenty years ago my abuser confessed to ntm leadership to touching me improperly with lustful thoughts, and it’s been said to me in the last two years by more than one ntm leader, “we just didn’t consider that to be abuse back then”.

    Of course I’m more than happy to be proven wrong, so take it as a challenge, men.

    I would add, by not saying anything you are speaking volumes. Just ask your daughters.

  21. Ireland says:

    Kari – I am absolutely behind you in your quest to have justice, but I feel that this comment is insupportable; ‘i just assume they have the same propensities, or don’t think it’s really all that bad to touch little kids with lust. i can’t explain the deafening silence any other way.’
    How dare you make such a sweeping generalization! I understand that the fanda eagles’ cause consumes you, but you cannot presume that because a man has not made comment, he is a child abuser. Please withdraw your comment.

  22. JERRY BARTLETT says:

    HD, I don`t agree with moving quickly just because some want this resolved yesterday. I think this needs to be thuroughly investigated and very thoughtful permanent changes made to ensure that this never happens again. I know that many of you have waited a long time for this report and for the changes you would like to see. Me too. Almost 40 years. The grace report only dealt with one location and now we see there are many more. Many of the changes the report recommended had already been put into place before the report was finnished. Iam delighted that finaly something is being done to keep NTM from producing another throw-away generation of children. To me speed is not important as long as progress is being made toward a complete and permanent resolution to this horrible mess.

  23. Kati says:

    Sad if true, Kari! So, if the men don’t stand up, women, where are you? Tuti is there, but of all the NTM’ers that we support in prayer, NOT ONE of the families have initiated us with the story! We had to ‘tell’ them, just in case they didn’t know. So let’s support the women who may be trembling to say anything…let’s pray with all our hearts and souls that eyes are opened to the truth of how BAD, EVIL this is! IT seems to me that people deny that anything BAD is going on. There can’t be THAT many in NTM that are part of the problem are there?? Maybe I am in denial!

  24. Kati says:

    I support you all and wish there was more support within NTM for you. I think there needs to be a TTEA Party that rises up WITHIN the mission in support of you. (They’ve Taken Enough Abuse) Some of the forums have called out to the MEN in the mission to arise and speak out. Now you have a name, men, so what’s stopping you!!!

  25. HD says:


    You are being asked to comment on the Forums Tab under NTM Boarding School Abuse under Calling Jerry Bartlet and friends. It is basically the same theme we were discussing here under the abuse tab. Please comment.

  26. Tim Maia says:

    Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

    Ecclesiastes 8:11

  27. Bonnie says:

    Guys, this could be a great discussion. Please move it to the forums to continue dialoguing. Thanks!

  28. HD says:


    Jerry I think what you are saying is true I just would like to see things happening much faster than they are moving. Our MK’s who are now adults have waited to long already. It is time to move quickly rather than delay dealing with these issues any longer.

  29. Son of a survivor says:


    How much worse would it be if NTM rushed through an unthought-out process and did not do what was actually necessary?

    This isn’t as simple as getting on CNN and saying “We’re sorry.” No one knows the breadth and the depth of the appropriate and necessary response to an atrocity like this… not if that response is genuine.

    NTM in many ways is breaking new ground on public accountablity here, however horribly they DID screw up in trying to hide this before now. If they rush to meet arbitrary deadlines, they might set bad precedents that other organizations will feel free to follow when abuse is revealed elsewhere.

    NTM can’t ‘just’ be responsible for Fanda. They need to set a model for dealing with other abuses, both inside and outside of NTM.

  30. More Than Disgusted says:

    To put it briefly, HD, it’s getting tiring to hear that the present leaders are not responsible. It appears from comments on the blog that NTM is telling students and trainees that THAT was the OLD NTM and now there is a NEW NTM. The men on the EB have been there for more than a few years. Before that, they were in leadership positions on the field or in training venues. For a LONG time. Where did they learn their leadership style? It has all been passed on and continued TO THIS DAY. Those of us who are being abused today by leaders in NTM have no voice as yet. Hence, you do not listen to what we post. You do not hear us. Start thinking about what you are being told. All these delays etc. ad nauseam are just a continuation of past abuses.

  31. More Than Disgusted says:

    To put it briefly, HD, it’s getting tiring to hear that the present leaders are not responsible. It appears from comments on the blog that NTM is telling students and trainees that THAT was the OLD NTM and now there is a NEW NTM. The men on the EB have been there for more that a few years. Before that, they were in leadership positions on the field or in training venues. For a LONG time. Where did they learn their leadership style? It has all been passed on and continued TO THIS DAY. Those of us who are being abused today by leaders in NTM have no voice as yet. Hence, you do not listen to what we post. You do not hear us. Start thinking about what you are being told. All these delays etc. ad nauseam are just a continuation of past abuses.

