NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

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When you step on a thorn,

not a rose thorn but a desert thorn –

two inches long, yellow and petrified –

you do not stop walking.

You limp as little as possible until

the lunch stop when everyone sits and

you can unobtrusively remove it.

When your baby dies

on the back of your moped as you

hurry to the hospital, hours away,

you allow yourself ten minutes of wailing

then you bury it by the road.

The heat demands it.

When your parents put you on a plane

the first time – you cry.  Soon though,

you learn Puulaaku. Bite down on it,

swallow and squeeze it hard in your stomach.

This is honor. This is sanity. This is good.

When you die,

when your belly explodes from everything

you swallowed,

your family will say

“She was a perfect daughter.”

You would do well to learn


-Susan Smith, a Burkina Faso MK

Many crimes against children were committed by NTM (now Ethnos360) personnel in boarding schools around the world.  Most of these crimes were covered up by NTM.

What a crazy society we have built, where the powerful thrive at the expense of the innocent.

Now we are coming into our own power. Not power over but power with.

It’s our world now. Let’s change it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Read the About page for a comprehensive summary of the investigations into NTM (Ethnos360) boarding schools to date.


418 Responses to NTM (Ethnos360) Abuse

  1. Shary Hauber says:

    @Elizabeth Sharp
    This site has been a help to many MKs who have suffer abuse. This site is about NTM or Ethnos360 as it is now called MKs. But many MKs were abused in other missions also and Fanda Eagles invited us outsiders to share our stories. Many MKs who are abuse feel they are the only ones who are abused until they find others and this site has helps them find those who have also experienced abuse. Missions claimed to be families. But abused MKs found themselves kicked out of the “family” and very alone.

  2. Bonnie says:

    @Elizabeth Sharp
    Hi, dear. The point of this site, although it seems quite obvious to us, is to get as much truth as possible out there. Regards. B.

  3. Elizabeth Sharp says:

    Whats the point of this site?

  4. Laura says:

    @Janey Thompson
    the abused DO NOT “usually” become perpetrators. thats Proven untrue.

  5. Living the Dream after the Nightmare says:

    So the Panama report is out, waste of time aye? But anyone who has been on the wrong side of NTM already knew that it was going to be. NTM has many dirty secrets to hide and many men in high postions who don’t want their sordid sexual past brought to light. This is a very poor excuse for a mission, it should be dismantled after a full investigation and prosecutions of those who committed crimes and those who covered them up. Give the assets back to those who they were stolen from or were ripped off. Treat NTM’s leaders like drug pushers, because that is what they are, pushing their hate in the name of a loving God.

  6. jerryb says:

    Look in the forums. There’s a lot of discussion of the Pii/Donn Ketcham report in particular and also about the subsequent “investigations” that NTM has undertaken (only one of which has been completed).

  7. More Than Disgusted says:

    Shary, that comment by ntm leaders is very revealing. Revealing what many of us have known for a long time. They had no intention of working with anyone like GRACE. But thankfully, somehow, the report was finished and released. It was very encouraging to the MKs from Senegal and other places too. From comments we heard, apparently ntm employees were told that GRACE didn’t do a good job and the report was flawed, etc, etc. Actually, it put ntm in a very bad light—but truthfully so.
    Then ntm went on to give lip service to complying with some of the recommendations. They later retracted this compliance. They hired other people to do some other investigations, calling them “independent,” but actually controlling the information–which was very disappointing and discouraging to the MKs who participated in these other investigations.

  8. Shary Hauber says:

    @Janey Thompson
    Only one third of those who were abused as children go on to abuse others. It is true that those who are abusers that 75% of them were abused as children. But don’t ever say that most of the victims will go on to abuse as adults unless they get some kind of help. Most of the victims I know have never gotten counseling and are not abusive.

  9. shari says:

    After the GRACE report came about about Fanda, what has NTM done to address the other abuses that were being revealed? I had heard that they were going to do similar investigations of those places, but not using GRACE. Has NTM done anything? If they’ve done something, is what they’ve done satisfactory to the victims?

    The Pii report just came out regarding the ABWE-Donn Ketchum abuse. As I was reading the report, I came across this..

