NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

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When you step on a thorn,

not a rose thorn but a desert thorn –

two inches long, yellow and petrified –

you do not stop walking.

You limp as little as possible until

the lunch stop when everyone sits and

you can unobtrusively remove it.

When your baby dies

on the back of your moped as you

hurry to the hospital, hours away,

you allow yourself ten minutes of wailing

then you bury it by the road.

The heat demands it.

When your parents put you on a plane

the first time – you cry.  Soon though,

you learn Puulaaku. Bite down on it,

swallow and squeeze it hard in your stomach.

This is honor. This is sanity. This is good.

When you die,

when your belly explodes from everything

you swallowed,

your family will say

“She was a perfect daughter.”

You would do well to learn


-Susan Smith, a Burkina Faso MK

Many crimes against children were committed by NTM (now Ethnos360) personnel in boarding schools around the world.  Most of these crimes were covered up by NTM.

What a crazy society we have built, where the powerful thrive at the expense of the innocent.

Now we are coming into our own power. Not power over but power with.

It’s our world now. Let’s change it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Read the About page for a comprehensive summary of the investigations into NTM (Ethnos360) boarding schools to date.


418 Responses to NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

  1. Tuti Hess says:

    Abuse allegations: NTM has and will continue to investigate any abuse allegations brought to our attention. In order to expedite the investigations, NTM has located a number of outside investigators to be involved in the process.

    Arbitration: Several meetings have taken place this week regarding implementing the mediation and arbitration recommendation, involving experienced mediators and arbitrators.

    Beyond the recommendations: NTM is working to ensure that every school that the mission recommends for the children of NTM missionaries on the field is meeting best practice standards and child protection policies are current and being implemented.

    Personnel: We have not yet been able to finalize action on the four remaining personnel recommendations as we had planned. In three cases, we are waiting for GRACE to complete their work, and in one case we are still looking into the situation in order to determine the appropriate measures to take.

  2. Denise Amstutz K. says:

    I find it hard to believe that they still do not get that “the victims do not trust YOU NTM” Do you really think that they are going to sit down and talk with your investigator who answers to your committee??? I feel like screaming but do not think that it will do any good. Come on Missionaries, take a look around you, look at your own children, think about if they were the ones who were abused, think about the schools they are in right now, are they truly safe? Who would you want to sit down with your child and let them pour their souls out to? Would you really want your child to take their pain to their grave, or would you want them to have someone who they truly trusted to be able to help them out of their darkness? Some of the MKs cannot even open up to us yet because they are still afraid that the abusers will follow through with their threats, so now they are expected to sit down and open up to the same organization that protected these monsters? You say that your organization has changed and is changing, but this is the same EC that told Kari just in 2009 that nothing could be done. Pretty much showed her the rug and tried to sweep her back under it. You say that it was a long time ago, that it was not you that did anything wrong, well let me tell you something that was pounded into my head my entire life while growing up “guilty by association”. Silence speaks volumes my friends. I am Denise Amstutz Koss, my father was David Amstutz, my mother is Debra Amstutz, my grandpa is Robert Smith, if you know me, if you care for me at all you will speak up and tell NTM that this is not right. The victims deserve more than this!

  3. joie says:

    So i just got the email about GRACE not investigating other abuse complaints at the other New Tribes boarding schools. like a lot of other people on this site, i am saddened and horrified. i would say shocked and horrified, but i’m not remotely shocked at this move by NTM. i *would* have been shocked – in the best way – if NTM had announced that they were using GRACE to investigate this plethora of other abuse stories, because that would have shown that they genuinely wanted to get to the bottom of it all and find out what really happened and do their best to fix and make amends for the abuse that happened under their watch…but this? this is pretty much exactly what i expected from them, ostriches that they are. NTM does not have or deserve our trust and if they really understood what was at stake here they would fall over themselves to make sure of GRACE’s continued involvement instead of leaving it up to the Child Protection Committee (which historically should be named the NTM Protection Committee, am i right?).

    i do feel like i got my hopes up a bit thinking that there could be real change after hearing all these rumors about how broken the NTM executive committee feels about the terrible abuses and the subsequent corporate coverup at Fanda (i say rumors because i really haven’t heard anything of substance other than the generic non-news updates on the NTM.org site, Larry Brown’s form letter to all of us ex-Fanda students, and some anonymous folks on this Fanda Eagles site saying that NTM’ers are upset, etc). i find it truly unbelievable that New Tribes missionaries can still be so silent in the face of the undeniable Fanda report and the stories on the forums from the other NTM-run boarding schools, that they are not screaming out en masse at the top of their lungs to make sure this is looked into instantly and appropriately.