  32. Fiona Liston says:

    This is the quote:
    “Please continue to PRAY for healing of deep hurts from those who were abused at Fanda, for wisdom and courage for the NTM USA Executive Board to follow through on what needs to be done and for the those who are feeling the effects of these actions. PRAY also for those supporting churches that are trying to understand the situation and how God would have them respond. PRAY that God will find us broken and contrite before Him.”
    This is the first reference I remember; I’ve been receiving the prayer and praise for over 8 years.

  33. Tim Maia says:

    “Over the years the leadership has attempted to deal with Frank in some of these areas” (see Documentation tab, letter from Scott Ross regarding Frank Parker).
    The Nazis also allowed Dr. Mengele to conduct experiments on live human beings. Why was my sister considered expendable? Why were four precious lives allowed to wander into the clutches of a predator, one after the other? Why did many other girls have to live in fear in their own bedrooms? Will one man, any man at NTM, stand up and answer like a man?

  34. Naomi says:

    New Tribes Mission reports abusers and their crimes to authorities and has practiced this since 1993.

    Reginaldo Goulart abused and confessed his abuse well after 1993. I have seen NO evidance that they notified ANY authorities! They sent him home with “heath issues”. Please corect me if I am wrong in this!

  35. Bonnie says:

    @Fiona Liston
    Could you post what it said, Fiona?

  36. Fiona Liston says:

    For the first time today, the abuse at Fanda was mentioned on the monthly prayer and praise from Senegal; this must be a step forward.

  37. Um. says:

    1. NTM didn’t even answer the question, they just side stepped it. Of course they can’t make the decision to arrest or charge, but that wasn’t the question was it?
    2. Do they really think that picking up the phone and calling a hot line is the same thing as reporting abuse?
    3. This just shows us that NTM is still playing games and they really aren’t taking this seriously.

  38. Raz says:

    “Why has New Tribes Mission not pressed charges against alleged abusers?
    The decision to arrest and charge abusers with crimes rests solely in the hands of authorities, not in the hands of civilian entities like New Tribes Mission. New Tribes Mission reports abusers and their crimes to authorities and has practiced this since 1993.”


    Did anyone in Sanford really stop and read this sentence and try to think how it comes across to abuse survivors and those who love them?


    Just stab me some more. Right here. Right here in my heart.

  39. Tim Maia says:

    @MK Wife
    MK Wife, you are correct. On October 18th, I read about Larry and his trip to Georgia. I turned to I Corinthians 13, and started hoping. Then on October 27, 2010, I read the following update at ntm.org:
    “Why has New Tribes Mission not pressed charges against alleged abusers?
    The decision to arrest and charge abusers with crimes rests solely in the hands of authorities, not in the hands of civilian entities like New Tribes Mission. New Tribes Mission reports abusers and their crimes to authorities and has practiced this since 1993.”
    Now that Jewel of De Nile is under “FAQS”….never trust facts written with a “q”.
    Suddenly, a cold wind replaced the warm and fuzzy feelings. The cold wind caused my Bible to go back a few pages to I Corinthians 5, where Paul says, “To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh . . .,” referring to a sordid case involving consensual sex, presumably between two adults. I wonder as I wander what Paul would have prescribed for adult men who claim to be Christians who have sexually abused innocent, vulnerable children entrusted to their care?
    Somebody with a cell phone call Boz at Grace to see if he agrees with this 10/26/10 update posted at ntm.org. It would seem to contradict the GRACE report in so many ways.

  40. MK Wife says:

    @pro MK

    I agree with Kari. Larry needs to be calling the MKs directly which he knows have been directly affected. Larry needs to be hand delivering letters of apologies to MKs along with heartfelt, sincere regrets. Why does Larry need Fandas and fellow MKs to constantly coddle and coax him into doing what is right?! The Lord was used as a tool of abuse for years to keep the missionaries and their children in line and now, the Lord is whispered on the lips of people such as Larry and he is instantly given praise. What the? I’m sorry but where’s the Gong in this lousy game show? There’s nothing funny about this ridiculously, chaotic fumblings of Larry and the Board yet they are treating the entire Fanda matter as though it is no serious matter. And why? Because no one has called them on there nonsense. They know without a doubt they can continue to use God as a defense for them and it sickens me! God knew we’d see Him and accept Him with the heart of a child but He didn’t say act like one indefinitely! Stop giving him koodos and patting him on the back for silly little things he should have done from day one when he got the first phone call. Or how about when he was on the mission field investigating cases himself, before he was the big man, why didn’t he speak up then? Why doesn’t he publicly apologize for that now?