    —- Details regarding this relationship between ABWE and New Tribes Mission
    are as follows:
    …., Michael Loftis testified that he spoke with representatives of New
    Tribes Mission, stating, “And every one of ‘em said, ‘We only can say one thing to you about G.R.A.C.E. Run. Do not engage these people. Do not allow them to bludgeon you or blackmail you into the corner. That is what they’re doing. … We, we were absolutely
    foolishly in, in the, in the Neanderthal age of, of thinking about, we actually thought we could control the information.’” —-

  10. Elle says:

    I’m an MK – wasn’t sexually abused but most definitely was spiritually, physically, and emotionally abused. I’m just now figuring out the issues of abandonment and other things … thank you for being brave and putting your story out. I hate that this has ever happened to anyone … I’m also relieved to know I’m not the only one that has issues from my MK background.

  11. Bemused says:

    Janey Thompson :
    This sin/crime is rampant in our world and the abused usually become perpetrators, unless they receive proper counseling prior to acting it out against others.

    As one who was abused, I have not become a perpetrator! I chose not to have children of my own because of the mess that was my childhood. My stand against paedophiles is well documented in the forums and I have actively tracked down offenders both in NTM and out.

    I have found no solace in “the church”, to be blunt very few care. My family have disowned me and actively try and obstruct my efforts to obtain justice.

    Perhaps it would have been an easier path to pretend to be a person of faith and repeat the atrocities that were committed on me. But that would have been the wrong choice and against my conscience.
    Blaming ones’s abusive behaviour on an abusive past is the cowards way out. Not all of us do it, many of us pull ourselves out of the victim mode with the gracious help of kind friends and go on to live happy, settled, productive lives.

  12. Bemused says:


    The answer to question 1) is alas yes. Scott Kennell went to jail for 58 years only 2 years ago. NTM has still to answer what if anything they have done for his victims. His crimes were not historic, they were very recent.

    Question 2) I’m an Agnostic after my childhood in NTM, so quoting scripture to justify things would be an anomally 😉

    Question 3) I think you will find that individual leaders are friendly approachable persons. However corner them and alas some will become threatening (but to be fair not all).
    Also worth noting is NTM is an international organisation and leadership varies in its quality across the international lines (i.e. if you have the misfortune to deal with the Austalian wing, who now call themselves Crossview and deny there past with NTM, you will no doubt get a very hostile responce).

    If my opinion is of any use, there are many good religious and/or humanitarian organisations that could benefit from your expertise. Reseach thoroughly and choose a one that suits your values.


  13. Janey Thompson says:

    This sin/crime is rampant in our world and the abused usually become perpetrators, unless they receive proper counseling prior to acting it out against others. Once a person acts out in this sin/crime it becomes a highly addictive behavior and the statistics show that very few will stop. The only way for this chain of deviant behavior to be broken is for the church to do what we can to put the person in a place where they can never have access to children again (prison). At present this is still a crime in the U.S. If only we will treat it as such. Who knows how long it will be seen as a crime in our increasingly deviant world. The people of God should stand against this sin/crime as it is truly hindering to the spiritual growth of the innocent children.

  14. Shary Hauber says:

    From the MK Safety Net Board we want to congratulate Fanda Eagles for reaching over 6 million hits. Fanda Eagles has been a tendentious advocate not only for NTM MKs but for all MKs abused in the mission setting. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks to ThreeWillows for her cartoons that always hit between the eyes. Also thank you for sharing them on FaceBook MKSafetyNet.

  15. Christian says:

    I’m about to volunteer for NTM at its headquarter, then I learn about this and read the news http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-new-tribes-missionary-sex-scandal-20150616-story.html). I’ve also learnt that NTM has a net revenue of about 5 millions last year (net assets of about 32 millions, see http://ministrywatch.com/profile/new-tribes-mission.aspx), so they can hire people or outsourcing instead of needing volunteers. Questions: 1) Do you think abuse can still easily occur with the current NTM organizational structure? 2) For those of you who still volunteering/associating yourself with NTM, would you like to tell us any biblical reason(s)? 3)What do you think about the current NTM leadership? There are many other Christian organizations and I’m now not having peace to volunteer for NTM.

  16. pam fetterman says:

    I am sick to hear of this. My family went to Bible school and boot camp in the 80’s. We never went furthur. We were booted out for reasons they couldn’t put their finger on. I think maybe God was protecting us? My inlaws went to Brazil and experienced some unloving attitudes. The nationals were great. They appreciated everything. This news is very upsetting

  17. mrsmestiza says:

    I’m feeling nauseous…

    dear fellow MK friends and/or supporters, my heart aches as I continue to silently follow the news. I pray for continued healing…and justice, whatever that may look like for you.

    In the meantime, in case it helps…



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