    i have been the first to admit that there are so many good and sincere members of NTM, that not all are culpable of the many, many instances of abuses of all kinds and the methodical concealment of them, but an organization is really only as good as the people in it…and i think that this continued silence on the part of NTM missionaries is implied consent, a tacit agreement with New Tribes Mission’s continued refusal to really deal with the issue transparently. If NTM goes back to handling this internally, that is proof that they have repented of nothing, learned nothing, changed nothing, and are still in full-on “protect” mode. and in my opinion that also means that every single person who operates under their umbrella will be also be culpable from this point forward.

  4. JOY says:

    I believe this is just another way to avoid “facing the music”. NTM’s decision to do an internal investigation rather than bringing in a third party (such as GRACE) to investigate further abuse allegations at other MK schools is highly suspicious. Another attempt to brush it under the carpet for the sake of keeping up appearances. Make no mistake my friends, NTM is on a path of devastation and decline if they choose to continue to hide from their responsibility is this matter. Keep fighting the good fight. Fight for Truth. Accountability and Justice. I’m frankly so disgusted by NTM I feel physically sick.

  5. Raz says:

    If it is true that NTM is now going to take over the investigations of the numerous reports of abuse coming in from other NTM schools, this is a very discouraging development. I hope and pray NTM will reconsider this decision. GRACE is an outside entity which has won the respect of all of us who have been following this matter on this website. I have been hopeful in my expectation that GRACE would be doing further investigations with the same compassion, thoroughness and professionalism they demonstrated in their investigation of Fanda.
    This is a very sad day for me.

  6. Denise Amstutz K. says:

    I just wanted to come on and say that I recently posted a comment on someone’s facebook page telling him that I was happy that he was full of joy. This is a person who was named in the report and who took his punishment from NTM by being retro-fired and losing all footing in NTM meaning that he can no longer represent the mission that he helped create. I am able to wish him joy because I was told that when presented with his punishment he welcomed it and said that he was glad that he was being punished because he had “wronged and hurt those kids”. This statement let me know that he actually felt sorry, that he actually felt something. I am sure that if these people truly repent and ask forgiveness that God will give them true joy in their souls.
    …The only thing that I am troubled by is that I had to hear this from someone else. I have heard nothing directly from anybody except Larry. Why is that?? Don’t they know that we are waiting, waiting to hear from them personaly? I should not have to call everyone involved personaly so that they can apologize to me, they should be doing that anyway. Where are all of the apology letters on the Fandaeagles home page, or the NTM website? If you do not know if I am talking to you just open up the GRACE report, look up all the names of the ones who buried this and covered it up, if your name is there start writting because I want to read it. I get that you are apologizing to your family, to your pastors, to your church friends, and small groups, but how about turn your voice to us now.

  7. Tim Maia says:

    Yo, tribers of all stripes. Please visit “Forums”, by clicking with your rodent on “Forums”, at the top of this page. There you will find all types of stories about the ministry of New Tribes Mission all over the world, including horrible stories of abuse at various boarding schools. You will note, for instance, that the Vianopolis forum has 33 topics, about 927 posts, and 14,761 views. What that means in the Bisorio language is that, “Houston, we have a problem.”

  8. Broken says:

    Have ya’ll researched this site? Please also read the forums where kids who have been abused are sharing. It is a nightmare being unfolded on these pages.

  9. Interested says:

    Every Parent and Every NTM member – Please read this. I am copying it from the Forums and Under Via. It is authored by ViaWings:
    Dear Parents of MKs,
    I’m writing this letter asking you to take a few moments and consider the cost. Consider the cost of reaching the lost with the Gospel. Consider the cost of sending your kids to boarding school during their formative years. Consider the cost of abuse against your child, and their friends, at the hands of those you entrusted them to. Consider the cost of the cover-up by the Mission when said abuse is reported. Consider the cost.

    If you are part of a Mission and you are reading this, please know that what I say here is intended to prevent or diffuse the storm that is brewing, a storm that has the potential to become much worse. This is coming from an MK who strongly believes in the words posted in the T.I.M. building in Via: “Ide pregai.” I understand the potential this storm could have on the mission you work for, the same mission that carries the message of Christ to the lost. This storm does not have to be the result of the work of Satan, but it will be if you chose the wrong response.