  41. HD says:

    Here is a practical thought to think about with regards to the possibility that NTM would / could close down. I think it is better that an existing organization makes and enforces appropriate new polices to correct past grave errors because if a new organization begins you very well could end up with another organization that lacks appropriate knowledge, skills, and policies to deal with such issues. Thus we could just see another organization repeat the cycle. In addition, an organization who has failed so badly is more likely to have a higher sense of awareness with regards to child abuse. Thus I would expect the potential for child abuse to be significantly reduced. I believe breaking the cycle is the key. What we need to watch for is NTM willing to improve upon existing policies and will they enforce them worldwide. This is important because if there is an unwillingness to make corrections with enforcement then the potential for repeating these errors is high. In this particular situation, we all have G.R.A.C.E. in whom many have placed great confidence for obvious reasons. Thus, if they are permitted to continue to influence the policy writing and enforcement methodologies within NTM we have the opportunity to break the cycle.

  42. pro MK says:

    @ gene Long. I believe the phone call of Larry Brown to Diane was very beautiful, it touched my heart. Diana portrayed a man, a leader who was broken before the Lord searching to do His will. I also was touched by the comments which followed, who talked of hope and change it actually moved me to tears after all the negative which has happened.
    @ MK I trust with all my heart that the goal of Larry Brown is not to save NTM but I also trust and hope that is not the goal of other people to see NTM closing down. If this would be the motives of both parties than it wouldn’t have any value. The motivation should be that Christ is honored by the actions of everybody involved. And you are right we should all be accountable and we will one day, not only New Tribers, but we all, me included, because we are all sinners.

  43. Rachel Mullens says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the terrible abuse that you all have endured. I am a NTM MK from another mission field that has experienced a lot of what you have. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

  44. Gene Long says:

    Great topic for a thread on the forums! Please start the thread, and I promise to reply there.

  45. MK says:

    Ok, so NTM is not supposed to call anybody and have a personal conversation? Absolutely all communication should be through official correspondence? So it can be posted in a public forum? I agree that NTM is limiting the volume of its correspondence because of past “incidents”. And, NTM is well advised to do so. There are sharks who are just trying to find some red meat to attack. How can NTM accomplish anything if it has to spend an unbelievable large amount of time responding to correspondence regarding communications that were not intended for public consumption. Every word is heavily scrutinized. Who would want to be subjected to that? Not every thing is everybody’s business. Should NTM publicly post every letter written to NTM in confidence? If an NTM member appears in person to apologize to somebody or to report a crime, should it be required to electronically record the transaction and distribute it?

    One day in the not too distant future, NTM will no longer exist. At the very least it will no longer be “NTM”. That is a good thing, not only for what NTM represents to those who have been abused, but because NTM is an “excuse” to some people for their own short comings and ineffectiveness. There have been too many excuses mentioned on this board by too many people. “It’s the leadership’s fault”. “I did X because leadership said I was supposed to do X”. Let’s all take responsibility for our own actions or inaction, our own disclosures or non-disclosures, and our own motivations.

    I agree that NTM, and more precisely, NTM members (and former members) should be held accountable and its/their feet should continue to be held to the fire. However, let’s not be ridiculous. Bombarding NTM with petty items may affect its capacity to respond to those legitimate items that need addressed.

  46. More Than Disgusted says:

    @Gene Long

    We were told 2 years ago by a regional leader that since the “incident in Thailand” NTM was no longer writing things down to avoid a paper trail.

  47. HD says:

    @Son of a survivor

    I think Kari is expecting Larry to call her. Based on other things that Kari has written my interpretation is she expects Larry to call her not for her to have to call him.


    Could you please clarify. I don’t want to enter into the dangerous territory of mind reading others thoughts. We all know that Larry had given your mom his phone number for you to be able to call him. Thus, my guess is some will think you have the number so just call him. However, I totally agree it is up to Larry to make the call to you.

    NTM Monitor

    Please make sure you watch for Kari’s response to this. I’m expecting that if Kari wants Larry to call her that is what he will do as soon as he knows that information.

  48. Gene Long says:

    NTM should NOT be calling anybody. They should communicate ONLY in signed, official letters. I cannot count the number of times that NTM was “not able to reconstruct the entire phone conversation.”

    The other victims should not have to depend on what a third party can remember from a phone call with the organization that, for years, protected the criminals.

    If you won’t write it, don’t say it, NTM.

  49. Bonnie says:

    @Son of a survivor
    I have not been called by Larry Brown either.

  50. Bonnie says:

    NTM Weekly Update:

    This week NTM continued conversations with various parties including GRACE regarding how best to implement steps toward mediation and arbitration. NTM and GRACE had hoped to be in a position to recommend a specific process by today, but were unsuccessful in reaching that point.

    On Saturday, October 23, members of the NTM-USA Executive Board will be meeting with members of the GRACE team to discuss various topics including, but not limited to, mediation and arbitration and the manner and procedure in which other NTM boarding school abuse claims will be investigated and addressed. We continue to be in prayer for God’s wisdom and leading during this meeting.

    GRACE continues to follow up on issues regarding the remaining personnel recommendations and is awaiting responses from certain persons before fully completing this task. NTM will finalize their decisions as soon as possible upon receiving final information from GRACE.

    October 22, 2010

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