    Your natural instinct is going to be to fight for, and protect, “the mission.” Don’t. I understand that response well. It is in all of us. It is a fear response, and a cowardly response. It comes from the dark places within you, from a place of insecurity and uncertainty. What if they sue? What if we are forced to shut down? That place is not of God. Many of you that are reading this know that I am speaking the truth because you feel it now in your hearts. If you feel that, speak up! You need to be heard. If you cowardly choose to fight, you won’t win. Your systems, in oppressive methodical ways, have cognitively and behaviorally taught us MKs, who instinctively know when we are not valued, to be ferociously independent, resilient, resourceful survivors. We were taught well, most more than me. If you choose to fight against us, neither party wins in the end. It will just end in years of court and legal battles, ongoing stories of scandals, more and more bitter MKs and unforgiving supporters. And Satan will have won.

    The place that is of God within you, where courage and acting in integrity comes from, and I believe this about you, is to respond with grieving hearts that take responsibility for the crimes committed against these ewe lambs of the Shepherd and for the negligent systems that could not protect their hearts.

    If you haven’t yet read the G.R.A.C.E report on the abuse at Fanda, read it! You probably will want to avoid doing so, but don’t. Read it. Weep. Mourn for the loss of innocence. Rage at the injustice. Be broken before the LORD! What happened at Fanda also happened at Via, and many other schools run by the mission. Allow yourself to feel the crushing avalanche of untold stories and raw emotion that are finally escaping deaths shadows. Let it overwhelm you till you are drowning in it. That is the courageous response.

    These voices, like the voices of your own children, have been silent for too long, the pain too deep, to remain silent. Step into their shoes, try to see life through the eyes of kids who never knew peace, only fear. Who lived a plastic Christian life on the outside, but lived in lonely darkness on the inside.

    Come along side the wounded MKs. Encourage the imprisoned voices to finally be set free. Pray for them, cry with them, cheer for them, celebrate when another finds their voice to tell all and begin their journey of healing. Help them to find the clarity that they are OK and it was the system that was messed up, not the other way around. There are already a few in this forum who are modeling that for the rest of you, we praise God for their courage and integrity.
    Repent and apologize. You don’t know how powerful that is!

    Take action. Encourage your mission to take action! There are many MKs who are grievously wounded. Use all available resources, and I mean all, to take care of the MKs you neglected long ago. Make MKs your mission’s priority. If you can’t take care of the kids God entrusted to you, how will God honor you taking care of other business? That is the economy of the God that I know. Financially make yourself resourceful. Therapy and counseling is very expensive. Some have even had psychiatric hospitalizations and residential placements.

    As a mission board, in light of what has transpired, leaders should immediately and decisively remove any perpetrators, offenders and negligent administrative staff from amongst your midst. We know who they are. If you don’t, just ask. Your mission can’t move forward with them. The damage is done. Their credibility is lost. They won’t gain the trust of MKs, missionary candidates, nor regain the trust of supporters by harboring them in your midst. They must do it now and make it public.

    Consult with MKs on how to fix the system. We are your greatest resource, and we have a lot of ideas. Procedures and practices regarding MKs and family life need overhauled immediately!
    Encourage your mission to close boarding schools. There is not a Christian psychologist or Christian counselor anywhere that thinks boarding schools for kids is a good idea. As sad as that is to me, and a lot of us, I know it is true in my heart. MK schools where kids live with their real biological parents have more potential. However, even better and more importantly, put your mission’s resources into how they can support families on the field, with home school education resources, resources to encourage parent – child relationships, trained counselors/therapists, etc…

    I pray that you read and listen to this posting with humility. I am hurting, I am healing, and I want to help. If you feel the same, join us on the fandaeagles.com site. Go to forums, and find the Vianopolis Forum. You can remain anonymous, but please show your support, share your story. Start there, and let God’s Spirit within you show you what He would have you do.

    Your Name/ Via MK

  10. Anne says:

    I am so deeply saddened, and hurt for these folks, their children, the guilt they feel, and if on my own I could hug them and take it all away I would. But it is not that easy, and the betrayal is beyond. You live with it all your life. I remember as a small child someone attempting to abuse me sexually, my alarms system went off and I tried to run, I was in a huge dog kennel, but one of the dogs sensed something was horribly wrong, and began to pace between me and the perpetraor, and it gave me to chance to climb the high fence and into the house for safety, only to find they didn’t believe me. A dog sensed the wrong………..can one say, ‘I just didn’t know, we haven’t been trained? I think that is the cowards way out. Still today I remember, and still today I can tell you ones to stay clear of, and I am far beyond an adult. It is outrageous what was done to those young children. I think NTM needs to be on their face before God. To ignore and say I just didn’t know is just as bad as being the perpetrator himself. I can tell you of mnay that would match mine. It’s an evil world, and I long for a new heaven. Let God be the judge, and count on it He will.

  11. trickle- down victim says:

    I just wanted to share, that even tho I wasnt in NTM, I experienced many of the abuses suffered here, . I experienced sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse. The sexual and emotional abuse did major damage to me, but I think the spiritual abuse was , (for me) the worst. At 19, I became a christian and was so excited, and couldnt get enough of Jesus. however, then I was pulled into “Leagalism”much of it ( in my case)trickled down from NTM people in our church. The leagalism took away my thrilling relationship with Jesus, and replaced it with a cold, rule-filled ,(ball and chain) type of life. I think of all the abuses I have endured, the spiritual abuse was the worst., because it cut deep, down into the very inner-most part of my being. I have since been healing from all of the abuses, the spiritual abuse,(again) being the hardest, and most confusing to work through. I have learned about Grace in recent years, and have found a whole different, (loving ) God than the one presented to me in the past. It has been a hard road, tho, climbing out of the “pit” of leagalism. I pray, that all of you can find the same healing, and freedom.

  12. Tuti Hess says:

    @Naomi Cleaves
    Yes it may be just more of a private thing where people individually get together with Abrams and say their farewells privately I don’t know no one seems to want to say anything about it.

  13. Naomi Cleaves says:

    @Tuti Hess
    I personally don’t mind if Ron gets a goodby party. Ron was one of the ones that hurt me deeply and I struggle with my anger towards him but he was there for a long time so why shouldn’t people be able to say goodby? It may end up being a little humiliating for him in his good by speach and explination of why he is leaving if he is truely honest though. Now that I think about it, I wonder if he would even want to celebrate his termination. However, I don’t wish on him what I got from him so if people want to give him a goodby party then they have my support.

  14. Tuti Hess says:

    Thanx apg. Another thing I looked into was a comment that was made about the Senegal field holding a farewell party for Abrams. The several people I emailed and the leadership (there is now West Africa leadership team and then regional leadership for the different countries)all of these people said they did not know anything about a farewell party for the Abrams. Leadership also told me that a letter has been sent out to the Senegal field members saying they support the latest action taken by EC on the Fanda Abuse but no public statement yet on the senegal website or the DOP.

  15. Frustrated says:

    Disgusted at these people that committed abuse on children so long ago that are walking free among us that will never be able to be charged with their crime because of the statue of limitations and maybe even because they are in another country.

  16. apg says:

    @Tuti Hess
    Thanks for digging a little deeper into this for all of us, Tuti! I was wondering the same thing after I saw the questions that were posed about his involvement with the Senegal newsletter.

  17. Tuti Hess says:

    Hey fandaeagles and fellow bloggers, I wanted to let you know some information I found out recently after email communication with Frank Stottlemyer. I can’t remember where it was that I read it but there were a couple of posts about the Day of Prayer (DOP) letter that is put out monthly for the Senegal field. Frank is sent the DOP letter then he makes copies of it and sends it out to various ones in the States. He is not involved in the compilation of this letter. There are two main ladies who receive info from Senegal misso’s and field leadership then they compile it. Frank told me that last month was his final time to do that, the responsibility has been given to someone else. The new people are former Senegal missionaries, I know them, they have nothing to do with the Fanda abuse and the former Senegal leadership.

  18. Beverly Shellrude Thompson says:

    Naomi, I am so very sorry you experienced this. Those who are abused in the dark of night or in isolated rooms can always believe that, “if they only knew what was happening they would stop it”. To be abused in public places, with observers who did nothing to stop it, would be so confusing to a child and adds layers to the tragedy. People saw what was happening, and no one stepped in to protect you, to stop the abuse.

    You said, “I don’t even know how to talk about this abuse”. As we continue to tell our stories, we will provide companionship for one another and help each other find ways to talk about the abuse we experienced.

    What I have heard from others who were abused by citizens of the country they were living in was that their parents were so engaged in ministry that they were unaware of where their children were for most of the day, who they were with, and what was happening to them. It was criminal neglect.

  19. Naomi Cleaves says:

    @Beverly Shellrude Thompson
    “some are abused by the citizens of the country their parents are working in.”
    Me. I had death threats, had a taxi try to run me over, was constantly touched inapropriatly… I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. None of the missionaries took any notice. I don’t even know how to talk about this abuse. It was as if the missionaries thought that we couldn’t expect anything better of them. They were, after all, “The savages that we have come to save. So just ignor it. We will too.” I suffered sexual abuse by the senegalese men, out in the open for everyone to see. I hated it.

  20. Really sorry to hear about the member of your family who was abused; and the whole family suffers when even one member is abused.

    You are right that MK’s were abused in settings other than boarding schools. Some have been abused in their own homes by visiting missionaries; some who attend “cluster schools” (Wycliffe and SIL are two mission agencies ho use this model of education) are abused by missionaries in that setting; some are abused by the citizens of the country their parents are working in.

    All of our stories need to be told; all of our perpetrators brought to justice in a manner which will protect other children from them. For this to happen we need to be able to report abuse whereever and by whomever it happened.

  21. Rose says:

    Most of the abuse, discussed here has to do with boarding schools, but there were also victims sexually abused by others not in these schools. A member of our family was sexually abused many times over by an NTM missionary, who then went on to abuse more children in another country. He has yet to answer for his sins, after many decades. I have no doubt this could be multiplied many times over, if all victims came forward.

  22. Sherry L. Forsberg says:

    @Denise Amstutz K.
    Oh Denise, how i agree! I also am very tired of being judged because my opinion may be different than someone elses. I have wasted so many years (decades) trying to please “people” Or religeious elders, rather than looking to please God. God somehow got lost in the shuffle, or trying to follow all the”rules” and”performing”. And I am tired of people in the church saying that everything negative or bad happening in my life is caused because I am not”walking with the lord’, ” or “in rebellion” or “”there must be “sin” in my life somewhere”” Where is the compassion? there is no compassion for people going through things when it is blamed on them. Where is the compassion that Jesus showed. It certainly is not anywhere in “leagalism” How can we build each other up, and cary each others burdens, when the finger is pointed at the person going thru crisis.?

  23. Denise Amstutz K. says:

    Isn’t it sad that after all of this has come out we are still being judged? We don’t “look” like normal christian people, so we are not to be listened to. We were not raised stict enough… we look fine, so we must be fine. I am so tired of people judging the heart of a person based on the outward appearance. I am so tired of being afraid of truly speaking my mind because of what some family members may think. I am just so very tired of being judged for absolutely everything I do. God directs our paths differently, why can’t people accept that? God told Samson not to cut his hair, does that mean all men with short hair are sinning, of course not. God speaks to me directly too. Leadership in NTM was/maybe still is messed up and they trained and released into society some very messed up people. But we are allowed to question authority, we will question “authority”, and we are not sinning by doing so.

  24. highlander says:

    Debbie said, “I wonder how many other missionary kids around the world are dealing with what so many of us have had to go through.”
    Many are just starting to allow themselves to believe that it (one’s own abuse story) was true. So long we have held it inside, not wanting to even believe our own memories. Now, Fanda kids are leading the way so that all of us can clear the gunk out of our heads and seek healing and expose the bad people. Thank you Fanda kids so, so much. Check out http://www.mksafetynet.net/ for support along the way.

  25. Older Sister says:

    Was that an NTM boarding school? I can’t tell you how devastated I am by all of this “Christians” abusing Christians, and children, at that.!!

  26. Debbie says:

    Interesting to read of these reports. These kinds of abuse happened at the Christian Academy in Japan all the way back to the l960’s as well. I was shocked at one of our recent class reunions that it happened to so many of us!! And due to the threats we got from those who were the abusers, we never told anyone. When I first told my folks about it 15 years ago, they couldn’t (or didn’t want to) believe it. Now as word has come out about it happening all over the globe….they apologize for what we went through and feel so bad. I wonder how many other missionary kids around the world are dealing with what so many of us have had to go through. The nightmares don’t go away easily!

  27. More Than Disgusted says:


    Your point is well-taken about how to question leadership—or anyone. Fine.
    Our point here is the essence of what Paul says—–as I follow Christ, you follow me. How do these leaders really act outside the classroom? Or any other committee people wherever they might be in the org.? And this is a big subject. But–we are looking for true shepherds who don’t just talk grace; they also practice it. There is grace in the way they deal with old and young alike.
    We have friends in NTM around the world. In the last 3 to 5 years–even to the present—they have observed or experienced the brusque type of leadership that says, “You can leave now.” And not that nicely. There is a void of grace. Are you reading the entries here? You could write to some of them and ask for dates for what they are describing. You could write to the last 15 families who have left NTM and ask them for their story. Some of them might be too devastated even to reply.
    We also have our own experience which is extensive and of course we can’t comment on that here. Why?
    Don’t believe all you hear. Try to find the facts. Yes, even in the NTM-USA sites. It still escapes us as to why the GRACE Report is not on the NTM public website along with NTM’s vigorous repentance and the implementation of GRACE’s recommendations thus far, demonstrating this repentance. Someone already asked the question, “Is NTM only using the GRACE Report as a checklist or will they go further?” What NTM is doing will take time. We will wait for their words to turn into actions before we jump for joy. The best place we can find to stay up-to-date is fandaeagles. Btw, what were the students told regarding the eagles site? Was it given out with the counsel to ask the Lord to show them the truth? There is great liberty in the Spirit. The principle here is that we are to be good Bereans. Or were they only given the admin point of view? That is what we are asking: “How much of the whole picture is being revealed within NTM?”
    Thank you for putting your thoughts and questions on this blog. Thanks for your mentoring role in the lives of students at NTBI. You have a wonderful opportunity to minister to this generation that seems to be seeking for truth.

  28. pro MK says:

    I apologize I did not want to hurt feelings, maybe it is my european culture which let me be so direct and maybe not very sensitive. I’m praying for you all.

  29. Kari says:

    Hi guys,

    I fear we’re getting off topic here, and for the sake of keeping this very long comment thread relevant to the blog post I’d like to encourage everyone to take these kind of debates to the forums, as that is exactly what they are for. Thanks.

  30. apg says:

    @pro MK
    I’m posting this in response to your comment in which you identified Gene Long’s messages as being hateful. Firstly, pro MK, let me say I appreciate your words of understanding for the MKs and families who are hurting. But as a fellow supporter I find it discouraging to see division like this.

    I’ve noticed numerous comments throughout this debate (here and on Facebook), where people seem to know exactly what’s going on in everyone else’s heart; honestly, statements like these are often inaccurate and cause needless harm. Of course we can sense intensity, tone, and bias in someone’s message, but that isn’t the same as knowing their motives.

    Again, pro MK, I appreciate your support for the work the Fanda MKs are trying to accomplish, and I’ve also been encouraged by many of Gene’s comments, probably because I see passion and justified anger behind them rather than hate. I hope we all keep in mind that a big part of our reaction to someone’s words lies in our own interpretation, and when our communication is limited to text on a screen the potential for misunderstanding is immense. And believe me, I need this reminder as much as anyone else!

  31. pro MK says:

    @Gene Long
    -first I agree with you about your own opinion and so I tell you that what I write reflects exclusively my own personal thinking. Just reading through all this comments I noticed that yours were always very personal, and always aggressive as if there would be something else involved which is not related to the cause. I can not find this aggressiveness in any other person here in this forum.

    -second you expressed your thought in a public way why should I express my opinion in a separate email?

    @ MK Sheri, my first language is not English so I am sorry for not expressing myself very clearly. What I mean with cause is the cause of the fanda eagles which I support and for which I thank God that it came out.

  32. MK sheri says:

    @pro MK


    What is “the cause?” And…, if your answer is “the cause of Christ” then please explain to me what you mean by that.

  33. MK sheri says:

    @Lucy B.

    Unfortunately, this attitude is not just in New Tribes, and not just in some of the other missions but also exists in other pockets. (not sure it isn’t more than pockets, but pervasive) I have heard this message “any person who disagrees or has questions is “not submitting to authority” or “has a problem with authority”” one too many times now and been punished for my ‘problem with authority’ I’m 50 years old and formerly very involved in church. We are attending a church, but we are not members. I am hesitant to even get to know anyone. It’s not safe, you see, because I can’t stop my questions. I don’t think I can take any more verbal canings. Even one ‘whack’ is too much, too harsh, even the threat. My response is to only spiritual abuse. How much harder it must be for you who were taught that God is connected to sexual and physical abuse.

  34. Gene Long says:

    @pro MK
    It is very important to understand that no one posting on this site speaks for anyone else; my comments reflect my personal opinions and should not reflect badly on the victims of abuse, their other defenders or even their opponents. If you’d like to carry on personal correspondence regarding any specific things that you find hateful, please contact the Eagles for my email address. Also, forums are available for more detailed discussions of specific points.

  35. MyThoughts says:

    @More Than Disgusted Where are you getting your information?

    I am currently a staff member at NTBI, and we have been told to not give Official Statements to the press, (Which is understandable) but we have not been told to not speak to anyone outside of NTM about this whole thing. In fact, Andy K., the Director of MTC, reposted some of the information on his blog (http://www.ntm.org/wp/andy_kline/2010/09/03/164/), and linked to it on his Facebook page with comments. So I am not sure where you are getting your information(?)

    As for your other comments regarding questioning leadership: I have heard stories of autocracy , etc from some fields, but from my understanding, it is from the last vestiges of the older style of leadership that are still being removed. (When you consider that there is 3500 members worldwide in 20+ countries, I think it is understandable that it will take some time to change leadership styles–Whether or not there should still be some of that going on now, since 1997 is when the changes started–that is a valid line of reasoning) Anyways–my point is that I have worked with 4 NTM-USA centers leadership teams in the last 5 years, and while no one is perfect, the autocratic toxic leadership style is not there in substance anymore, in my personal experience.

    Finally, to your challenge to NTBI & MTC students to question leadership, open to discussion, etc: Great Idea! Just please remember that the way we question someone goes a long way in helping to have an open & profitable discussion, ie. questioning in a non-antagonistic manner.

    Anyways, hope this makes some kind of sense.

  36. More Than Disgusted says:

    NTBI and MTC students:

    This is a great comment from the Director of GRACE, who is an attorney. As quoted in the World Magazine article: Fear at Fanda:

    Tchividjian is hopeful that NTM will respond appropriately to its own scandal. “Right now, words mean nothing,” he said. “Actions are going to be key.” The attorney sees an opportunity for the missions organization to respond in a way that other ministries have not: “If they do the right thing, it will be groundbreaking.”

    As far as what you are hearing about the changes in NTM leadership style since 1997, you may want to reserve your opinions until NTM provides a safe place for past and present NTM members to share. You will find that the autocratic and toxic leadership style continues on TO THE PRESENT, IF anyone has the courage to tell their story. Not all leaders maybe, but it is STILL happening. A word of caution: They can talk the talk. But take some time to observe your trainers’ lives. There are many in the org. who are gems. But try questioning one of your leaders. Are they open to discussion? Really?

    What are you being told about why anyone outside of NTM has to go to the fandaeagles website to read the GRACE Report? Members apparently are not supposed to be sharing anything with “outsiders” but what NTM puts on its public website. ALL written and edited by NTM.

    We also hope NTM will do what is right. We are still waiting.

    With as much gentleness as possible, we say this next thing for your consideration. Take a look at some recent articles written by either mature Christians with ministry experience or by those who know and carry out thorough reporting. Two articles on the Leading from the Sandbox blog – Sept 6 and 8 – and Fear at Fanda in World Magazine. (See Media Page.) Also note the insightful questions and comments by Gene Long.

  37. pro MK says:

    when I read the report I feel absolutely heartbroken for what happened In Senegal and also in other places. I am a third culture kid, a missionary and a Father of three daughters, I pray for my children that God may protect them and I pray also for all MK’s in all the world and of course for the ones who were abused at Fanda, I know several of them personally and they are my friends. Thank you Fanda Eagles for bringing this problem to the light.
    But a I would like to have a word to Gene Long. I am tired to read of all this hate that you are bringing in this discussion. This hate is not constructive to the cause, are you a Christian?

  38. Gene Long says:

    @So Sorry!
    I’m not sure which post you are referring to. . . I have tried to be careful not to accuse the entire organization, as individuals. I do maintain, however, that the organization, as a legal, corporate entity, is at fault.

    You are welcome to join the discussion at http://fandaeagles.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=348.

  39. S says:

    The saddest part about this is that if the mission had responded to the allegations with compassion and readiness to act, none of this would be aired in public.

    The abusers should have been contacted and allowed to speak.
    The abused children should have been listened to and believed.
    Therapeutic healing could have occurred.

    It’s hard enough to be abused and to try to find healing, let alone be re-abused by people who chose to act like it never happened by hiding their heads like an ostrich to pretend it never happened.

    If this had happened in the USA the kids would have legal recourse to be defended and therapy would have been administered.

    There are many MKS who are abused in the name of serving God, myself included.

    It took me years and years to learn to trust God because the people who taught me about God were so abusive.

    And on top of that my parents actions of sending me away to be raised by someone else “because they had to serve God” felt like abandonment. I had great parents but I didn’t get to live with them very much.

    I remember my mom saying one day “Where did you get that far fetched idea about God? We never taught you that!”

    And I said, “Well you didn’t raise me.”

    One of the saddest thing about missions is that they seem to ignore the needs of their own children. They act like there is no elephant in the room.

    For missions to hide their head in the sand and ignore the cries of the MKS is an atrocity.

    People assigned to boarding schools should be carefully screened and trained in child care, not assigned because their name was drawn out of a jar.

    MKS should be allowed to express all this in private sessions with caring people who can help them work thru the abuse and find healing.
    I eventually found healing but many productive years were lost because of the dysfunction this caused.

  40. Melissa G. says:

    I left Christa Brown a comment on that post but i notice she hasn’t posted it. I guess she didn’t like it because she’s posted other comments that came in after mine. Hmm, i thought we were all after the same thing here… the truth.

  41. So Sorry! says:

    Sorry Gene –

    You dont make any sense in this post… if organizations cant do all this stuff you mention… then they cant do all these horrible things talked about on this blog… maybe you are right – we need to hold people accountable… and not be so harsh toward the organization… people abused, covered up, did a poor job of leading, etc… so lets hold their feet to the fire,,, and realize that not everyone in NTM is evil… because as you say…. organizations cant…..

    Just keeping in real – keep pointing at the target…and you will hit the bullseye…spray bullets everywhere, and you hurt innocent PEOPLE. @Gene Long

  42. Broken says:


    Ok…thanks Kari. Well then my reply is to Fanda MK! 😉

  43. Kari says:

    Guys, Person with info was responding to Fanda MK who claimed that the GRACE report was riddled with inaccuracies. At least that’s how I read it..

  44. Broken says:

    Person with Info…If you have info on this case that you think is so changing, I guarantee you there are dozens and dozens more of us from different NTM Boarding schools that have had the same experiences. The truth doesn’t lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Kari says:

    @Mark Cook
    Hi Mark, it is on the first page of the website. Look above at the NTM – GRACE joint statement. I am also more than happy to add a bit of the statement pertaining to Dick Day below it. Hope we get to hear your voice more.

  46. Sammy Jay says:

    Well person with info if that is so true then why haven’t they been printed. Surely they should have been printed as soon as possible to quash all these horrific stories carriedout by dark enities.

  47. Mark Cook says:

    The first time i have ever written something on this webtite. Dick Day was listed. NTM and Grace did not do enough research. There was one person at the meeting that resonded right away that was not you(fandaeagles). That person stepped up and then all of you agreed! FANDAEAGLES.put it on the front page of your website.

  48. mpjatvtcdotnet says:

    The Sep 8 Supplement to GRACE’s Amended Final Report appears to available for easy download only if a person allows free access to all of his/her Facebook info and contacts. It doesn’t seem reasonable to ask MKs to give such permission. A download of the Sep 8 Supplement is available, with no privacy issues, at

  49. Person with info says:

    @Fanda MK
    In cases such as these you better have your facts straight ,there are people with documents to prove there are alot of lies going on here.

  50. NTM Child says:

    In reading the posts here as well as the newspaper articles and the report one thing has been bothering me. While pressure is being applied from outside NTM, what pressure is being applied from within? NTM needs to restructure their field committees and the relationship with the home office. Unless the individual missionaries stand up and say “no more”, untill they hold the mission accountable, untill the NTM missionaries make leadership stop covering things up, and treat the missionaries and children with respect realizing that each of us has a direct line to God and not just the field committee this will continue.
    I realize the need for some type of oversight on the field, but the committee should be accountable to the missionaries as well as the missionaries to them. Fanda is not the only NTM school where abuses occured. Will NTM admit this and make it right? I so appreciate the Fanda Students who have stood up, banded together, supported each other and pressed on to see that this is corrected. I know that it has been extremely difficult, it may be too much for some students who are too wounded to participate, but I know that this is having some effect. I only pray that it causes a true heart change within NTM.

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